What is the source of Grand Master Lee's knowledge?

Dahnhak also known as the Healing Society is a good idea that has gone bad.

January 2003
By a concerned observer

Everyone wants to have a healthier, united society where people are united in peace. Trouble is, "Grand Master" Lee is not the man for the job.

Lee claims to have powers given him by a "cosmic mind," but refuses to prove these powers. These powers supposedly include the ability to read closed books, which he has not proven. He says members can live without food for forty days, again not proven or believed seemingly by Dahn teachers. That is, until you say Lee wrote that it is possible.

On the subject of doing without food or water for 21 days while remaining physically active, Lee claims that's how he found the "cosmic mind." But a man died in Gwangju after 20 days in bed. Somehow we are asked to believe though, that Lee lasted 21 days in good health. How is this possible?

Ask the Dahn teachers for proof of people surviving such fasting and they have none. Dahn teachers make a great point in saying this is an eastern philosophy, do don't question it. But why are no questions really tolerated? Because the moment you begin to ask meaningful critical questions Dahnhak falls apart.

Lee writes that his beliefs are compatible with Christianity, but Christian beliefs and Dahnhak don't mix.

What is the source of "Grand Master" Lee's knowledge? How can the "Cosmic Mind" be so flawed that it has given him the wrong answers to so many questions? A cynical person might attribute the large gaps in Lee's commentary and reasoning about Western philosophy and religion to his inability to read other languages. Lee cannot speak English, despite his supposed "cosmic awakening."

Lee's ability to heal also seems rather limited. He can't heal everyone, for example he can only calm the insane. In a hospital full of patients he won't heal everyone. Lee is great at excuses, but that only hides the fact he hasn't any real healing power.

Who can heal people? Each and everyone of us has some ability to heal ourselves and we don't need to go to a Dahnhak Center or buy their books to rediscover perfect health.

The Healing Society isn't until recently even healthy for the planet. The Dahnhak Sedona center is undergoing a slow environmental cleanup. What happened, wasn't Lee able to resolve this easily through his power or "cosmic" knowledge.

If you are tempted to join a Dahn center remember to ask questions. And don't let the teachers or assistants avoid answering them.

In my opinion Dahnhak is a cult, nothing more, but it has drawn in good people. Don't let yourself become a victim.


Copyright © 2003 Rick Ross.

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