Lookin' To Become The Lama's Mama?

Philadelphia Weekly/October 2, 1996

Could Sri Chinmoy - the peacenik who's currently prepping for a Nov. 1 concert at the Spectrum - be the country's new most eligible bachelor? From the gushing monologue delivered by "peace concert promoter" Ketan Tamm, Chinmoy is fabulously unflawed. "He is very pure and simple man," says Tamm softly. "You will really feel that for yourself, if you ever get the chance to meet him." Problem is, the 65-year-old Jamaica, Queens, resident is as elusive as he is prophetic: tough he reportedly has a phone - one of his few earthly possessions - he seldom makes calls, has an unlisted number and refuses to reveal it to anyone. Interested parties should be warned that securing a date with the demigod may be a challenging endeavor: not only does the India native spend his free time breaking poetic records (he scrawled 1,301 poems in a day), play more than 100 different instruments and religiously draw stick-bird sketches, he also doesn't date! Though Chinmoy - who has been likened to both the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa - hasn't taken a vow of celibacy, he (for now, at least) shuns the pleasure of the flesh. "I don't know why he doesn't date," ponders P.R. pundit Tamm, "I guess he's just more priestly, more pure than that." Temptresses who want to become this Lama's mama should show up at the concert. Call 215.222.8200 for free tix. - K.A.

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