Affidavit of Reverend Trina Kamp

State of Arizona/September 28, 1994

Reverend Trina L. Kamp, being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

  1. I am a plaintiff and petitioner in this action. I am also the pastor of petitioner Church of Immortal Consciousness.
  2. I am an unconscious trance medium. Dr. Pahlvon Duran has been speaking through my body for 19 years. In unconscious trance, the medium leaves the body totally during the trance, and the spirit occupies it fully. My subconscious does not participate. When Dr. Duran speaks through my body, it is his thoughts, personality and voice. I have no knowledge or memory of what occurs during the trance.
  3. Although this country, with its Judaeo-Christian orientation, is uneducated about trance, it has been a widely-used and effective form of spiritual teaching and communication in most societies for centuries, since before Biblical times. It is widely-used at present as well, although in America it is subject to considerable negative bias.
  4. Dr. Duran is the founder of the Church of Immortal Consciousness. The church is based on his teachings, and he continues to be the primary teacher in the Church on a regular basis, through trance. He is a spiritual teacher who lectures and counsels on all subjects, including truth. He is fully aware of the persons with whom he is interrelating, both during trance and other times, and has full perception of events on the physical plane.
  5. It is Dr. Duran's teaching and our understanding that there is no death and there are no dead. We understand that life, essence and purpose existed for each of us before taking this body and will exist for each of us after we are finished with his body. Thus, the perception, experience, memory, intelligence and understanding of an individual is his or hers whether or not he or she is in a body. To deny what Dr. Duran has to say because he is not in a body of his own is to invalidate our beliefs.



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