General Assembly aka Lacey Hawkins Visitor Comments

"I actually attended a service about a week ago in Vallejo. Something is not right. From the outset, I noted irregularities, oddities and strange behavior. The whole thing about escorting me to a seat near the people who invited me was weird. While sitting in the audience, it was clear to me that Hawkins had been told things about me. He was attempting to appeal to me through the impression of some sort of 'divine revelation.' If anyone believes this, then I've got beach property in Iowa I'd like you to see. Keep up the good work Ross Institute."

"I was a member of General Assembly Church for 12 years. I have no regrets. It did hurt because I had to leave people I loved and lost friendships established. I was treated very cold. That is one of the reasons people often go mentally off when they leave because they feel so totally alone and mistreated."

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