Man who says he's Jesus brings his controversial message back to Houston

Texas Cable News/July 14, 2008

Houston - He claims to be the second coming of Christ, but his message is controversial.

Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda came to the Houston area Sunday, and once again, a crowd gathered, rapt on his every word.

"This is a historic event, knowing God is here on Earth," Roxana de los Angels said.

Miranda runs a worldwide organization called Creciendo en Gracia (Growing in Grace) - an organization that he claims has millions of followers.

He preaches a message of freedom to indulge.

"His message tells us that we're perfect, that there's no sin, there's no devil," Gisela Villanueva said.

Miranda also says there's no hell.

"If they call you a sinner, we feel hurt that someone would call you a sinner," Miranda said.

That message is what appeals to his followers, according to one theology expert.

"People think of the Christian church as being a downer, as always talking about people being sinners and so forth," Miranda said.

But experts say Miranda's operation has signs of being a cult.

Miranda wants to establish a world government with himself as the leader.

He's also been criticized for accepting expensive gifts from followers like watches and cars, and living an extravagant lifestyle.

Miranda has over 300 learning centers worldwide, including one in Houston where he sometimes runs his organization.

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