Gentle Wind Refund Claims Being Accepted

The Ellsworth Project, Maine/May 10, 2007
By Tom Walsh

Augusta -- The Office of the Attorney General is accepting claims for reimbursement from consumers who purchased any “healing instrument” from The Gentle Wind Project (GWP) between Jan. 1, 2003, and Sept. 14, 2006.

Once based in Blue Hill, GWP manufactured healing instruments that it claimed were based on designs received through telepathic impressions from the “sprit world.” Distributed worldwide, the group claimed its products could effectively treat everything from high blood pressure to Alzheimer’s disease.

A consumer fraud complaint filed last year by the Maine Attorney General’s Office accused GWP of violating the state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. That complaint claimed that there is no objective or reliable scientific evidence that the instruments are effective.

The complaint was upheld in York County Superior Court and resulted in GWP's assets being liquidated and applied to restitution to those who had been defrauded financially by the group’s activities.

In order to be eligible for restitution, claims must be made in writing and include the following information: the name of the instrument purchased, date of purchase, cost and proof of payment. Proof of payment can include a canceled check, an invoice or any document that shows the item was purchased during the stipulated time period.

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