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"I wish I had found your site before I signed up. There is a new team in town the eTeam. This group uses the DVD that Doran Andry’s group uses to recruit new people. They, like Doran, expect you to invest $4,000, to acquire the supervisor level. If you don’t join at that level, you soon get dropped. My experience with Herbalife for the past six months have been hell. Soon after joining, my sponsor stopped responding to me leaving me alone in the huge Herbalife world. I have invested almost $10,000 and have made $0. At present, I have a complaint filed with the Ethics and Business Practices department. I waited a long time to complain because the way that the rules of conduct are written, especially in regards to changing sponsorship, they seem almost threatening to new distributors. They practically say, that more weight is given to the sponsor than the distributor. They say that this request is granted only by Corporate Managers, and only under extenuating circumstances (not defined)."

"I was also a Herbalife distributor for five years and never made it past the supervisory level. I spent $55K+ trying to get to the Global Expansion Team (GET) level. I finally woke up in August 2004, after spending yet more money (for airfare, hotel and food) to attend a so-called 5-day change-your-life meeting at one of the joker's (i.e., an ex-principal of the Newest Way to Wealth) homes in Scottsdale, AZ. His so-called mansion was a modestly priced home with a huge pool and no back yard. I was so turned off and disgusted by the lies and puffery that I made my decision to immediately resign as a distributor. Too bad that it took me five years to learn that this was nothing more than a pyramid scheme and too bad that I didn't come across your website before. I trust that others will really do some thorough research before getting suckered out of their hard-earned money."

"They convinced me to apply for as many credit cards as I could at once to get access to the credit. They suggested doing it this way because all of the companies would be looking into my credit at the same time and would issue the credit, not realizing I would be getting 10 other cards. I accumulated $10,000 in debt and was not making any profit. Thankfully, I got out of it before it got even worse, and even more thankfully, my husband didn't walk out. I cannot believe what a schmuck they made of me. I tried to get in on the lawsuit, but never received a response. Herbalife is just a horrible company. How do they sleep at night knowing how many lives they're ruining?"

"I am in the same boat as the rest of them. Six years ago I got involved with Herbalife and really went under. I am currently paying $420.00 dollars a month for the next five years to get out of my credit card debt and still trying to figure out how I can get my money back from them. My Mentor told me the more you spend the more you will make. Not true. Anytime someone brings up Herbalife I tell them they are a bunch of hypocrites and they will not tell you the truth. We could have before I went in debt with them."

"I wanted to join Herbalife and make 'big bucks.' But when they asked me for $300.00 right off the bat, I said 'hold up here, I asked you for a job so I could make money, and you are asking me for money?' I ran as hard as I could."

"I became a Herbalife distributor a year ago and in that time I was hood-winked (stupid me) into spending what I term as a vast sum of money, $5,000.00 in sign-up fees, products and materials. I had a huge phone bill that took me months to clear as well Distributor fees! The list goes on. When I first started I was never told about the founder had passed away.I wish that I had searched this "opportunity' through the Internet first before becoming involved."

"I just thought that these comments came from people who hadn't worked hard enough, and that was them and this is me. I regret it now and I was so wrong. I went into the biz as a success builder and lost over $2,800. I was only in it for a month and a half. I realized that they were screwing me when they said, 'If you don't get 1000 volume points in that month, then you drop down to a 35% discount. This was after starting out at 42%. They don't tell you everything, that is the way it really lays out. It does nothing, but wear you down financially, physically, and emotionally! Don't waste your time. I learned my lesson the hard way."

"We have some friends (married couple) who decided to quit their jobs and become rich on Herbalife. We laughed and sneered but they did in fact become rich, built a mansion and got sued by several of their so-called downlines in a class action lawsuit. Most of the people they recruited were on their last pennies of hope and even that was taken from them. Friendships are now diminished, families are split, poor people trying to make a buck are getting screwed. Now they begin all over in a new state to do the same and we will probably never hear from them again. "I don't know why fortune smiles on some, and lets the rest go free" (Eagles-Sad Cafe), but thank God we were let go free. At least our souls are clean!"

"I am a Former Herbalife distributor and I lost over $20,000 dollars. I don't even know if I can save my marriage. My husband is so angry with me I don't think we are going to make it. If I could do it all over again I would have never gotten involved with them. Now I struggle with my self-esteem and how I feel about myself. This whole experience has almost destroyed me. Put it this way, if I lose my husband it will destroy me."

"We were slotted for supervisor level and got the videos and package free to get started. We bought $1,000 worth of product to use for a year as part of the get in package. Seemed like it could work. But later I looked around the Internet and found cheaper prices on eBay and learned about market saturation. I told my wife before she filled out the start package. We could have lost $5-$6,000 before my first lead came in. Life is full of challenges and it's hard to make the right choices. Please take a independent look at the whole thing from both sides before spending your money."

"I've invested in products and incidentals to get my business going since last August and have not made any money at all. I'd like to be able to return my products for a refund, but am getting either no information or being told it's impossible by my upline and the company. I made the mistake of my life believing their sales pitch. Now I can't make my bill payments, my credit is shot, my savings are gone, and I'm about to be forced into bankruptcy."

"Thank you for your very informative Web site and information on Herbalife. My very good friend is trying to talk me into selling. She told me that all negative information on the Internet was just propaganda put out by competitors and others out to destroy the company. I think she has been brainwashed. She has spent all this money and hasn't made any yet. The seminars she goes to are the only things she believes are right."

"I love your website, which is very informative. I found it through a search about Herbalife. A couple of years ago they took over $5,000 from me. Thanks for getting the word out about scams."

