"No one in Dahn 'masters' anything, except for Lee who is the master over everyone"

January 2004
By a former "master" in-training

I was introduced to Dahn Hak by a close Korean friend whose mother had used the 'spiritual practice' to 'heal her soul' after a messy divorce. My friend loaned me Lee's first book, and being unfamiliar with Eastern philosophy and spirituality, I was thoroughly impressed by what I thought were groundbreaking ideas.

Drug use eventually landed me in a huge amount of trouble and afterward I turned to my aforementioned friend and he recommended once again that I finally come and check out Dahn Hak.

I was a curious and needy individual with no real friends and family around, living thousands of miles from home. My one 'true friend' seemed to have changed for the better due to Dahn, so I gave it a shot and dove in head first.

Like others have said the Dahn Masters persuade people to join with promises of better physical and mental health, spiritual enlightenment and earth/human unity, which will usher in a New Age of Enlightenment. The only catch is that you must devote yourself completely to Lee, Dahn Hak, and its exorbitant fees, that in their words is 'the noblest thing a person could do during this life.'

My Dahn 'master' in California had his closest students believing that some cataclysmic, apocalyptic event was going to plague the earth by 2012. To add icing to the cult cake, this master told people that only the spiritually evolved Dahn members that underwent severe training would be able to survive the uninhabitable earth and repopulate it.

Though scary, according to Lee and his little masters, the way to avoid these "end times" is to selflessly devote yourself to practicing Dahn Hak. So members pray profusely, all the while dedicating themselves to working for free like dogs.

Apparently, they believe by unquestionably devoting themselves to Lee, they will somehow be able to save the earth, their souls, and their loved ones, before the proverbial poop hits the fan. They think they can really 'change' to become an enlightened beings.

It was appalling to see how weak-minded members, myself included, were controlled, exploited and surrendered all facets of ego, including the favorite foods we enjoyed.

We were turned into thoughtless drones working like idiots for this grand fraud of a master.

I was told to swear on my life never to speak about these things.

It is a very dangerous game these people are playing, a game that often consists of ruining peoples' lives, finances, and perhaps most importantly, their minds.

I was lucky enough to happen upon this website at the exact time I was invited to move into an apartment with other members. My cult radar was definitely picking up some heavy, heavy signals.

Upon reading the material posted here my worst fears about Dahn were confirmed and I quickly disappeared without a word and started my life over.

My friend, who was once a bright, charismatic aspiring actor, has now been turned into a brainwashed cult member moving from one place to another like a nomad, corrupting other weak-minded people and working like a slave for nothing, with his bogus title of "master."

However, he is not a master; no one in Dahn 'masters' anything, except for Lee who is the master over everyone.

Sorry for going on, but it is my sincerest hope that that others might benefit from the truth like I have.


Copyright © 2004 Rick Ross.

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