30 year class reunion personal accomplishment list for Trina (Pace) Kamp

Trina Kamp's high school reunion account
By Trina Kamp

(Pace) Fitch, Trina (Kamp)

HCR box 191-D, Payson AZ 85541

Married to: Steven for 17 years.

Nine Children: Marlow, Lane, Shelby, Sumer, William, Jonah, Jessica, Leonard, Tanner.

35 Grandchildren: Zeberiah, Dallas, Trina, Fitch, Sadie, Dorian, Stephen-Michael, Herper, Stevie, Sam, Marlow, Helene, Wrigley & Scout (twins), Chase, Terrence, Ashlan, Andrea, Allison, Lana, Bethany, Esther, Max, Israel, Rose Ellen, Josefa, Sidney, Carson, Danah, Vitto, Persia, Talley, Nativa, Bailey-Rose & Wyatt.

Five Great-Grandchildren: Paige, Taylor, Lane Noble& Baby-Boy Rensch (Due in November, 1995)

Education-Accomplishments: Ministerial Degree-University of Life Church (1970), Ph.D., Doctor of Divinity-Church of Immortal Consciousness (1995). My mother, Nedra Fitch, had the Fitch Foods Concessions at Rendezvous Ballpark & at Hohokam Park for 38 years. I have some very wonderful memories of that. I was the first trance medium on World or Legal history to trance the Holy Spirit (Dr. Duran) before a court of law-Superior Court, Payson, AZ - July 14, 1995.

Occupation: Mother, Midwife, Phenomena Medium, Relationships Trainer, Seminar Leader, Church Pastor, Educator, Interior Decorator & Clothing Designer.

Spouse: Father, Relationships Trainer, Seminar Leader, Church Pastor, Businessman, Uducator, Writer & Chess Teacher.

Fondest School memory/Event: I graduated!

"I have been fortunate to experience a lot of accomplishments in my life, since I graduated from Westwood 30 yuears ago. My greatest ones are all listed above, beginning with my marriage to Stephen Kamp 17 years ago and including all of my children, grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren.

A few of the other accomplishments that I've been blessed with what happened this way: I moved to Germany right after graduation, as a military wife. That was when I began as a midwife. These were the Vietnam War years, when nurses posted in Germany were sent to Vietnam. The midwives in Germany were called upon to deliver babies.

After returning from Germany in the early 1970s, I began to involve myself in the "Human Potential" movement. This movement supported the vision and the teachings that I had been receiving from Dr. Duran since the age of nine. The processes I explored included the est training, rebirthing and primal scream therapy. In 1978 I met and married Stephen Kamp. Together, we have developed the Church of Immortal Consciousness, based on the teachings of Dr. Pahlvon Duran.

As a result of my mediumship and our IMRI (Immortal Monogamous Relationships Intensive) seminar, Stephen and I traveled throughout North America, Canada and Europe, leading trainings and teaching people about the Spirit. Our focus then and now is to involve ourselves in people's lives in a real way. We try to touch people's hearts with our teaching. I guess that we've succeeded, since now we live in Tonto Village, along with our extended family of over 140 people. We hace appeared on TV ("PM Magazine", Milwaukee & Minneapolis, 1980; "L.A. Today", 1982) and many national radio shows. Recently, an article was published about my trance in, among others, The Payson Roundup, The Arizona Republic and The National Enquirer.

From the mid-80s until the present time, Stephen and I have developed and co-own several family businesses; which our kids, grand-kids, their spouses & other family members help to operate: An ice cream store/deli - "The Frozen Cow"; A law firm - "Rensch & Walker/ Attys; A disc jockey service - "Premier Entertainment"; A midwifery practice - "First Rim Country Traditional Midwives"; An accounting Firm - "Ashlan Pine accounting", A construction company - "Sai Ram, Inc.", a sign company - "Good Signs"; An investment company - "Tonto Village Investments" & a management company to help run all of the, - "Rim Country management." One of our proudest accomplishments is that for several years we have owned and operated our own private school, "The Shelby School". We currently have fifty-four students enrolled and they are all thriving.

As a younger woman, my life had been about a search for God and the truth. At the end of my search, I realized that God was about having a cold beer. Any questions? Just call my unlisted number.

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