Not so gentle

Overlawyered/August 30, 2004

A New Age psychotherapeutic outfit based in Kittery, Maine, and nearby New Hampshire, the Gentle Wind Project "is a 24-year-old non-profit corporation that describes itself as being 'dedicated to education and research aimed at alleviating human suffering and trauma.' ...

The organization holds seminars across the country, selling "healing instrument" products for donations ranging from $450 to upwards of $10,000, asserting they have exclusive healing technology that is channeled telepathically from the 'spirit world' and has healing powers."

On a less serene note, the organization recently filed a lawsuit claiming that a husband and wife from Blue Hill, Me., Judy Garvey and James F. Bergin, and various other individuals defamed Gentle Wind by publishing a website criticizing the organization's leadership and cautioning newcomers against excessive involvement.

Garvey and Bergin were themselves formerly involved with Gentle Wind. (James Baker, "New age therapy group sues over Web site", Foster's Sunday Citizen (N.H.), Aug. 8)(more). The Gentle Wind Project's side of the story may be found here.

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