"Extremely disillusioned"

August 2001
By a former Dahn Hak student

About two months ago I saw a sign for a Dahn Center near my house and was interested. I wanted to start doing yoga. When I called to see when the classes were and they said this would require an evaluation first. My evaluation cost $15.00 and revealed my many "blockages." But they said these blockages would go away, by doing their exercises.

Signing up and for a three month plan was $369.00, which seemed very high, but I figured--why not try it out?

It's now been two months since my plan started and I have never seen such a disorganized organization.

During the meditation part of the class I have been just laying there relaxing while others go through different "poses." No one ever talks to me about these poses--so I just kind of flail along.

About two weeks ago, during the meditation, the master came over and told me to get my legs in the air, which was pretty uncomfortable after awhile. What was this all about? And when I asked how to do these poses, he acted shocked that I hadn't been shown. Duh!

Anyway, an appointment was set up with him to learn the proper poses.

After that appointment he said I needed one-on-one classes with him once a week, which would supposedly benefit me greatly.

You must understand that I am just paraphrasing because it's so hard to understand a word he says! But when asked if this was included in my three month membership, he said, "No." This would be an additional $100.00 a session. After my jaw dropped I said I can't afford that. He replied, "What about $80?" Well, I claimed that I needed the weekend to think about it, but that was a crock. I have no intention of taking those classes.

This obvious ploy to get more money totally turned me off.

When I was leaving one class another was ending and the master of that class asked me to stay and have some tea. I explained that I couldn't stay, but she said she wanted to advise me that from now on everyone had to dress the same in class. That was the last straw. Even after paying $369.00, you can't wear what you want?

I am extremely disillusioned.

Copyright © 2001 Rick Ross.

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