Misleading ads within the New York Times

January 2000
By an Equinox attendee

For last tree days I attended meetings of "future moneymakers" in New York office of Equinox, which they opened during January 2000. Everything that was described in other material at your site was correct. There was no mentioning of leasing desk space, subscription of a phone line, paying for future ads and the costs for seminars. Also, not a word about their return policy and the court papers served to Mr. Gouldd and his Company by six states on September 14, 1999. In New York they call themselves "Millenium Marketing Company," but advertise without any name.

When I asked to look at their manual--they never had it, because "the office so new." The focal point of all their presentations I attended was that this office was newly formed and I was the "lucky one"--because we are going to make you a director, create a sales force for you and your success story. And remember that in just one week this opportunity will pass by--so you better grab it!

Here are just a few of their ads run within the New York Times "Help Wanted" section by Equinox:

Co seeks indivs, who are health
conscious & athletic to help run very
busy office. Aggressive compensation.
Call (212) 278-8308

Run My Business
If you ever owned or maintained a busi-
ness we need your experience. Call
(212) 278-8308

Looking for competitive business-
minded prof's who don't mind hard
work and enjoy on above average
lifestyle. Call (212) 395-9110

Int'l mktg co seeks indv to combine
passion for travel with hi income pot'l.
Call (212) 871-3221

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