Magen League Counters Missionaries Targeting Jews in Krasnoyarsk

The Federation of Jewish Communities/August 25, 2004

Krasnoyarsk, Russia -- The Jewish community of Krasnoyarsk, in association with the Magen League, held a press conference during which they addressed the issue of missionary activities targeting Jews in the region.

At the press conference, community leaders expressed their concern regarding the 'Festival of Jewish Music and Dance', which is being presented by the Christian Missionary Organization 'The Jewish Voice'. They are worried because the motive behind the festival is to attract Jews to the sect.

Participants in the press conference included Magen League President Alexander Lakshin, chief rabbi of Krasnoyarsk Benyamin Wagner, FJC Russia coordinator in East Siberia Mikhail Usov, and Krasnoyarsk Jewish community leader Samuel Kuznetsky.

"We would like to provide a clear picture of what these groups are doing, so that Jews can make the decision that's right for them," said Magen League President Alexander Lakshin.

In its two years of existence, the Magen League has intervened at many public events staged by missionaries and successfully steered Jews away from their programs. The Magen League is the only organization working to counteract extensive missionary activity targeted at Jews in the Former Soviet Union.

The League monitors missionary activity, shows Jewish community members how to counteract it, and publishes material explaining why Messianic Judaism or Jews for Jesus is not authentic Judaism. Magen representatives also make case visits to Jews who are looking to discover their Judaism after having been duped by missionary organizations.

In addition to holding the press conference, the Jewish community has sent letters to Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Khloponin, Mayor Piotr Pimashkov, and the District Attorney requesting that they assist in the community's effort to resist the missionary activity aimed at Jews.

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