'Cult activity' article missed the mark

Portsmouth Herald/July 24, 2004

To the Editor:

We wish to correct some misinformation in the article headlined "Nonprofit accused of cult activity" (Portsmouth Herald, July 23). In our personal stories on www.windofchanges.org we do not allege "child neglect, extortion, or misappropriation of funds" by Gentle Wind Project. This information actually comes from Gentle Wind, who claim in their lawsuit that this is what we said. They are using what some might call a "straw man argument" - turning words around and then arguing against the new statement.

Unfortunately, the reporter for this story took her information from the Gentle Wind Web sites or sources rather than quoting from our stories.

In addition, Garvey was briefly part of the GWP group sexual activity in the early years of her involvement with the group only, not up until four years ago. This is completely inaccurate and does not reflect our personal stories or our conversation with the reporter.

The information presented about Gentle Wind Project in the Portsmouth Herald article sounds more like an infomercial for Gentle Wind products as opposed to investigative reporting. If you wish to provide accuracy for your readers, we would suggest further research into: costs ("donations") for Gentle Wind's so-called "healing" instruments; real data - outside of Gentle Wind-created data - showing efficacy of their products based on objective scientific studies; personal stories from victims and donors who have lost large sums of their personal income in the purchases of GWP products; and a discussion of the unsubstantiated claims made by GW. All of this is already available on www.windofchanges.org.

Thank you for printing this statement so that the inaccuracies in your article can be corrected.

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey

Blue Hill, Maine

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