Church Leader To Testify Against Hale

WEEK TV News/October 22, 2003

East Peoria, Illinois -- Federal prosecutors say the former Illinois State leader of the World Church of the Creator is willing to testify that Matt Hale urged him to kill a federal judge. Prosecutors say Jon Fox will testify at Hale's trial.

In January, News 25's Kathy Topp sat down with Fox, and she asked if there was any truth behind the solicitation of murder charges.

Fox told her, ''None whatsoever. In my heart, I truly know Matt Hale to be a truly honest and reputable man. He is completely against and advises everybody against conducting anything illegal.''

Prosecutors say Fox also would testify that Hale made remarks suggesting he suspected one of his followers would go on a deadly July 1999 shooting spree.

An undercover informant planted in the group by the FBI is also expected to testify that Hale urged him to kill the judge.

Hale's trial is scheduled to begin November 3rd.

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