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Christian Science Chruch seeks truce wtih modern medicine
Church, lawmaker seek to clarify faith healing statute
Church struggles to keep its voice
A talk with Robert Y. Ellis
A Child's Death And a Crisis for Faith
Christian Science provision sought in healthcare law
Christian Science church aims for growth amid struggles
Christian Scientist dies after refusing medical care
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Christian Science church exec: Cuts over
Leader of Christian Science Church Resigns
Christian Science teacher banned after lesbian marriage
Costs forcing sharp cuts at Christian Science church
Christian Science church eyes cuts
Publisher John Lewis Selover, 72, Dies
Who did what, when?
Christian Science and its discontents
"I knew we were different...but not why"
Christian Science "not to blame" for
Laura's suffering

"Mum Suffered for Her Faith"
Tuberculosis sufferer dies in quarantine
The Residue of Faith and Fury
Don't leave medicine out of faith, ethicist says
Like Jonestown in slow motion
The respectable cult
Thinking Made It So, for a While
Church takes to bully pulpit
Faith and Medicare Funding
Child Fatalities From Religion-motivated Medical Neglect
Suffering Children and the Christian Science Church
Founder Mary Baker Eddy

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