India Oxenberg seen for the first time since escaping Nxivm as she heads to court to face off with her former 'master' Keith Raniere - whose initials are branded on her body

Daily Mail, UK/June 17, 2019

By Chris Spargo

India Oxenberg arrived in federal court on Monday for the closing arguments in the case against Keith Raniere, the man who was formerly her master in the Nxivm sex slave cult DOS. 

Photos obtained exclusively by show a smiling India and her mother, actress Catherine Oxenberg, heading into the courtroom with their attorney.

This is the first time India, 27, has been seen since leaving the cult and reuniting with her family. 

It will also mark the first time that India has come face-to-face with Raniere since his arrest back in March 2018, with India believed to have been one of the women at the Mexican villa where the defendant had been trying to hideout from authorities to avoid extradition. 

India was also one of the many DOS members to have Raniere's initials branded on her body during a bizarre and excruciatingly painful ceremony. 

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza showed a photo of the home where these branding ceremonies took place during her closing remarks, stating: 'The closed doors of these cookie cutter houses may seem straight out of a horror movie, but for the defendant's victims, it was all too real.' 

She then labeled Raniere a 'con man, a predator, a crime boss.' 

At the time of Raniere's arrest, India and other female members of the cult had reportedly devised a plan they hoped would save the accused rapist.

This involved the women denying claims that they were ever forced or coerced into performing sex acts while past of DOS, in an attempt to discredit the allegations made by the two former members whose grand jury testimony resulted in the indictments of Mack and Raniere.

It was also reported that Oxenberg, Mack and Mack's wife Nicki Clyne were prepared to testify that they alone were responsible for coercing members into having sex with Raniere and other female members of the sect.

It was Catherine who initially took India to a meeting for a Nxivm motivational course back in 2011 after her daughter wanted to try her hand at being an entrepreneur. 

India was then allegedly lured into the secretive DOS group by Allison Mack, turning over 'collateral' to show her devotion.

This 'collateral' was used by Mack to control the women she recruited, who were transformed into branded sex slaves, according to court filings.

Those filings also revealed that any member who complained about being forced to have Raniere's initials branded on them or refused to sleep with him was threatened with the release of their compromising photos or the loss of their personal assets.

'During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and a master would order one slave to film the branding while the others restrained the slave being branded,' the US Attorney's office stated in a release shortly after Mack's arrest.

The women were also allegedly told to stop shaving their pubic area and be mindful about their weight state court filings.

There was even a diet plan laid out by Raniere and Mack, which consisted of several spoonfuls of plain yogurt and fruit in the morning followed by plain squash, kale, cucumber, or zucchini, and a bite of Kimchi for lunch and dinner.

Approved beverages include lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie free sparkling water.

Dessert meanwhile would be some sugarless gum.

Catherine revealed back in August the India had returned home in an interview with Dateline.

She hared a message from her daughter at that time, which read: 'I am moving on with my life. It's a complex situation. I understand my mom's struggle, and the people involved. I care for all of them very deeply. Right now, I would like privacy. I will share my side of the story in the near future, in my own time.'

While she ended up distancing her from the group, India became immersed and eventually moved to the group's headquarters.

'I brought her in. And that's why I feel responsible for getting her out. At first I felt horrendous guilt that I had participated in bringing my daughter into an organization that was this deviant and dangerous,' said Catherine.

'I did my darnedest to try to get her involved in other things, to try and redirect her interests, to try and get her other jobs. But nothing worked... I couldn't believe the hold that they had over her.'

The actress discussed the moment she learned India was branded with the initials of Raniere and Mack.

'I was horrified,' Catherine said in the Dateline interview. 

'She did and I said, "are you aware of what you're branded with?" And she said, "some Latin symbol".

'So it's very possible she was told it was a Latin symbol because a lot of the girls were not told it was Keith's – and possibly Allison's – initials.'

Catherine added: 'She said it was character building.'

Kelly then asked Catherine what it was like to see that symbol branded on her child.

'As the mother of a daughter, I can't imagine. You look at their beautiful skin, their beautiful bodies that you've tried to raise in a way that wont be corrupted and to think some man put his brand on there. What does that do to you?' Kelly asked.

Catherine said she was 'horrified. 

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