Inside the Church of the First Born

KPVI 6 News, Idaho/September 30, 2009

Geody Harmon was raised in the LDS church, but was excommunicated after sharing his story of a vision of Christ, along with fellow leader Terrill Dalton. From these two men, the Church of the First Born and the General Assembly of Heaven began.

Today, Geody gave me a tour of the property that his religious group has been calling home since June.

They believe in God. They are followers of Christ. And since moving from Utah to Fort Hall this year, they've received a lot of attention.

On Thursday, a building permit was denied, as well as a Cease and Desist Order given to the religious sect of 35 individuals who believe they are sealed as family and desire to live under the same roof.

Geody Harman: "We're different. We're all living in the same house like a big family. And we actually pulled to the principle of the patriarchal order where we are sealed as family."

The building plans look more like a plan for a motel, rather than a home, and attorney Echohawk, who represents the Shoshone-Bannock tribes, explained that the building was more appropriate for an urban area, and it did not meet septic system requirements.

Attorney Mark Echohawk: "We're really basing the decision on the fact that it threatens water resource and agricultural land base."

Geody Harman: "In doing God's will, we know that many people will be angry, and it has been proven in times past."

On Monday, Geody will be talking to the tribal council.

Geody Harman: "We do intend to ask if there is another place we might be able to... that might be zoned for multi-family, because they classify us as a multi-family. That we might be able to live in the manner the Lord has given us and comply with their laws."

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