Pressure to Convert Jews

Former AOG Member Speaks Out

As a former member of the Assemblies of God, I have found the article concerning their evangelization of Jews particularly interesting. The pressure from AG ministers and longtime members to recruit is great. Someone was always asking me why I never brought anyone to the services. The pressure to convert Jews was intense.

It was one of the reasons I left, the other main one was their insistence that I speak in tongues. I suppose God can arrange for a mystical experience, but He understands me just fine in English. I was told that God would not answer my prayers if I prayed in English and those words caused me great sadness.

I am not one to write everyone on the Web, but I am compelled to write these words so that the unknowing will become aware of AG propaganda. I now attend the services of a denomination which believes God is inside of all of us and answers all of our prayers, including Jews.

Assemblies' evangelism of Jews creates animosity

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