"If you pay enough, you reach enlightenment"

January 15, 2005
By a former student of Dahn Hak

The Dahn Hak people are very, very good at what they do and are very determined to grow large in the U.S. as well as other countries. Their Masters are almost always young, single and single-minded. They seem to live pretty much communally and keep a pretty good eye on one another. They seem, however, to be lovely people who truly believe they are entrusted with a mission to save the world. They do not appear to be sinister in the least, but there does seem to me to be something dark in the whole of the movement itself.

I actually went so far as to attend their Healer school in Arizona (outside of Sedona at their Mago Garden). I believe that the healing methods they teach, in general, are pretty powerful stuff based of legitimate ancient knowledge and practice and actually do in some instances and degrees work. I believe, however, from my personal observation and experience, that while they help put you into altered states of consciousness for self-healing purposes and to heal others, they simultaneously use these vulnerable states to make their own suggestions regarding their movement's agenda and your place in it.

In the end, I became afraid that I would lose my true, rational self somehow in this movement. I could no longer ignore my internal klaxon warning and my family was becoming a bit alarmed at the changes in my personality. I really wanted it so badly to be what they said it was, I overstayed.

I also could not ignore that while they purport to want to spread love and healing to everyone, they charge extremely large amounts of cash for everything!

If you pay enough, you reach enlightenment.

Even others in my classes who seemed pretty deep into the game whispered about how, if enlightenment was for everyone, how come the closer you supposedly came to it through your studies with them, the more money you forked over?

How could poor people afford this enlightenment which was for everyone?

I am not fully certain what their end game is, but I know it involves cold, hard cash. Just not any more of mine.


Copyright © 2005 Rick Ross.

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