Woman Accused of NYC Shooting to Return

Associated Press/June 29, 2007
By Rubina Madan

Philadelphia -- A woman accused of shooting a commune leader and then fleeing to Philadelphia was ordered back to New York to face an attempted murder charge.

Rebekah Johnson, 44, was arrested this month while getting off an elevated train in West Philadelphia. She is accused of shooting Jeff Gross five times on May 29, 2006, after ambushing him outside his home.

Gross, who helped found the Staten Island-based shared-living community Ganas, survived. Gross has accused Johnson of stalking him.

Johnson, who was with the group for six years, did not fight extradition and Common Pleas Judge Susan Schulman ordered her Thursday to return to New York.

Johnson lived with the Ganas community from 1986 to 1990, then from 1994 to 1996. She was later asked to leave, according to neighbors and commune members. She has accused the group of brainwashing and sexual assault.

About 80 members of the Ganas community share eight homes, generally paying $700 a month for room and board. The group promotes environmentalism, diversity and problem-solving, according to its Web site.

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