Ganas founder Mildred Gordon, also known as Mildred Smith, had diploma from unlicensed therapy school GROW that she founded in 1966

Cult Education Institute/March 17, 2017

By Rick Alan Ross

The Cult Education Institute (CEI) has learned that the founder of the Ganas Community in New York had questionable credentials.

"Nobody could possibly understand Ganas without understanding Mildred and GROW. All of the abuses the [New York] Times printed about GROW and the unlicensed therapy network, or "The Community", also went on at Ganas. I know because I lived at Ganas...and I saw it all in action. The articles you link to are all about Becky and Jeff and the community in general, but EVERYTHING revolved around Mildred. If there was one manipulative, narcissistic villain at Ganas, it was Mildred. She was our leader and she pulled every string and pushed every button. We referred to every last word out of her mouth as "The Gift Of Truth" and we did what she told us to do. I remember Mildred's ex-husband Ed saying that Ganas members believed Mildred was "the golden tit in the sky" and they most certainly did. We most certainly did. It all goes back to Mildred.  Whatever wrong anyone, myself  

included, at Ganas did, whatever anyone might have done to Becky, it was at Mildred's instigation and if there is anything wrong at Ganas today it is Mildred's legacy through and through [sic]."

A former member of the Ganas Community contacted CEI and opined as follows:

CEI now includes some archived articles published by the New York Times about GROW.                                                                                                      

There are eleven New York Times articles about the NY Attorney General's investigation of Ganas Community founder Mildred Gordon, also known as Mildred Smith, and the diploma mill/unlicensed therapy school GROW that she founded in 1966.

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