"One of the best planned and rehearsed scams I have ever seen!"

February 2000
By Ever Cautious

I have just returned home from one of the best-planned and rehearsed scams I have ever seen! Rhetorically speaking, these people could have given Aristotle a run for his money. They have perfected their brainwashing machine to such an extent that it has psychological implications. The letters I read on your sight are echoes of the same fears and trepidation I was experiencing while being ushered into the manipulative atmosphere Equinox labels, "job interview."

Listen to what transpired.

Upon entering the upscale business center, I was handed a half full sign-in sheet to fill out. Then, I was taken into a conference room where about 30 others were already waiting. I immediately thought --"What the hell is this"? But the stench of multi level marketing (MLM) was in the air. I told myself that this was not like the other scam sessions I had been to--after all, the ad sounded legit. I decided to wait it out as the day was already half over and it had been a long trip. There was a very colorful display set up in the corner, depicting an assortment of their special products worthy of a second glimpse. As the "spiel" (German word for game) began, my worst fears were confirmed. I realized that I had once again been suckered into a ploy and taken advantage of. The well-rehearsed speaker talked of wealth and fortune, supposedly all as easily attainable as pouring a glass of water from their "remarkable water filtration system." The whole thing was a facade, but it was damn good.

Rhetoric had been the love of my life throughout college and I decided that this was a rare opportunity for me to catch a glimpse of its misuse from the inside of this sick organization. The greed that these people invoked was infectious. They focus very rarely on the actual product. Rather, the emphasis is upon a warm and enveloping organization; capable of taking away all your monetary troubles, replacing them with wealth and "time to spend with loved ones."

I remember thinking, "But if I were a Chemist looking for a job with Equinox Research and Development in making and refining these life saving products, where they would tell me to apply? The answer is simple, they would have no clue as to where you could apply!" However, they are only DISTRIBUTORS using the guise of saving humanity by offering environmentally safe products.

I just wish I had been armed with the current FTC Restraining Order against Equinox--then I would have shared some rhetoric of my own!

I feel so bad for all the innocent people being suckered into this farce. What bad things people say are true. They actually do seed the audience with Equinox guinea pigs that respond positively to everything the speaker is saying. It was obvious to me and they are not the least bit discreet about it!

My theory is that if you were to question them extensively about their products, they would only be able to tell you their much-rehearsed sales bull! MLMs years ago focused on selling a product--it is amazing to me how that so many try to sell you a "dream instead, which in reality can become a nightmare.

Copyright © Rick Ross

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