"Dirty Dahn laundry"

"Can you really buy enlightenment?"

March 2000
By a concerned martial arts student

Dahn Hak is not what many think it is--it is a cult posing as a business [sic]. Volunteers "--most of them are South Koreans under the age of 27 run this business. They work in the United States in service to Grand Master Lee. They often leave children and spouses behind.

If people are wise they will separate themselves from [Dahn Hak] as soon as possible [sic]. Hopefully, before they have spent much money [on courses and training].

Dahn Hak is dirty business [sic]. They are using the ancient art of Gi Gong to promote their own exercises. Don't be fooled.

I am a student of martial arts and concerned about the hidden evils of Dahn Hak. Silence and the language barrier are how they convince innocent Americans that Dahn Hak is the answer to humanity's problems.

If you look closely you will see that they do not practice what they preach. Ask too many questions and they will accuse you of having "negative Ki [energy]." Manipulation and the hard sell are their tools--not divine guidance or "Chun-ji-ki-un."

A good "Dahn Master" is a good sales man. They can sell you your own toenails and/or make you believe that your nails are stronger because you have received universal energy from the "Master's efforts." But that may cost you $150.00. And of course you will need three more sessions--or else you will revert to your old blocked "Ki self." Oh, and all the "I love you" exclamations are free of charge.

The latest sales pitch is that you can become enlightened in three years if you follow their program. However, this could potentially cost about $3000.00 Can you really buy enlightenment? Is it theirs to sell? Did you know that the senior "Dahn Masters" believe they are "enlightened"? I wonder how much they bought it for?

If you attend Dahn Tao Institute--the next time you go to a bowing ceremony, look around--how many "masters" are practicing at the ceremony with you? All students? Why? "Work is my meditation," is often their excuse. Really, they just don't need to be brainwashed any more and already have been absorbed into the system.

Ask yourself these simple questions if you now attend or are considering attendance at one of "Grand Master Lee's" Dahn Centers:


  • Do I want to become one of "Master Lee's "little masters"?


  • Am I already on the track to becoming one of them?


  • Why does the Dahn Center staff ("masters") all live in communal apartments?


  • Why don't the "Dahn Masters" seem to have any friends outside of Dahn Hak in the community?


  • Why all the secrets?


  • Why did so much controversy surround "Grand Master Lee" in South Korea?


  • Why has the South Korean military abruptly discontinued Dahn method practice?


  • Why are Dahn practitioners now seemingly banned from practicing in the public parks in Korea?


  • Why is Bell Rock Corporation (a company associated with Dahn Hak USA) buying up land around Sedona, Arizona, while their resident employees/ masters get paid peanuts?


  • Why are "Dahn Masters" seeking green card marriages disguised as spiritual marriages?

Anyone considering attendance and/or training at a Dahn Hak Center should consider these questions first-- and also seek out and speak to Americans who have discontinued their association with Dahn Hak.

There is more dirty Dahn laundry out there.

Copyright © Rick Ross.


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