Dahn Tao Institute Visitor Comments

"I went to just a few classes, so I don't know firsthand about the veracity of the claims against the Dahn 'Yoga' company. But what I do know is this--they are using the terms 'yoga' and 'tai chi' in a very deceptive manner, which is why I found another place to go. If they called themselves 'Dahn Exercise Centers,' I might have stayed. But their 'yoga' classes simply are NOT yoga, nor are they even a variant of yoga...I now go to real yoga and tai chi classes...It's just a shame that so many people think they are learning yoga and/or tai chi at these Dahn rip off centers."

"Don't be tricked into thinking that it must be some odd Korean thing you can't understand. Koreans view Dahn Hak with suspicion too. I'm a Korean American and became interested in Dahn yoga after visiting a booth of theirs at a New Age convention. I told my parents about the class. My dad said in his opinion it's a cult and that a lot of Koreans regard it with suspicion. My parents said that they believe that the Dahn Centers recruit unsuspecting Westerners, young people and those susceptible by teaching helpful exercises, but then brainwash many into joining their organization. My dad also told me several Korean Christian churches have denounced Dahn Hak and Lee as the new 'Moonies.' Don't let your intuition be tricked by some rationalization that it's a cultural barrier, or a cultural difference."

"I am an ex-member of Dahnhak. I experienced a complete emotional/psychotic breakdown and was hospitalized, directly after a Shimsung workshop. I can remember their exercises, the people there, the Shimsung experience and the suicidal feelings that I felt after leaving. It took all my strength just to heal myself. After Shimsung I've needed a therapist, psychotherapy, medication and a psychiatrist to prescribe my meds. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My business went into bankruptcy and my life was forever changed. I'm terrified about what happened to me and embarrassed that I was fooled, but can't stop thinking about the next new member, who might not be as lucky as me to live through it. I could have died!"

"I have been attending Dahn Hak for about a month and they keep trying to sell me programs and classes. They called me at my home after 9:00 PM one night. I told them 'no,' I wasn't going to purchase anything at this point in time. Then a visiting Dahn Master asked to have a consultation. She told me that they only wanted people in their school who were committed and willing to go all the way. She then ushered me out to sign up for a Chakra Awakening class for about $385.00. I felt so pressured into signing up, but when I got home I called to say that I was not committing to spending this money. I am recovering from cancer and love the classes; they have been such a help to me, but I know from experience that I can find a Chi Gong class somewhere else just as beneficial. Please warn people about this school and their pressure tactics."

"I went to the Dahn Center in Las Vegas and was given a 'Private Energy Evaluation,' which consisted of a master pressing points on my body. After this he said that I would need 8-12 months of classes and went into a hard sell. But I wanted to take a class first. After that first class the hard sell continued and I signed a contract, which allowed three days to get out of it. I cancelled the contract. The selling techniques they use are amazing."

"I was looking for a yoga studio near my residence. A 'master' at Dahn performed a physical exam by tapping areas of my body. The exam was painful. The master said there were 'blockages' in my body that needed to be removed and then offered programs ranging from $3,000 to $10,0000. I went for a non-refundable three month membership. Most of the members were new to the center. I wondered why they had such poor retention. And what about all that paraphernalia and those expensive sessions? They sell everything from a 'Power Brain,' which is a small battery-operated device for $80, to healing sessions for $3,000. I feel so stupid now that they were able to manipulate me. Be careful of manipulation masking as concern for your well being. There are other ways to physical and spiritual health, besides being involved with this group. Dahn wants money and allegiance. They want to mold people to perpetuate their movement and of course the organization's bank accounts become fatter through the process. Enlightenment, like most of the best things in life, is meant to be free. It comes with living your life with all its hardships, not hiding inside some group."

"If it wasn't for your great site and the information provided about Dahn I don't know what I would have done. As it seemed like I was the only one who experienced the feeling of doubt that they were a total scam. A great majority of the people who are in Dahn really believe in it. Talk about the blind leading the unwilling to the unknown, Dahn is definitely it."

"First I was a member for a few months in 2001, but then quit. I left with a pretty good impression and felt like it was just a good yoga class. When I returned later in 2003 though, it was much different. After receiving my 'energy check up' a master there said that I had blockages in my chest and arms and that she could help me. My boyfriend and I were greeted with warm smiles, ushered into the small room and persuaded to sign us up for a year. There was constant nagging about how we should go to 'healer's school' and other activities that cost anywhere from $250 to $8,000. They did something called 'brain respiration," which had a fee attached. Dahn Hak took up so much of our time. We passed out flyers for the group on the weekends. They said we needed to 'awaken' and 'help' people and that the earth was not going to last much longer. I asked about doing community volunteer work, like working at a battered women's shelter. But they coolly responded that they needed to get more people in their program first. My headmaster told me that I was a powerful being, one of the chosen few and that I might be able to go to Korea and teach English for free. I slowly began to see through Dahn Hak. Grand master Lee said in his books that he wanted to have a 'cultural Olympics with people of different cultures joining together to celebrate diversity. He also spoke about healing the earth, but Dahn Hak doesn't cooperate with environmental organizations. Lee says everyone is equal, but we called our instructors 'masters' and were told not to question what they told us. Why does Dahn Hak charge so much money? Does this mean poor people don't have the right to become 'enlightened'? When did we pass out flyers within the most expensive neighborhoods? There are so many unanswered questions. I stopped going to Dahn Hak."

