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"Sound Alliance and Northwest Alliance are operating out of the Seattle, Puget Sound area. Some of their heavy hitters were formerly with Equinox (e.g. Rob & Tobi Quello). They are up here opening new 'branches.' They tell people the startup costs are a mere $50.00, but within a week or two they often persuade those who become involved to buy $4,000.00 worth of products. This will somehow help them to make more money. BEWARE."

"I want to thank you for the information you have put on the web about Equinox. It makes me sick that I was ever a part of it. I did not know all of this was going on. But I got out in 1997 because I couldn't stand it anymore. I knew a director who would get into relationships with new girls, just to get them to take money from their ex-boyfriends or parents. He would then break up with them to prey on the next victim. I lost $5,000.00 and some of my dignity, but it sounds like nothing compared to some of the other stories I have read."

"I am a former Equinox distributor. Your website has been a tremendous help to me in understanding the extent of my 3 year experience with Equinox. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I appreciate what you are doing."

"Thank you so much for having this site online for the public. I know it has saved me from the hands of Equinox. I will pass the word on to hopefully save others from a possible horrible experience."

"Thank you so much for your informative site on Equinox. I only wish that I could have seen it sooner. If this site can help others stay out of the trouble that I did, it is definitely worth it. I had never heard of Multi Level Marketing when I first came into contact with Equinox. I was just out of college and looking for a job and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Not only did I lose over six thousand dollars with this company. I also lost some very good friends and almost a relationship. This company has a way that seems like brainwashing to make you think that what they are doing is right. I saw so many things going on that I knew could not be right and perhaps bordering on illegal. Even though I was going broke I kept thinking if I just stick with it a little longer, I could make it. The man that I was working with got me to borrow five thousand dollars from my boyfriend to buy product and I only ended up receiving $2500 of it. $500 of that money went towards a training, but the remaining $2000 of it was never seen from again and my sponsor, who had once seemed like my best friend, became someone totally different when I tried to get his help in recovering my money. He stopped taking my phone calls and wouldn't show up for meetings."

"I just wanted to say keep up the Good Work. I am really impressed with your Web site [section about] Equinox. I have been particularly impressed with the fall out relating to Equinox International. I feel as if my 'soul' was robbed too. I became a Director with the firm several years ago--eventually my sales force did over $100,000 per month in product sales. Despite this I lost over $75,000 as a result of the lies and deceptions of this company. I could tell so many stories of people going broke and the reality of the cult like brainwashing of Bill Gouldd. The company steals your dreams, money and sometimes your relationships with loved ones."

"Great website. I am a former Equinox Distributor who finally woke up after losing over $75,000.00 in 2 years."

"Thank you for maintaining such a truthful website. The information is right on concerning one of the most deceptive, abusive companies ever--Equinox International. I was a former "director" who worked with the company. I really wish I had done my homework. But I was a recent college grad, and had never been exposed to MLMs before. I got suckered in big time - I coughed up $2,500.00 to become a 'manager.' It was all-downhill from there. I ended up spending about $10,000.00. I could live with that, but I did something much worse-- I convinced family members to join, too. They lost a total of about $10,000.00 too. Aside from feeling horribly betrayed, I feel horrendously guilty about doing this to my own family. All I wanted to do was help them, but I ended up causing them to be further in debt. Aside from that, it almost destroyed my marriage. Thankfully, that stayed intact; I can't believe it, but some of the reps tried to get me to leave my husband, just because he tried to talk some sense into me. I spent so many weekends on the road, going to 'trainings,' while he sat at home, wishing I were there with him. That, too, is a source of regret and tremendous feelings of guilt. But enough of my sob story, I know others out there who lost much more than I did."

"Your web pages were a real eye opener for me. To think I almost got suckered into [Equinox]. They wanted me to be a trainee/director. With 2 kids in college, I would have been wiped out. They certainly know how to pressure people. Without even looking at my resume they were ready to hire me. Lots of red flags were raised. When I checked out Equinox on the Internet I ran the other way. Even after I called to let them know my concerns about what I read, they still were trying to convince me to join. THANK GOD for your info."

"My sister and I have decided Equinox is NOT the type of company we wish to represent. We pride ourselves on not only being concerned with the environment, but also how we treat other people. [We feel] that working with Equinox would have required us to be dishonest and misleading to folks in order for us to *make it* with the company--no thank you! I like sleeping at night with a clear conscience. [It seems] all they care about is getting people through their doors to throw them a pitch in hopes that they will reel them in, not giving two shits about how the people feel who leave in the middle of the presentation or feel like they've completely wasted their time going in for a *perceived interview*."

