What is Dahn Hak: business, practice, movement or corporate scheme?

A closer look at the corporate filings regarding Dahn Hak and related companies

June 2003
By a former participant and researcher

Visitors to this page may be wondering about the various documents now archived on this page regarding the Dahn Hak organization, which is led and controlled by "Grand Master Seung Heun Lee."

For whatever reasons Lee seems to have constructed a myriad of entities related to his Dahn Hak organization.

This includes numerous branches of Dahn Hak, often under different names. So far I have identified 23 different parts to this organizational structure. And my research is still ongoing, there are probably more.

Here are just a few of the names.

There is Vortex Inc. and Elmhurst Inc., legal documents tie them both to Dahn.

There are at least 6 companies related to Dahn tied to one address in Mesa, Arizona and 5 more tied to one address in Sedona, Arizona. Three more entities are listed at yet another location in Sedona.

Sound strange? Welcome to the complex world of "Master Lee" and Dahn Hak.

Multiple listings for companies at the same address seems to be a common practice for Dahn.

The so-called "Tao Fellowship" is one of the Dahn's tenants at Sedona, and this fellowship keeps popping up in record checks within other states.

In some state corporate records database Dahn does not't show up, but the Tao Fellowship does.

Why so many names? Is the Tao fellowship simply a surrogate for Lee and his Dahn centers?

Bell Rock Development of Arizona appears to be another example of Lee's multi-faceted corporate empire. And it seems to be a business front for the "Grand Master's interests.

Bell Rock holds trademarks regarding Dahn.

Lee has divided his trademark holdings into three divisions, one for himself, Bell Rock and another at a company called BR Consulting Inc.

All these corporate machinations appear to be legal. But are they spiritual and do they reflect the revelation of a "Grand Master," or the schemes of a businessman?

What also appears quite questionable is that ranking Dahn officers like Hee Nam Kim and Kyung Run Kim in Mesa are being sold Dahn related real estate assets for as little as ten bucks.

One lawyer closely associated with Lee and Dahn, Ms. Lynn Rose Montanya, also bought property for $10.

Montanya's Korean husband apparently assisted her in the process and he also helped his wife open the "Healing Arts Institute."

The Korean connection at Dahn and its related holdings is very evident.

And these bargain land purchases for $10 per parcel are not that rare.

What is Dahn Hak really all about?

Is this supposed spiritual pursuit for health and fitness more like a get rich scheme for a few well-placed leaders? Maybe its more about money than meditation?

Note: A $10 purchase price is often listed for property in public records, though the actual sale price may be much more.

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