"Dahnhak teachers say this site may be harmful to your spiritual health. But Dahnhak is a multinational business, where some devotees provide 20-60 hours of free labor a week, all in the hope of finding 'enlightenment.' Dahnhak has Brain Respiration Schools where kids are blind folded and told they can read pieces of paper held before their eyes. They also sell a medical amulet that supposedly can alleviate headaches for $2,998.00 plus shipping and handling. It's a gold turtle slightly larger than a Susan B. Anthony dollar. After all, making money is important, Dahnhak's founder and leader Seung Heun Lee (Il Chi Lee) has several homes to maintain."

"At the 'self discovery' weekend people were being emotionally battered and were hysterical, all under the guise of connecting with their inner soul. After such emotional abuse, everyone was expected to feel whole again by spreading love, joy, and hugs all around, and sharing their deepest, most personal thoughts and emotions. I tried to leave twice and was manipulated into coming back. I feel disgusting and like a total fool. I can't believe I thought this was a yoga center."

"I came across a Dahn yoga while recovering from fibromaylgia and chronic fatigue. They pressured me to buy an individual health evaluation for forty dollars. We went into a small room where I laid down on a mat and was then asked to perform a series of simple exercises. The master began massaging my chest and stomach areas. At several points the pain was quite excruciating. But she said this was stagnant energy that must be released if I wanted to heal. After the evaluation they said that I had energy blockages in my chest and arms. Their classes included body slapping, some strange poses and not any yoga that I've ever seen. Nothing was explained, 'Just practice deep breathing and meditate on your insides.' After a tea ceremony, which included student testimonials I was told about more healing sessions for maximum energy in minimum time, which would cost $200 dollars each. Sore and bruised from the health evaluation I still came back. There was a list with more things to buy. Another hundred dollars on a book, two vibrator things that are supposed to stimulate my brain and some wooden neck thing. My $400 dollar experience. I feel so foolish that I handed over that money to them. I truly believed they wanted to help me. Dahnhak seems like a great concept that has been taken over by a greedy man preying on innocent people."

"I was a member for two years and recently left cold turkey. The smiling faces, loving hugs and constant personal attention from the masters sucked me in. But certain experiences raised my eyebrows. There was a lot of pressure to participate in everything, so I attended twice per day up to five to six days per week. My husband was extremely patient, but the Dahn seminars cost too much money. I paid $275.00 for a graduation seminar and then went to their Healer School. After the second session I began to have doubts and knew it was the wrong place. Don't make the mistakes I did. Never let others control your mind. You should be the master of your mind!"

"I was a member of Dahn Hak for many years and eventually worked there. It was only after I starting working that I saw what was really going on. I was badgered into leaving my spouse and as soon as my divorce was final their hidden agenda became obvious. They began urging me to marry a Korean Dahn 'master,' so that person could stay in the US. These people are very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. I have seen friends influenced to sell their homes and engage in what seems like illegal marriages. My old friends in the group are now in such poor condition mentally that it shocks me. I can't believe I once fell for their lies. I pray every day that Dahn Hak is exposed for what it really is!"

"I joined a dahnhak studio in April of this year, but after a few months my inner voice was telling me 'there is something here that does not feel right.' At first I felt like they were genuinely interested in my well being. However, when I canceled a class in Sedona their attitude changed considerably. They have 65 people attending this basic healing and professional course at a price of $10,000.00 each. And they run this 3-4 times a year. I explained that I did not want to attend and sent a certified letter requesting cancellation. But whenever I discussed it, they would take me into this room and somehow mesmerize me and then I would forget everything. I thought there was something wrong, but I had just paid for a year membership and they wanted more money for a meditative hike and chakra training with Grand Master Lee, which I paid for. I also paid $225 for a power brain workshop. I have spent $4,000 in less than a year. I am retired and made bad decisions based upon a need for companionship. Some of the masters who have made a commitment to Master Lee seem sincere. But I just don't want to go any more."

"I was always a little suspicious about Dahn Hak and their real purpose, then a friend recommended I look at your website. What I suspected all along is actually true. I've been a student for 3 years, My contract is up soon. I will no longer pay to support Dahn Hak, so that Grand Master Lee can live his lifestyle, while his 'little masters' serve and worship him. I actually feel sorry for them. That is just plain wrong.Your website is a real eye-opener and I hope more students at Dahn Hak will ask themselves how much they are willing to pay to become enlightened."

