"Uniting All Faiths"

The Holy Order of Mans

By the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, 1975

The Holy Order of MANS if another relatively new and fast-growing spiritual groups active today in America. Earl Blighton, a 65-year-old "ex-engineer", founded the Order in San Francisco in 1968 who says he received the idea for a co-ed religious order by "divine revelation."

According to recent count in the U.S., the MANS organization has three seminaries, close to 100 missionary centers, 135 male and female priests, 600 "vowed" brothers and sisters, and 500 First Vow (a temporary vow) members.

The activity, dress, and speech of the Order are all a deliberate mimic of the visible forms of Roman Catholic Christianity. Some of their activities include regularly "serving the sacraments" (mass), taking of "Final Vows, " personal study, seminary schooling, and ordination of priests. Community-aid centers are maintained where people are fed, sheltered, clothed, and also introduced to the Order.

A special kind of clothing is worn so as to call attention to their spirituality and set them apart as persons other than "the common folk." Typical garb is a long dark-colored robe with standard clergy collar accompanied by a large chromium cross worn on a purple ribbon around the neck.

Members of the Holy Order of MANS claim to be Christians, following the Master Jesus. They study and quote the Bible, hold Sunday morning church services, and even offer a Christian Community Program where "those interested in living more fully the way of Pauline Christianity" can participate without leaving their home or joining the Order.

A casual glance beneath the surface of their "projected public image" is enough to see the true occult colors of the Holy Order of MANS. For example, the phrase "Uniting All Faiths" is seen on the cover of their official prospectus. One of their booklets entitled states Along the Way makes this claim (p. 5):

"You are joining an Order dedicated and under the guidance and leadership of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is dedicated to not only teaching but feeding, protecting, and guiding peoples of all races and all creeds WITHOUT THEIR LEAVING THE CHURCH OF THEIR CHOICE OF THE RELIGIOUS FAITH IN WHICH THEY WERE BROUGHT UP, BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A DOCTRINE, BUT A HOLY ORDER." (Emphasis their own.)

Here is a concrete example pointing out their desire to "unite all faiths." In one issue of their monthly magazine, HOOM, (Feb. 1973; p. 6,7), the following story is told. Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj of Delhi, India was lecturing in St. Petersburg, Florida, teaching those who came to him "to see, hear, and experience the inner, spiritual planes of light." Following the lecture, a large crowd was in Singh's hotel lobby trying to see him, but no one was being allowed in. However, when it was learned that members of the Holy Order of MANS wanted to see him, they alone were ushered through the crowd to his room.

As one MANS sister later related, "When we saw the master it was so beautiful - he asked if we were in a Jesuit order. We said no, and he said, ' But where did you get your attainment?' We told him. We were told to stay but a minute but he enjoyed us so much he wanted us to stay and we shared darsham, which is an honor . . . It was beyond words and it was so good for all the students. Although I could not understand his words there was such heart communication. He ended the night by saying we are all his brothers."

Many of the words used in the day-to-day activity of the Order are indicative of their spiritual beliefs. Words and phrases frequently used include: Brothers, Priests, Divine Edict, Brother-houses, seminaries, the Ancient Wisdoms, Esoteric Council, Apostolic priesthood, the God-Being, the Greater Brotherhood, Realization of the God-Self, Attainment of the illumination, Lay order, Christian Communities Program, Pauline Christianity.

Another dead giveaway to the occult nature of the Order is their teaching concerning Jesus Christ. They hold the classical occult/Eastern view of Jesus as a great teacher (but mere man) who had attained contact with an impersonal kind of "Christ-consciousness." This separation of "Christ" form Jesus is typical of occult philosophies and puts every person on the level with the man Jesus, for it is believed we can all attain "Christ-consciousness" as he did. This separation of Jesus from "Christ" also empties Jesus Christ of His uniqueness as our Savior and Messiah. According to the official literature of the Order:

"All religions have been inspired by the Cosmic Christ, the great unifying Word Principle of Good. This accounts for the similarity of the work and writings of all the great world teachers. The love power of the Cosmic Christ has united them even as pearls are strung on a golden thread into a single chain, " (Jesus of Nazareth, vol. 1, p. 11)

Here, according to the Order, is the purpose of Christ's coming: "He came as the Savior of the world, bringing the light of the Greater mysteries (the recent gate hewn in the rock) that all might become Christed and, rising above the limitations of race, country, and creed, enter into one great loving Brotherhood that would reign with Him in the New Day and The nucleus of the New Race will be drawn from no particular nation or clime, but will be formed of peoples of every land who have learned to manifest the Christ within." (Ibid, p. 11)

It is seen from this that the Holy Order of MANS holds firmly to the classical occult concept of the "divine within."

A further look at their teaching shows they are heavily involved in the classical occult sciences of alchemy, tarot, Kaballah, and astrology. They also partake in some of the more modern outgrowths of occult studies such as development of psychic power and the study of parapsychology.

An examination of their view of the Godhead uncovers some of the more bizarre aspects of their occult-evolutionary thought:

"'The Father' is the highest Initiate among the humanity of the Saturn Period. The ordinary humanity of that Period are now the Lords of Mind. 'The Son' (Christ) is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period. The ordinary humanity of that Period are now the Archangels. 'The Holy Spirit' (Jehovah) is the highest Initiate of the Moon Period. The ordinary humanity of that Period are now the Angles." (Ibid, pp. 9,10)

What we have dealt with here is like scratching the surface of the teaching and beliefs of the Holy order of MANS. Because of the esoteric nature of the group, we have no idea how deeply they do go. [The word "MANS" is an esoteric acronym whose exact meaning is secret.] Under these circumstances, it is obvious that their use of the title "Christian" as well as their use of the bible and their study of the teachings of Jesus have all been thoroughly compromised to accommodate the occult-mystical worldview. In fact, it would be fair to say that the appearance, which they project, including costumes and lingo, is deliberately designed to put a Christian gloss on a thoroughly non-Christian content.

(Note: For more information on the Holy Order of MANS, see pamphlet Occult philosophy and Mystical Experience, available from the Spiritual Counterfeits Project for 10 cents each, and Newsweek Magazine, October 1, 1973, p. 71)

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