"I 'deprogrammed' myself"

May 2002
By a former Dahn Hak student

I was a Dahn Hak student in Canada. My so-called "master" at that time made business trips to Vancouver, Arizona and Korea, supposedly to fuse martial arts more effectively with Dahn Hak.

I was later selected along with two other students, to go to Korea for an all expense paid "Instructor Course," that would last from six months to a year. Masters from Korea came in to interview us in advance.

I never did go to Korea, nor did my friends. Instead we quit Dahn Hak. I left my teacher or "master," who is still pursuing his goals in Dahn Hak. After five years as a student I just left "cold turkey." Even though my master was like a best friend, father figure and role model, I never contacted him or them again.

Dahn Hak was so deceiving. "Grand Master Lee" (Lee Seung Heun) claims accomplishments that are the equivalent of those attributed to Buddha. But if he really is that spiritually advanced why doesn't he try to break down the pedestal his students around the world put him on? Instead, he seems to promote an unparalleled superior relationship, while pretending to proclaim the equality of all humanity, love, peace etc. etc.

Hypnosis, supposed supernatural displays of power and the warm seemingly caring atmosphere, all grab a new student's attention and coax people in. But I eventually saw through all this hype and manipulative mumbo-jumbo.

Thankfully, in the end I was smart and strong enough to recognize the cult-like mentality at Dahn Hak and get out. And at that point I had almost given up everything. I "deprogrammed" myself. Now I am aware of all the "tricks of the trade," which often captivate even the strongest people.

I hope my story will help others that might have been sucked in.


Copyright © 2002 Rick Ross.

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