Du Quoin [Mother] Confronts Cult That Lured Her Daughter to New Mexico on ‘Dr. Phil' Show

Du Quoin Evening Call, Illinois/September 20, 2006
By John H. Croessman

“The past 10 years have been spent searching for ways to contact and see my daughter,” says [Ms. G] of Du Quoin, mother of ...[a member of Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corp., led by "Generals" Jim and Deborah Green].

[Ms. G's daughter] has been a member of a little-known sect or cult in New Mexico since 1996. Even [Ms. G's daughter]'s initial contact and recruitment into the group is unclear, as the cult operates in virtual isolation and deception, according to [Ms. G].

After unsuccessful journeys to the compound throughout the years, [Ms. G] decided to ask for help from Dr. Phil McGraw of the popular Dr. Phil Show. “I wrote the show the morning of May 31st, and by that afternoon I received a call from the producer saying, ‘We want to do your story!' Of course, I was amazed and so grateful.”

For nearly four months now [Ms. G] has worked diligently with the producers of the show. A film crew was in Du Quoin for over eight hours one Sunday in August.

The actual show was taped in Hollywood on August 29th and will be aired locally during Season Premiere Week on Thursday, September 21st at 3 p.m. on Channel 5.

Dr. Phil's crew goes with [Ms. G] to New Mexico to see [Ms. G's daughter] and her two small children. According to [Ms. G], you will see a dramatic and frightening “behind the scenes” look inside a dangerous cult.

Previews of upcoming shows, including this one, can be seen on www.drphil.com.

“I never want another family to experience the nightmare that my family has endured for the past 10 years. If exposing this cult on national television can save one family from losing a loved one to this or any other cult--then telling my daughter's story will have been worth it. You never imagine it can happen to someone from a small Midwestern town like ours. The dangers of cults are real, and young adults, especially on college campuses or away from home for the first time, are their prime targets. They want to get intelligent, vulnerable, young people to multiply their membership,” [Ms. G] said.

“Don't think that intelligence will keep your child safe from mind control Young people don't have the life experience to be discerning of the dangers of cult recruitment. If it can happen to [Ms. G's daughter], it can happen to anyone.”

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