Company boss accused of violating immigration laws in S. Korean cult case

Mainichi Daily News/August 11, 2006

Lawyers helping people leave the South Korean cult "Setsuri," whose founder Chong Myog-sok has been accused of sexually attacking former followers, have filed a criminal complaint against a company president for helping a senior member illegally stay in Japan, it has been learned.

The lawyers filed a complaint with Chiba Prefectural Police against the president of a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Their move comes after the 44-year-old female senior member of the cult was accused of violating the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law by carrying out activities not covered by her visa.

The company president allegedly helped the senior cultist illegally reside in the country by asking a trading partner to create documents making out that she was employed as a designer.

The woman gained a residency permit under the status of "engineer" but had allegedly been promoting the cult, an activity not covered by her permit.

A follower of the cult was in the company president's family, and Chong, 61, had reportedly visited his company, the lawyers said.

A company representative said the facts of the case were being confirmed, and no comments could be made at present.

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