Christian Identity beliefs


St. Louis Post-Dispatch/March 5, 2000
And Joe Holleman


  • White Anglo-Saxons, the supreme race, are God's chosen people because they were created by God and are the descendants of the lost "12 Tribes of Israel."


  • Jews of today are false Jews and not the chosen people; instead they are the offspring of Satan as a result of Eve mating with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Some preachers say Jews "must be killed."


  • God will send another savior to restore the state of Israel to the rightful people; all others will be condemned.


  • Nonwhites are soulless "mud people."


  • Isolationism and segregation are required; socializing with Jews or people of other races is condemned.


  • Interracial marriage, or mating with a non-white, is a sin.


  • In some parishes, pastors call for the death penalty for homosexuals.


  • Other religions gloss over the true meaning of the Bible, therefore assisting in the erosion of society's morals.


  • The mass media, controlled by the Jews, further erode our society's moral standards.

    "If you were in the KKK, I want to win you out of that. At best, it's a stumbling block.

    Charles Jennings, self-proclaimed racist, who spoke recently at a Christian Identity conference in Branson


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