Has a new "messiah" come to the United States from South Korea?

CultNews.com/July 24, 2003

In the 1970s "Moonies" became the moniker for the growing "cult" following of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church.

Today Moon has moved beyond those humble beginnings to become the friend of presidents, owner of the Washington Times and a tycoon who controls billions of dollars.

But some would say Moon's burgeoning empire all began as little more than a "religious cult."

Now there is a new Korean "spiritual" leader with an enterprise sweeping across the United States. It is "Grand Master" Seung Huen Lee and he calls his movement "Dahn Hak."

Lee boasts "three hundred centers in South Korea" [and] over fifty centers in the United States, including a meditation retreat "in Sedona, Arizona, and a holistic health club in Closter, New Jersey."

Dahn Hak includes the practice of "brain respiration."

Lee says, "Brain respiration strips away the mysticism from enlightenment."

However, others have observed that this "respiration" is more like "brainwashing." And it "strips away" critical thinking along with a goodly amount of cash.

Dahn Hak's founder claims in his book Healing Society that he received a pivotal revelation in the midst of an "excruciating headache."

"The cosmos opened up inside me and swept me into her arms with a loud resounding moment of enlightenment, a deafening crash that seemed to transport me to another world," Lee claims.

The Grand Master insists that "this voice told me that my body is not me, but mine. It told me that my mind is not me, but mine. It assured me that the Cosmic Mind is my mind and that the Cosmic energy is my energy."

Lee then felt "the all-encompassing rhythm of life" absorbing and understanding in wonder the Cosmic Order within that governed all things."

With his newfound powers Lee could purportedly perform "miraculous feats" including "communing with spirits, curing incurable diseases, helping paralyzed people walk, and calming mentally unstable people."

Unselfishly the "Grand Master" then decided to share his vision. And it was time to "embark on an Enlightenment Revolution, a massive spiritual awakening that will sweep across the Earth."

Lee's "little masters" seem to believe in him and they work slavishly for next to nothing, often receiving little more than room and board. The Grand Master's faithful feel that as Lee says he can "draw in and send forth energy."

These acolytes also hope he will share with them his "energy-sensitizing and controlling techniques."

Some practitioners seem to think that Dahn Hak is good place to work out and get rid of aches and pains.

However, Lee explains, "Although Dahn Hak starts out as a physical exercise, its true purpose lies in "becoming a 'spiritual' person."

Sound like a religion with Lee as some sort of "healing" "messiah?"

"Dahn Hak aims at the spiritual enlightenment "a collective Enlightenment Revolution to sweep across the face of this Earth."

Dahn Hak is also includes a plethora of corporate entities that appear to be making "Grand Master" Lee rich. If money can be defined as "green energy," maybe Lee does employ some "energy-sensitizing and controlling techniques."

Was Rev. Moon this man's mentor? He seems to be following in his footsteps.


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