Dahn Hak moves masters around so they do not become attached to members

December 2002
By a former member of Dahn Hak

My daughter and I are both former members. We stayed for nearly two years because of the close relationship we developed with our Senior Master. It went far beyond classes and special training. We actually became friends.

Our Senior Master had no problem when we questioned to attend or not attend special trainings. We did some and declined others. She did not pressure people into special training. She actually cared for her students and their physical and spiritual well being. She would tell other masters that she was proud of the independence of her students, their challenging and questioning. And she was happy we did not just go along with everything.

We were able to honestly talk with her. We taught her English, about American life, introduced her to deep-dish pizza and KFC. We learned of her family life in Korea, likes and dislikes, which masters are not supposed to talk about. She became especially involved when my daughter was pregnant. It was like the child or grandchild she did not have. She even sent a baby shower gift, in secret, with a mutual friend of ours.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Dahn Hak was concerned.

Our master wasn't as concerned about enrolling new members as she was caring for her current members, which seemed like a big no-no at Dahn Hak. But she said she didn't care what the masters thought. She wanted to attend a baby shower for my daughter and planned to bring a gift.

However, just a few weeks before the birth of my granddaughter this master had a meeting with some of the members and said she was being sent away for "special training" and would be leaving our center. We knew, and so did she, that she had crossed the line and they were removing her for becoming attached and being a friend. Within a couple days she was gone.

If masters become attached to students they are removed. Usually, they are moved before they become attached. My daughter and I had raised a stink about this before when other masters were circulated in and out. We thought all this was strange.

We don't attend Dahn anymore. They are out for the money and control. We have tried to stay in touch with our former master though and sent her baby pictures. She stressed not to mention this to other members who still went to classes.

Once I inquired about going back for the exercises only. The new Senior Master there knew of our relationship with the past Senior Master and said we could rejoin on three conditions:

Let go of the past (i.e. the other master).
Do the heart bowing with them whenever they had that practice.
Join as a lifetime member.
Well, I happen to like our past, won't heart bow because of my bad back and told him quite frankly where he could stick his lifetime membership.

Perhaps the masters are as brainwashed as the members. I know my former Senior Master believes sincerely in the goals of Dahn. And frankly the stated goals are not the problem.

But the methodology is questionable. And our old master has stated questioning that too.

There are good masters at Dahn, but they just don't see the methodology as a control mechanism. I can certainly vouch for one master who is a real person and a gem to know. She changed our lives as a dear friend.

I am glad that I am out of Dahn. I believe its original intention has been warped beyond recognition by greed.


Copyright © 2003 Rick Ross.

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