John Gray Visitor Comments

"I worked as a consultant for John Gray and his organization and interacted with him, his staff and his family on a regular basis. I found them to be decent people, but a bit out of control because of John's past success and ego, both of which keep the whole show going. I think John does sincerely believe in what he says, or at least in his abilities. He is a fairly good showman and certainly no amount of education can produce that skill. The one thing I'm truly amazed at from witnessing it all in person is how willing people are to believe in something when someone else does the thinking for them and puts on a good show. At the last one of his conferences I attended he even had his audience dancing around flowers, 'commanding them to absorb negative energy,' while John stood on stage with his arms outstretched like a messiah; this was followed by a 'healing session.' with John 'laying on hands.' It was pretty clear to me that his ego was getting out of control and he was developing a 'Messiah Complex,' so I left. By essentially fabricating his education John gained an audience quickly. It's an amazing story, that someone without any meaningful professional training or accredited education gives professional advice on national TV, becomes the best selling relationship author of the '90's, and even develops a network of practitioners who do have certified credentials. The lesson here is that good work will last longer when done honestly, because ultimately you're just left with your actions. Maybe I should package that as 'karma therapy' and sell some books."

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