Bulletin from Church of Agape - Pastor Donald Lee Barnett

From the Community Chapel File/October 27, 1995

Tapes of last weekend's sermons are available for check-out shortly after the Sunday-morning sermon and on Thursday, 10:00a.m.-3:00 p.m. and 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 20 Incredible Angels, Part 3, Don Barnett

Sun., a.m., Oct. 22 The last Great Worldwide Revival of the Church of Jesus

Part 3, Don Barnett

Sun. p.m., Oct. 22 Maturing Our Concepts Towards Being Led of God,

Part 14, Don Barnett

(photo of Dan Barnett)PASTOR'S CONRNER: (1) Your Pastor strongly advises that you "find a way," or "make a way" to attend every single service (on time) and that you worship to the best of your ability the entire worship service. You who are missing services from time to time and who are not listening to the sermon tapes, are missing pieces of your spiritual education and will add up in time to a sizable amount - this is not wise. Even if you are making up tapes, frequent loss of worship services and togetherness with the body can take its toll over time.

  1. You will help me a great deal if you will seat all visitors that you bring on the right side of the assembly, particularly in the back half of the church. If you invite people to services, please tell them to sit on the right side of the assembly, and the back half if possible. If they ask why, tell them it is the Pastor's request and he hasn't said why. Please comply. Thank you!
  2. I sandwiched a revelation in Friday night's sermon. If you missed it, you are advised to listen to the tape.
  3. If your commitment to God, the truth, your Pastor, and your church has an escape tunnel if some person in the assembly bothers you or hurts you, or you don't like some happening, then your commitment is greatly weakened and you are greatly vulnerable to a demon causing a situation that would make you take the escape tunnel, and you will end up like many ex-Chaeplites. I advise you to make a 100% commitment to stay in the church regardless of doctrines that may be brought forth that you don't agree with, and regardless of conflicts with any person. Base your commitment on faith in God to fulfill the prophecies and visions that He has brought, on the truth that we have, and on the moving of God's Spirit. Those who leave during uncertain times may find themselves missing and unable to find their way back when God fulfills His promises made to the Pastor.

REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR this Saturday night, Oct. 28. Daylight-savings time ends on Sunday morning.

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