The Jewish Voice Broadcast

Published by the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix/November 1982

"there are many Christians who appreciate Judaism, who seek no converts from

among Jews, and who only want to live alongside their friends in mutual respect."

Donald A. Eagle, National Conference of Christians and Jews

"Virtually all Christian groups acknowledge their roots within historic Judaism. They revere the Hebrew scriptures and the personages portrayed as sincerely as they do their own. Similarly, many Christian denominations and their leaders view Judaism as a vibrant, living faith which very effectively brings Jews into a close relationship with God. Christians of this type do not engage in proselytization activities directed toward Jews. They are as distressed as are Jews by unwarranted and deceptive missionary activities."

Rabbi Albert Plotkin, Spiritual Leader - Temple Beth Israel .


"The Jewish Community defines its own integrity and what is legitimately Jewish - those who have left is or wish to imply that our faith is 'incomplete' do not have the right or legitimate authority to define the parameters of Judaism.

Given the fact that in 2,000 years of historical experience Jews have been harassed, prosecuted and often killed for remaining loyal to their ancestral faith, the visceral reaction of Jews to the effort of even well-meaning evangelists is easily understandable. Many do not appreciate the anti-Semitic implications of evangelism aimed at Jews."

Rabbi Maynard Bell, Temple Solel .

The Jewish Voice

In the Phoenix area there has been a group attempting to convert Jews. They are called "The Jewish Voice." They are both a television and radio broadcast. Led by Louis and Chira Kaplan, their only purpose is to convert Jews.

Founded on November 4, 1968, by Louis Kaplan, an ordained Assembly of God minister with forty years of evangelical experience, its purpose according to its founder is "We're trying to reach Jewish people to indoctrinate and enlighten them." A more concise definition can be found in Article Five of their Articles of Incorporation… "This purposes and objects of this corporation shall be to propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." It goes on to detail the corporation projects as "…to prepare, produce, and present radio and television programs for presentation around the world; to produce and distribute and show motion pictures and otherwise engage in the dissemination of the Gospel of Christ by any means of communications and the media."


According to corporation records, the Jewish Voice Broadcast started with as asset statement of $8,095.00. By 1975, they had collected almost 1.5 million dollars, while spending in excess of 1.3 million dollars. By December 31, 1980 the Jewish Voice Broadcast had assets to $389,467.20. Recent reports put the monthly budget of the corporation at $65,000 per month, totaling $780,000.00 per year.

A staff of 15 handle correspondence and program production at their new building at 16001 North 34th Street in Phoenix. The building is valued in excess of a quarter of a million and is virtually free and clear.


The connections between the Jewish Voice Broadcast and Fundamentalist and Charismatic churches is strong. In 1974, Dennis Phillips, recently a full time employee of the Valley Cathedral, was listed as board director. He was still listed as such as of 1980. Dennis Phillips has acted not only as board director but also, from 1976-78 as treasurer of the Jewish Voice Broadcast. During this period, the corporation changed both its statutory agent and accounting firm to the same as those used by the Valley Cathedral.

The Jewish Voice Broadcast has other links to Valley Cathedral. Teaching tapes are played of Pastor Don Price of Valley Cathedral on the Jewish Voice Broadcast. Dennis Phillips, while an administrative supervisor at the Valley Cathedral, announced and often sat in for Louis Kaplan as host of the broadcast. Gilbert Kaplan has taught there on "Jewish Evangelism."

The penetration of the Jewish Voice Broadcast is great. Through more than 50 radio affiliates and two satellite cable networks, they are reaching almost every major Jewish population center. They have Bible Witnessing teams in Israel and maintain a center there. Recently they signed contracts for further broadcasts in Australia and Argentina. The Jewish Voice Broadcast, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is worldwide.


How can his broadcast be a Jewish voice?

According to a recent interview, Louis Kaplan stated: "By accepting Jesus, I haven't lost my Jewish identity. You don't lay aside that - you still remain a Jew."

Is Louis Kaplan trying to re-define the meaning of being Jewish? When asked to define the meaning of the term "Messianic Jew," Louis Kaplan replied: "It's a Jewish person who believes Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah and has become a Christian, but they haven't changed their Jewish identity." In a pamphlet produced by Jewish Voice Broadcasts, Inc., Louis Kaplan states: "In reality, a person becomes a real Jew only when he accepts Yeshua, (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah, as his Savior."

What are Kaplan's plans for the future: In a recent statement on his broadcast he said the following: "the Messianic Jewish Movement is now in its infancy, but wait 'til it gets really started. Praise the Lord. Wait 'till some of these young Messianic Jews come out of Bible School. I want to tell you they'll conquer even the biggest rabbis in this country."


Jews for Jesus and the Jewish Voice Broadcast are not the only missionary efforts directed towards Jews…Young Life is another group that focuses exclusively on high school students… In college campuses, there are such groups as Campus Crusade and Here's Life

If your name even "sounds Jewish" and you are listed in the phone book, you are a target for receiving some type of literature…

If you are a resident of Kivel, you might be expected to receive unsolicited mail from some groups seeking to proselytize…

If you are around the swimming pool at the Jewish Community Center, it is highly probable that some soft spoken individual will approach you in "friendship" and go about talking how you might be "unfulfilled" in your Jewish beliefs…

Certain churches even conduct in how to carry on missionary activities directed toward Jews…

While missionaries approach the Jew with "love," the true Christian respects the Jew for his beliefs and his commitment to his faith and heritage.

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