Dahn World denies connections to BTS, HYBE and being a cult

Korean JoongAng Daily/May 2, 2024

By Kim Ju-Yeon

Dahn World, the contentious meditation company that has been accused of having ties with HYBE, denied rumors of being connected to HYBE groups BTS and NewJeans and of being a cult.
The refutation was made in Dahn World's official statement, uploaded to the organization's website on Thursday, and in a "teaser" video uploaded Wednesday. The full video version of the official statement is scheduled for release on Thursday.

In the video, Dahn World described its organization as a “meditation company that teaches the mental and physical training methods of an original Korean style” that claims to aid in the “recovery of health and improve quality of life.”

“Dahn World is related to Dangun and his founding philosophy behind [the country]. It is a national enterprise that aims to promote Dangun’s humanitarian ideal. But it is not a religion,” the organization said.
Dangun features in Korean mythology as the founder of the first Korean kingdom, Gojoseon, with the founding ideology of “Hongik Ingan” which has the meaning of “benefiting humanity.”  
“We do not force people to believe in anyone,” the company said, saying that the health training program was derived from a culture of “meditation led by example,” which it says its community members aim to follow.
The company has been recognized as a pseudo-religious cult by major Christian associations in Korea for its promotion of unorthodox beliefs such as people using the power of “life electrons” through prayer and meditation.

Dahn World also said the company’s relationship with BTS is “irrelevant," referring to allegations made about the organization's ties with HYBE and its subsidiaries. Six of the seven BTS members were students at Global Cyber University, which was founded by Dahn World creator Lee Seung-heon.
"Dahn World has unexpectedly become involved after entertainment company HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin's feud began," the organization said.
"After ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin claimed that she had been threatened by [HYBE] executives for the content in NewJeans' ‘OMG’ music video, malicious rumors have been spread that this was connected to Dahn World. This is completely untrue."
“We hope that the BTS members, who are graduates of Global Cyber University, will not be affected by pointless and false information."
“False speculations attached to song lyrics [by onlookers] will be treated as defamatory, and will be responded to as such," Dahn World added.
Dahn World further vowed to take strong legal measures against any “fake news” that tarnished its reputation, obstructed business and caused financial damage to the company.

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