Big Brother's David to write 'cult' book

Live News, Australia/May 30, 2008

Big Brother evictee David Tchappat wants to release a book about his experiences growing up in the Exclusive Brethren sect.

The 33-year-old fire-fighter has already penned the story of his experiences growing up in the reclusive group who shun TV, radio and the outside world and is now looking for a publisher.

"I want to call it 'Losing my religion'- there's a bit of interest in it- A Current Affair want me this week some time- so hopefully something can come of it," Tchappat told

Tchappat escaped the isolated community of his upbringing at 19 where he had to start his life from scratch.

Before entering the 'real world' 13 years ago he'd never seen a movie, kissed a girl, listened to radio or seen a movie.

The American sect, that has 15,000 members in Australia, has cast out the good looking housemate out, forbidding him to break bread with his own family.

While the Christian group's members don't vote in elections because it interferes with God's right to ordain who rules the earth but they do controversially fund the Liberal Party.

Tchappat sensationally told the house of his past at a house dinner a fortnight ago in a move that many labelled a blatantly strategic move.

The week before David had found himself in the bottom three housemates and had narrowly avoided being punted from the Gold Coast fishbowl.

David left the house in a surprise double eviction along with fellow housemate Nathan on Sunday.

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