Ukrainian security service report more Satanists and other cults

Interfax/July 23, 2007

Kiev - The Ukrainian Security Service and experts in religious studies report more totalitarian and destructive cults spreading in the country, the Zerkalo Nedely weekly said on Saturday.

According to the Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop Anthony of Borispol, the most dangerous cults are the Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, Hare Krishna, the White Lotus, and some charismatic groups including the Embassy of God.

Those who leave a cult need long and difficult rehabilitation and socialization, the bishop said. 'The former cultists feel as if they were totally unfit for life in society, especially shortly after leaving the cult. Their abilities to think critically, to exercise free will, to decide for themselves, and to control their own lives are badly reduced,' he said.

According to Bishop Anthony, the former adherents of the Great White Brotherhood, the Bogorodichnyi Center, and the Scientologists. 'Generally, one needs some two years to completely recover after escaping a cult,' he said.

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