The older I get, the more I realize to trust my first instincts ... they are ALWAYS right! For whatever reason this time I didn't listen to my instincts and wasted a lot of time with Equinox. Thankfully, however, I didn't waste my money! I feel bad for those who get talked into believing Equinox is the key to their financial future. For some, I'm sure it is ... but the kind of people they have to be (on the inside) is not what I would call successful.

"I responded to an interview for 'Lakeside Associates', but when I arrived--guess who? Equinox. Luckily I knew a friend who was once involved with this company. I felt like I should get up and leave, but wanted some information for myself--so like a good boy I sat there and listened getting more and more upset. They are located here in Phoenix at 11225 North 28th Drive going by 'Lakeside Associates'".

"I just wanted to thank you for your articles on Equinox. I found two ads in the local paper--neither identified the companies. I called these phone numbers and after leaving messages on both got two calls Backs. The first told me the company name was 'Infinite Effects' and the second said 'Infinite Designs'. I set up an interview appointment and tried researching the companies on the net and my local phone directory--nothing. Still I kept my appointment and when I arrived (with a bunch of other potential recruits) I learned the company name was actually Equinox. After a brief interview they asked me to come back tomorrow with a list of questions to ask them. When I went home I got online to research the company by its real name and found your website and articles. I don't consider myself a naive person--I worked 20 years at one of the nations largest health insurance companies and the last 6 were as a Claims Manager. They almost had me, but thanks to you--they didn't get me. Keep up the excellent work!"

"I found your material on Equinox quite interesting. When I was a college senior in May 1995, I responded to a newspaper classified ad in the Arizona Republic looking for people interested in sports marketing. I flew out to Phoenix, stayed with some friends and went to the interview to find out it was nothing more than a pyramid scam. When I started asking a lot of questions along those lines, culminating with 'this looks like nothing more than a pyramid scheme-- is it?' At that point several of the 'representatives' became more than a little uneasy. Having already wasted two hours of my time in Phoenix, I announced to our 'representative' that I would hear no more about this 'scam' and left. Just thought you might want to hear one more person's experience with Equinox. I now have a legitimate job in the sports industry--a field I have always wanted to work in. You are doing a great job with your website and helping to make the public aware of groups like this."

"I want to thank you for [posting information] about Equinox International through the Internet. VERY FEW people actually make money in Equinox. As a 23-year old student I felt pressured into trying the business, and now a year later I have no idea where my sponsor even is and I have dropped out of the company. Thank you again".
--A Concerned Former Rep.

"I'm a person almost conned into the Equinox International system. I did some research over the Internet and found many articles of lawsuits and whatnot saying, 'run as fast as [you] can' away from these people. I'd just like to thank you for informing me on this scam".

"I am a graduating biology major, and when I went for an [Equinox] 'interview' and asked questions from a scientific standpoint I was given very close attention from all the people working in the office. They offered to let me see all the information, but did not really seem to have the information I wanted. I simply don't believe many of the their bases for selling certain products, as I think they are using what I term 'junk science'. When I questioned them as to what information or research they are using for a baseline, they seemed to get testy."

"Thank you. I found [culteducation.com] when I was searching for things about Equinox. They are here with their scheme, but after reading [your site] I do not want anything to do with them. I have a friend who took me there and I told her that this was not a good idea. I am so glad that I researched it. My friend read all this too and then called Equinox to give her answers. Of course they said, 'are you going to believe someone's opinion on the Internet'? Well I do and so does my friend. Thank you so much. You saved us $5,000.00 dollars and now I am trying to stop these people before they rip other people off. I called the state attorneys office."

"I was in Equinox for about 3 years. I must say I am totally detoxified from the horrible experiences I had to go through. That company is a complete business cult, an absolute scam and completely guilty of misguiding people and lying to entice future distributors [sic]. I am so glad to be done with Equinox & Bill Gouldd forever."

"I was involved with Equinox for about 2 years on and off. I never made any money and never recruited anyone that sold anything. I quit my job and tried to recruit all my old friends. I hit the lowest point of my life. I talked my dad into loaning me $2000 for products that I never sold and that he couldn't afford to spare. What did this experience do to me? I spent about $4,000 in products and $3-4,000 in 'trainings' (including materials and travel expenses). I pissed off all of my childhood friends. My family thinks I'm the black sheep/idiot. But most of all, I feel I was violated. I shudder when I think about the whole thing. They made all these promises, with all of their flashy 'fake it till you make it' people. I went to 8 of [their] 'Building Blocks', 3 of [their] 'Regionals' and one of [their] 'Advanced Building Blocks' and NOTHING HAPPENED. Talk about slave labor! I was ready to drive anywhere in the country to see a 'training.' I [sometimes] see [Scientologists where I live now]--the only difference between them and Equinox is that we were better dressed."

