Asiaworks Visitor Comments

"I have noticed that Asiaworks in Malaysia has new 'trainees' actively recruit their friends and family. Within my own group of friends several have taken part in Asiaworks and some have gone all the way to the top. What characterizes them is that they are all below 30, well-educated and of a certain class. The basic training at Asiaworks costs an average worker's monthly salary. The people I know that are involved are basically rich, unhappy kids who don't need to work for a living and are within a very tight unit of 'friends.' What this amounts to is a club for the privileged, where those who can afford it become part of the selected elite in the know. And inn Asia connections are everything. At one social gathering I was in conversation with an Asiaworks 'graduate.' This person asked, 'Well, what is the one thing you really, really want most in the world?' I replied, 'Oh, gee, I dunno, world peace?' To which she replied vaguely and our conversation ended soon after. If you answer that you want to have a better job or a relationship you imagine what they would then shoot back? It's just that you're not realizing your potential and at Asiaworks they can help you to do that and so forth."


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