Was There Child Neglect?

Cibola Beacon/February 29, 2016

By Donald Jaramillo

Cibola County – Several weeks ago, public safety officials exhumed a small body from a gravesite inside of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps property near Fence Lake in southern Cibola County. After a missing persons report was filed by Brian Miller of Santa Fe on his family, a wife and five boys, officials learned that one of boys had died and was last seen on the Aggressive Christianity property. Owners of the property, James and Deborah Green and the boy’s mother, Stacey Miller, reported to officials that Enoch had suffered from the flu and eventually died nearly two years ago.

Brian Miller was an Aggressive Christianity member for more than 15 years and until two years ago when he was asked to leave by the Greens because of alleged abuse on his wife, them, and other members. “The reality is Brian Miller is a dead beat dad,” a representative of Aggressive Christianity said via-email, “and gave no contact nor support to his family for two and one half years after he walked out of the residence of Generals James and Deborah Green after they sought to get him to seek medical help for a genetic medical condition that was reported to the Greens by his biological family.”

An autopsy is being done on the body that was exhumed two weeks ago in order to verify it is of Enoch, the Millers’ oldest boy who was last seen in 2014. In addition, officials are hoping they can also find out how Enoch passed away. There is concern from public safety officials as to how Enoch passed, and why there is no paperwork on the child, including a birth certificate, which is required by State law.

Shortly after the body was exhumed on Feb. 9, the Greens and their son reported their grandson missing because they learned from a report by the Beacon their daughter-in-law “escaped” from the Aggressive Christianity property in January and was assisted by two deputies from the Cibola County Sheriff’s Office. The Beacon learned of the escape from an incident report filed at the sheriff’s office.

Last week, the Greens sent the Beacon an email in regard to their missing grandchild and asked why the sheriff’s office was not responding to their missing persons report in the same fashion they did of the Millers’ boy. Sheriff Tony Mace said on Wednesday, “Det. Steve Chavez took the call but done nothing because he learned the child and the daughter-in-law are not missing and are in good health. We know where they are at, and the child is with its mother. The mother is an adult and has a right to reside where she wants.”

Mace went on in explaining the proper steps the Greens and their son need to take to gain access to their family member. “He needs to file for divorce and a parenting plan needs to be created for custody. If there was a plan in place and it was not being followed, we could get involved. But, at this point, our hands are tied because there is no plan. The Greens need to file the proper paperwork.”

The Greens still feel that the Sheriff’s staff is not being as responsive to their complaints as they are of others, in particular Brian Millers’. They also feel their daughter-in-law did not “escape” as there is a way out of their small community anytime because the front gate is open to the highway and the one restraint is a cable of which the sheriff and his deputies were able to step over. “There was no escape,” said the Aggressive Christianity member.

There is concern from public safety officials because there is no paperwork on Enoch, his four siblings who are with their mother, and other members including another person who died and was buried next to Enoch, according to Mace. Also, pending the results of the autopsy, officials may want to further question the mother considering allegedly there was no effort to get medical help for her dying son and possibly leading to child neglect charges. The Greens say they repeatedly asked the mother, Stacey, to consider such action.
Deborah voiced frustration earlier this week in regard to a dirt road that was damaged when the public safety officials exhumed the body. Sheriff Mace and County Road Manager Gary Porter were on the Green’s property this week and Mace said the County is going to fix it.

About Aggressive Christianity

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps is a volunteer mission oriented Spirit Army whose purpose is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. “We publish, print, and distribute free of charge Christian literature and have sent literature to two hundred and fifty nations over the years,” said Deborah Green.

Members live communally as is demonstrated in the Book of Acts, chapter two.

The group also trains, mostly online now, and sends missionaries into all the world.

“We are born again, Spirit filled, water baptized believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,” Deborah added. “We are not a registered church or organization or denomination, but are a grass roots movement of believers who believe that Aggressive Christianity is a way of life, believing in Him and following Jesus.”

The group is self supportive, and they believe in Protestant work ethic as their means.

“As to our volunteer headquarters in Fence Lake, the number of people here changes continually as men and women and their children go out on missions and others come in for refreshing in the vision,” said Deborah via-email.

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