"Just thought you might be interested to know that Dahn isn't even calling itself Dahn anymore. Now they advertise as healingsociety.org. They are evolving and the evolution is not healthy. I am a former member and even the Dahnhak I knew has changed dramatically. When I had inquired about their recent change, I was asked to leave. I recently inquired again about what direction they are moving in and was told I could come back if I met three conditions. One, do for myself and don't depend on the masters. But then why pay all that money? Two, become a lifetime member. Three, do all heartbow training with them. I politely said no thank you, to that extortion and coercion and we have since parted ways."

"Just wanted to thank you for having all that information. I'm a member, or I was a member in San Francisco. All those stories, I can relate to. I thought I was the only one. Anyway, it's good that the information is out there for people to see."

"I had found myself on the outs due to not falling into the cult-like promises. My Dahn Hak 'masters' distanced themselves from me, which was fine. Cult-like is actually a mild term, the promises of enlightenment and the things these people do for their cause is scary! They may stop eating or showering, and then all they do is exercise and meditate--swearing by the Grand Master Lee's promises of enabling you to be a 'chosen healer.' It was an experience and a life lesson to say the least. Please keep posting the info for those out there who are searching."

"Someone told me about this site. A friend was trying to get me to sign up for a Dahn Hak workshop. He insisted it would help me and that I needed it. I declined several times and now am happy I did! Not only because I don't have the money to blow, but because I am comfortable with myself and my spirituality. Thanks for informing people."

"I have been trying to find out the truth about 'Dahn Yoga' ever since I was handed a brochure full of wonderful sounding claims and went for their $40.00 initial evaluation. My cult sensors kept being triggered though, particularly when I was told I would have to pay $277.00 a month and that they wanted 'the largest deposit possible' on the spot. I never went back and have spent the last week trying to find out what it really going on with these people."

"There are many nice people who are members of this thing, but I can see clearly how they are being manipulated and maneuvered. Many of the 'masters' might also be victims, even though they are perpetuating this manipulation. They live very secretive lives and spend all their time, from early morning to late at night, dressed in their uniforms performing duties for the Dahn Center. I wonder how much money 'Grand Master' Lee is making off their long hours of work. It must be a LOT."

"I moved to Arizona and was looking for a place to do yoga. I found the Dahn Center in Scottsdale and they said I needed to come in and see their 'headmaster' who advised me that I had problems, which they could cure through their energy work, yoga and dancing classes. I was told to join their one year program for $1,500.00. The next thing they wanted was for me to go to their Sedona retreat. But my fitness trainer told me it was a 'cult' and I stopped going. I feel they misrepresent themselves and I do not want to be a 'cult' member."

"I want to thank you for [posting] information on Dahn Hak. I decided to not go back after attending their 'Shim Sung enlightenment' retreat and am dreading the flood of phone calls that I know will follow--if I don't show up for a week.I was incredibly uncomfortable at the retreat and really wanted to go home. I decided to go on the Web and do research and found your site. I felt that they were trying to break me down. It is alarming how many more centers they are opening. I recognized that 'glassy' look in some member's eyes."

"Thank you for your information about Dahn Hak. Living in San Francisco and being a student of meditation, I was delighted when a new meditation/yoga center opened just a few blocks from my house. I made an appointment for a visit to the Dahn center--guess I can save my time! Hopefully, I would have caught on quickly, but thanks for saving me the trouble of finding out that this is a dubious enterprise--at best."

"I picked up a flyer advertising yoga, Tai Chi and meditation in a new center close to my house called the Dahn Center. I did a search then came across your Web site. I am so glad I spent a little time to check out the Dahn Center on the Web and really find out about it. I will pass on the info and your Web site address to my friends. Hopefully no one will get 'conned' by these guys."

"I recently joined the Dahn Center in Ahwatukee, Arizona. I thought it was a fitness center that could do some wonderful things for my well being. My girlfriend said that it sounded like a cult and I began to think more and do some research. Your site has given me some real insight and I am no longer willing to 'work out' there. I signed a piece of paper for a 6 month period and I paid them $250."

"A friend of mine at work brought a flyer in for me [about]...meditation, etc. I thought the name sounded familiar and decided to look on the Web. After reading your page, I realized this was the same place I visited in Mesa, Arizona (the Tao Institute). My friend and I went there to check it out, and I got an unusual feeling about the place from the start. The woman [there] seemed too 'happy.' She had nothing but wonderful words about the 'master' and this place. But the more I probed her as to why she liked it so much, the more she diverted away from the subject, as if she did not know. I love Qi Gong, Breathing exercises, and ALL the classes I have taken and I can tell you why. I can tell you the positive and negative sides to doing them. It makes me leery when someone cannot tell me the same. So, thanks for the info! I hope other people can get benefit out of it as well."

"Thank you for your concern for others in posting your Web site. There is an institute a block from my home in Mesa and I went in there. I considered participating there. Thank God I found you Web site. --Your grateful friend."

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