Order of Christ Sophia Visitor Comments

"God for sale! Cheap! Only 10% of your income. But only those who Peter Bowes declares can 'see God' will get you there. Just ask them. They'll tell you. And if you're not seeing what, according to them you're supposed to see and in the way they want you to see it then you have a problem...not them. They are reinventing the wheel with modern techniques of psychology, astrology, and glorification through exaltation, that is empowerment and validation through elevation in the hierarchy. All well and good, but get out your calculators. With a nationwide following of 150 and 10% of an average $40,000 income not to mention 'Workshops'...that's close to a nice $700,000 a year, more than twice the income of the President of the United States. Smooth...very smooth. Members, ask to see their financial statements."

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