Sri Chinmoy discusses sex, celibacy and how to be a good guru

Note: To better understand the contrast between what Sri Chinmoy says as opposed to what he does according to recent allegations click here

Sri Chinmoy says

"In order to have Self-realization, celibacy is absolutely necessary"

"Once the aspirant reaches the point where he can say, 'I want infinite Light, infinite Joy, infinite Bliss, infinite Peace; I want to go far, farther, farthest,' then he must pay all attention to purifying his vital life. If his aim is God-realization, the Infinite, the Eternal, the Immortal, then he has to aspire whole-heartedly: physically, vitally, mentally, psychically, with all his existence, with all that he has and all that he is. At that point he has to become totally celibate not only physically but also mentally. He has to feel that the sex life binds him to the lowest level of earth-consciousness, whereas what he wants is the highest God-consciousness..."

"God-realization and the sex life are like the combination of sugar and salt. If we try to put them together we cannot taste either. If we want to have the taste of sugar we have to take sugar only. If we want salt, then we must take salt alone. If we mix the two we will taste nothing; we will make no progress..."

"Those who are really advanced find that lower vital necessity does not enter into them. For them the life of pleasure is replaced by the life of real joy. And naturally, once realization takes place temptation can never assail them...To indulge in sex every day means to enter into the very jaws of a devouring tiger every day..."

"The real aspirant cries for the highest and the deepest in every part of his being. If he has successfully covered some distance in his journey toward self-discovery, then gradually he will overcome the lower vital forces in his nature and purity will become solid and permanent in his consciousness. He knows that in the sex life Infinity is suffocated, whereas in God-realization Infinity and Eternity are playing the game of ecstasy within him. The ultimate Goal, the realization of the Highest, demands the total purification and total transformation of the lower vital."

"The Guru has to be a perfect example of what he teaches. His outer being has to be the perfect example of what he is saying. Otherwise he is not a Guru...The responsibility of a Guru is tremendous. If the Guru is not a perfect example of his teachings, then he is not a true Guru. He is what in the medical world the call a 'quack.'"

"If a seeker accepts a master and if he is not the right Master for that seeker, then the experience can be very destructive. The poor disciple can lose faith even in God. He will say, "God, I was sincere. Why did You bring me to this kind of Guru? I did not know what he was like. I am a blind, innocent, helpless fellow. I was so devoted to my Guru and my Guru deceived me...Then the seeker loses all faith in the Guru, in God and in himself. At that time his mind and his heart become a barren desert."

"Question: I read some place that when one uses sexual energy he is using up some spiritual energy at the same time. Is this true? If so, what can be done if one wants to lead a spiritual life?"

Answer from "Sri Chinmoy: What you have read is absolutely true. Animal human life and divine God-life do not and cannot go together. To attain the highest Truth, the seeker needs total purification and transformation of his lower vital. If one wants to have real joy, everlasting joy, then he has to transcend the need of sex. If the seeker wants to be inundated with boundless Peace, Light and Bliss, then he has to eventually transcend his sex need. Otherwise, the transcendental Peace, Light and Bliss will remain a far cry for him...The lower vital life must be transformed completely before God-realization can take place..."

"Question: You use the word 'seeker.' When does the seeker cease seeking and become a disciple?"

Answer from "Sri Chinmoy: We are all seekers. Even though I have reached the height, my highest height, I am also a seeker. There is no end to our realization. Even if you have realized the Truth, I wish to say that today's realization is just the starting point for tomorrow's discovery.

Note: The preceeding excerpts were taken from:

"Purity: Divinity's Little Sister" By Sri Chinmoy 1974

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Note: To better understand the contrast between what Sri Chinmoy says as opposed to what he does according to recent allegations click here

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