"My wife and I got caught up in the Equinox frenzy a few years back. We took the $5,000.00 plunge so we could start making the big bucks right away. After pissing off several of our other friends by dragging them to meetings--we decided to quit and tried to send back the boxes of unopened filters and magic potions. After months of getting the run-around they finally informed us that no products could be returned after one year. The returns department circled this limitation in a photo copy of a page in the manual. But the funny thing was that text didn't appear in our copy of the manual. I finally got results by writing to our local news consumer editor. Finally, with their help we got them to accept all our unused and unsold crap--so we only lost a few hundred dollars in shipping and other expenses."

"After getting me in to the tune of over $10,000.00--my upline cleared out and disappeared overnight never to be heard from or caught up with again. Having quit my job to jump in with both feet--I am now destitute, unemployed, bills stacked high and desperately trying to pay the phone & electric bills."

"I attended an Equinox meeting on Saturday, and have been using the Internet as a tool to gather information--as I had never heard of the company before. I, too, thought I was interviewing for a marketing manager position. I saw the Binaca demo, as well as how the skin absorbs chlorine and some others. Then we started talking about how much it would cost me to work for this company if I wanted to 'do it right' and begin making money immediately. Well, what they don't know is that I don't have any money to give them and I'm certainly not going to borrow it! I'm an unemployed single mom and I'll stay unemployed until I find a REAL job--thanks to your site! You've saved another one. Thanks so much!"

"I just became aware of the class action suit against Equinox--I am one of its victims. I invested $5,000.00 into company products and spent at least another $5,000.00 on seminars, hotels, plane fares, desk space and telephone equipment. I am still trying to sell the products I bought after almost a year so I can recoup some of the money I have lost."

"I think the site concerning Equinox is absolutely outstanding. I was also misled into thinking their search for a marketing director was a regular job opportunity and drove about 3 hours to Dallas. Equinox operates under the name 'SOUTHWEST MARKETING' in Dallas. They also misled me into believing they did not have a web site and were not featured in any magazine. When I saw their presentation, I discovered it was your typical multi-level marketing crap and left. Obviously, I was pretty pissed off and I hope Bill Gould and the rest of his cronies lose every cent in this lawsuit. Thank you for for doing such an outstanding public service!"

"I am a recent widower with very little income. In 1998, my son and daughter signed up with Equinox. We were ripped off in the amount of at least $8,000. All attempts to get refunds were ignored. Products were never delivered as promised. When we finally did receive an order it was incomplete. I spent over $300 sending the product back and it was refused."

"I enjoyed reading your site and I must say that they almost got me too. I started off slowly with the management team, just giving them small increments of money. I soon started to get the feeling of the shaft around the corner. See, I'm from the 'hood' and pretty 'street smart' and when you get right down to it these guys are two bit hustlers who try to turn you in to one [sic]. But it's nothing, but an old school game that's been played many times where I'm from. So, what I did is I started to complain--that I just couldn't get enough money to become a manager and would ask them to front (loan) me a few products and I would sell these at my own price and pay 'em back. After I found out that they were just jackin' common everyday folk that were basically struggling--so I pocketed the [money] and faded into nowhere. After reading the horror stories on your page I don't feel quite as bad. Thanks for the conscious cleaner and keep up the good work."

"I am among the many who was scammed in this so called 'opportunity.' When I came in I invested $5,000.00. Before I ordered the products I expressed concerns to my sponsor. She said not to worry--that she would help me sell. She didn't and I was stuck with all of it. She later convinced me to spend $1,000.00 to attend a 'Building Blocks' course. I was willing to invest more money thinking it might help me regain some of my initial investment, but when I returned my sponsor was gone and then the Equinox office in my city was closed."

"I am a former Equinox director who lost over $40,000.00 in a company that lied, cheated and stole my heart and dreams. I quit a $60,000.00 a year job to sign up for Equinox and was told lie after lie. Little did I know that my up line ex-director was on the verge of bankruptcy and his car was repossessed. I was told just to hang in there and that success was just around the corner. Boy that is a hell of a long corner--success never came."

"Thank you for the information on Equinox. Like many others I too was a victim. Back in 1996 after graduating from college I spent about $5,000 for supplies. Finding it hard to sell various items around my little town I was stuck with the majority of the supplies and a debt that still lingers."

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