"Am I Crazy?"

October 1999
By an Amway wife

My husband and I have been in Amway for 8 years now and have not made any money. My husband will do this until he dies as he says.

Before getting into this, we had a fun life with normal ups and downs. My husband is a professional and I had a good paying job. I left my job believing [Amway] was going to work--that was years ago and thank God I was able to get my job back. I appreciate it so much more now.

My husband and I now have in my eyes a pretty dead relationship. He is Amway all the way and I have decided to go to college, master my job better and practice my Christian faith.

[Amway] people seem so Christian, loving and caring. [They promote] Christian tapes, books, speakers and Christian actions. I have prayed that if I am wrong that God would show me.

I have never had a good feeling about this Amway business and it gets worse as time goes on. My husband has spent so much money. He isn't aware that I know what he has spent on tools, the seminars, etc. We are very much in debt and I am scared, but his biggest spending is [still] Amway. He can't tithe, but he can buy Amway tools.

I know that I will never change his mind and he has asked me to never ask him to quit. He has the attitude that he will either do this thing or die trying and that [Amway] is our only hope of getting out of debt and for a good life. I would like to have the husband back I had years ago [before Amway] who loved his profession and seemed happy with life. Now he hates his profession.

Am I crazy or is Amway not a good thing?

If anyone asked me when our lives seemed to become so unhappy--I would have to date it back to when we joined Amway.

My husband will never give it up for the remainder of his life. I feel that I have really lost him and now just live my life more or less alone in the same house. I won't divorce because of my faith. But I will just have to remain living life the best I can in a home where Amway seems to [always come] first.


Copyright © 1999 Rick Ross
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