The Generals Speak

Quotations from the "Generals" excerpted from publications by "Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps" (ACMTC)

By Deborah and James Green


Here are some quotes from ACMTC free newspapers:

"Battle Cry Sounding" publication No. 132

"When the Gulf War started God explicitly commanded us not to involve ourselves in any way, for as He went on to explain, He was going to judge this nation for its backslidings and sins."

"Walk in Dominion"

"The fact is, that the whole human family is utterly destroyed by sin. Sin has defiled, polluted and corrupted the compound being of man, body, soul and spirit."

"Battle Cry Sounding" publication No.116

"You must fight a good fight, getting bloody many times. And you're going to get're going to get persecuted and hated, you're not going to be loved any more (except by those who love the truth), and people will call you a hate messenger and a heretic on many occasions."

"I know where most Christians live, they live in front of their television sets. They prostitute themselves to the world and are given over to a multitude of fantasies."

"Why don't you get rid of the devil in your house and then you might have the strength to defeat your enemies. 'Get rid of your TV and you'll get rid of 90% of your problems at once. I remember the day that God told me to get rid of mine. I got a brick and threw it right through the screen, and I beat it with a hammer and buried it in the backyard...I don't give myself to that filth anymore. It's your fault, when you allow that garbage of the world into your house and you give your heart to it, it's no wonder God is not using you, you are displeasing to Him, you are a vessel unto dishonor."

"Any time he (Satan) wants he can go and knock on the church door and come in and take just about anybody he wants because he knows they are not standing strong for the Lord...The devil plays havoc in churches of today."

"The Lord has spoken to us and declared that dark ages are upon the earth."

"Christians are more addicted to television than sinners."

"God's people, covering their sins, are actually the devil's devourers, seeking for souls to be destroyed rather than redeemed."

"Could it be that because the pastors have laid aside watching the flock and have turned to watching television and porn videos that the house of God is ravaged by such madness?"

"Ministers 'are promoting adultery, pornography and filthiness."

"In many churches today, wife swapping is common."

"In this time in history the Christian church is filthy, full of vanity and deceit."

Here are some additional quotes exclusively from "Kill your television!" A religious tract published by ACMTC

"Television controls 90% of the average person's thinking and acting"

"The television is the devil's instrument and is used for the destruction of the soul...Television is bringing the world into bondage."

"Television is 'the one-eyed devil."

"We now have entire generations who have grown up under the commands of the beast [i.e. television]"

"It is one filthy, swirling mess, bringing corrupted values into the body of Christ."

"Torrents of perverted sexual demons flow from the TV screen"

"TV slaves are innumerable, caught in a hopeless bondage."

"The TV undoubtedly controls the minds, the habits, the activities of 98% of all Americans."

"Satan has unleashed hordes of perverse and sexual spirits upon the land through television."

"If you are allowing the TV to eat your soul, stop today and repent."

"In this generation there is a plague which is taking its toll on the moral standards of women, and that plague is the porno-tinged disease known as 'Soap Operas'."

"The devil of course is behind the advent of the Soap Opera."

"What happened to the women who spent their days in prayer and fastings...are they all dead, only to be replaced by sex-greedy lust queens?"

"It's only too obvious that those who are glued to the tube are NOT GOING TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD [original emphasis]"


"Ministers are especially in this hour indulging in the vicarious sins of the smut ridden TV programs, and then sneaking the 'sex' videos and magazines into their homes to participate in the forbidden pleasures...When a minister steeps himself in the filth of the world, how can he honestly minister the clean, pure, holy word of God? How can he reflect the standard of holiness and righteousness after having an orgy in his thought life brought on by pornographic viewing? There is an epidemic in this land among the preachers. They are consumed by pornography and perversion, as much as the unsaved."

"Oh, how stupid, dull and fat of heart we have become, when men who call themselves ministers spend their time in front of the pornographic beast."

"Destroy that satanic brainwashing device called a TV before you reach the point of no return!...Get radical, get revolutionary, GET RID OF YOUR TV TODAY! [original emphasis]"

"How many Christians...go to work and listen to a constant stream of witchcraft, lust and vileness called 'music'?"

"The entire television industry is controlled by sodomites, drug addicts and antichrist people...they are nothing more than robots who work for the media beast!"

"GET RID of every television you own today. Don't wait, KILL YOUR TELEVISION BEFORE IT KILLS YOU! [original emphasis]."


"Militant Christianity" a religious tract published by ACMTC

"Pacifism and true Christianity do not mix."

" after their own desires and 'enjoy the good life' as multitudes of souls pour into Hell."

"Holy Tribal Nation" Issue 15

"We are not afraid of being classified as 'weirdos' because the Bible commands us to be a peculiar people."

"Tribal Call" Issue 13

"No longer will we fear being called a cult! We are proud to be a cult, with our own culture, based on the principles of the Kingdom of God. We are obsessively devoted to Jesus Christ! We are the cult of the living God!"

"Tribal Call" Issue 16

"If you are not walking with God YOU ARE DEAD! I don't care if you go visit your box [church] every Sunday and pay your 10%, you're dead, dead, DEAD! Unless you are living a separated life, holy unto God, you are dead."

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 116

"People used to mock us and say we were too critical and that we did not know what we were talking about. Well, I've got news for you, the truth is coming out now as the sodomites are coming out of the closets in droves. They were hiding there all along. We knew that because we discerned it in the Spirit. I did not have to go into churches and letthem tell me that there were homosexuals, child molesters and pedophiles, God told us."

"They [liberal Christians] would like us to believe that God is a homosexual, lesbian, baby murdering idiot like they are."

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 120

"Man does not make things happen, God does. God uses man. Man does not use God. Also, God uses Satan. Satan does not use God. Anything that happens in this world, whether it is good or bad, is under God's control...HE IS IN CONTROL!"

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 142

"You may reject the message of revolution and continue in deceit, but you will be cursed with those who are the enemies of God...If you reject the truth now, you will be sealed in the company of the damned who will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity."

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 116

"We've got pretty boys with velvet lips and painted up harlots running the house of God...I've been in many churches where lust runs wild. Homosexuals hang out in churches, especially the ones where 'love is'. They like that closeness. I've seen plenty of queers in pentecostal churches acting like they were real Christians and oh so spiritual. But all they were there for was a free feel, a cheap thrill, if you know what I mean."

"Everybody is considered a Christian today, even Satan. He wears a gold chain with a cross on it too. The church today is a zoo, and instead of putting the wild beasts (demons) in the cages and holding them at bay, what has happened is that the Christians have become captives."

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 131

"God wiped out entire nations because they practised homosexuality. Did you know that was in the Bible? It's an awesome thing to think about."

"Battle Cry Sounding" Issue 136

"Don't look for some number on your forehead, and don't look for some stamp on your hand, look in the mirror sucker, you are the mark of the beast. I said you are the mark of the beast!"

"Wisdom's Cry" Issue 15

"The work of God should be vibrant, alive and active. Instead, it is cankered with generations of filth and sin, weighed down with worldliness and spiritual adultery."

"Today's church has chosen to wallow in filth and vileness, covering herself with whorish trappings while she is being devoured by the evil one."


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