"I stumbled into your website just three days after paying $40 for the Global Online System aka 'sell Herbalife.' After a very scripted conversation asking for $399 more, I decided to do some research first. Well, you can bet they won't get one more penny of my money. Thank you for this website. I have bookmarked it. I only wish your site would come up as a side bar on all search engines. Your 'Hall of Flames' makes me nervous, just reading the comments. Be safe."

"I just want to sincerely thank you for this website. In the last 3 days it kept me from starting business ventures with both Herbalife and Trek alliance. I hope you realize the amounts of money and personal anguish you save so many people. I know you did me."

"Thank you so much for posting information about Herbalife. I was very skeptical when I received email from an Herbalife distributor. But I still paid $20.00 to view the information, which did not mention the company name. My advice to anyone is to READ the information that they provide. The Decision package is confusing--red lights should go off! If you go through the "10 Month Cash Flow Projection" it seems to show that you actually won't make any money until the fourth month. And don't forget to take out all the monies that they project for supervisors you will have to sponsor. The numbers just don't add up to even a pile of herbs."

"When I asked if people were exaggerating their income I was told, 'HerbaLife would drop them as distributors if they lied.' It seemed weird when one couple stated they earned $20,000.00 a month. If you want to sell your soul and fool other people into believing that you can build a business with little or nothing down, literally, then you are foolishly seeking the American Dream! We implemented an e-commerce business, advertised in national magazines and the Internet; sold wholesale, got customers, and in six months we closed! These systems are all the same. It's about trapping people to buy into a concept. Network marketing is making someone money, but it's never you! It's a numbers game. They get rich, they have the lawyers and you get what?"

"My sister told me that Mark Hughes died. I couldn't believe it. After looking for information on the Internet I found your web site. I was once involved in Herbalife for about 18 months. But it was the cult-like stuff and high prices that made me leave. Your web page is very informative--it made me think. Mark Hughes may be remembered as 'God-like' by his followers, but now I buy my nutritional products wholesale."

"I'm a Herbalife distributor, but now I only eat the stuff. I've seen the light. I struggled for years slowly going broke and feeling terrible every time I pushed someone else into spending too much money. What they don't tell you is that you'll lose all your friends if you try to do it the way they say. And by the time you've realized that it's not as easy as they told you it would be, you're trapped by the money you already spent, and desperately try to earn it back. The stress and desperation increases when you get irate phone calls from other distributors and their kin downline, experiencing the same problems. But what I REALLY don't like about this company is its miserliness. The fact that it NEVER gives away anything, except to charity for maximum publicity. I remember the perfumes coming out and there was Mark Hughes, the ultimate salesman, urging us to buy cases of the stuff. And if you didn't you were not dedicated enough. Testers? Not on your life. Brainwashed distributors thought how generous of His Lordship to offer us this new special chance to chuck away even more money. In the end I was repelled by an ambiguity in the marketing literature, which DID NOT EXPLAIN adequately how a distributor could easily lose his entire organization if he didn't requalify as a supervisor. My protests fell on deaf ears of course. The nutrition products themselves are pretty good and help me keep my health, but not another penny will I pay them over and above what I need personally."

"I became a distributor for Herbalife after my husband lost his job. I visited a website for a work at home opportunity and was dazzled by a photo of a lavish mansion and headlines about people earning thousands of dollars per month from home! Nowhere did it say Herbalife. Now I understand why they didn't disclose that information. I ordered the 'decision pack' and received a video tape with ordinary people talking about how much money they were making in just months with the program. They said if they could do it, 'anybody could.' Not so. I am a stay at home Mom of three and spent close to $1,000.00 in start-up costs and never earned one penny. If I had known it was Herbalife I would not have become a distributor."

"I signed up for Herbalife and was pressured into using any means available to get to supervisor level. I begged my grandmother for her credit card number and she finally agreed. I spent $3,000.00 to get to that level, not to mention the outrageous package and handling fees. I then spent an additional $2,000.00 in advertising. I thought this was it for me. Finally a job I could do at home. A year has gone by now and I am still stuck with all the product I had when I became a qualified supervisor. I have filed for bankruptcy, am in the midst of a divorce and was never able to pay my grandmother back. She has since lost her credit card because of me and a lien is now attached to her home by the credit card company. I am very upset. I am still under contract for Herbalife's Merchant credit card account for another two years at $69.00 per month. Plus their monthly fees of $75.00 per month just to keep account active."

"I recently discovered your web site while doing a search on Herbalife. A few months back my husband and I bought in at the supervisor level in Herbalife. What a joke! All Herbalife ever got us was debt, embarrassment and marital troubles."

"I researched Herbalife tentatively before signing up, but until today I had not seen your site. I became clear eyed again (in contrast to glassy eyed) just this morning when my husband looked me in the eyes and said 'wake up.' I guess I just really wanted the big bucks. I was willing to work hard and do 'whatever it took,' until I realized it takes putting some poor bastard into my debt weighted shoes to make money. These people will say anything and do anything to separate you from you're money because they are stuck. They give up good jobs to follow this dream and they have to bring you in to stay on top. Luckily I am going to tender my resignation with them and get some money back. But fees like a merchant account, toll free phone numbers, and advertising costs are not refundable and in some cases not cancelable. I sure wish I had seen your Web site sooner."

"Thank you for being there. Your site saved me from joining Herbalife. I was almost ready to join. God, what a mistake that would have been. You are doing a great job, and your site is wonderful."

"I can relate very well to the comments from previous distributors for Herbalife--I am currently one and ready to get out. They get you in the business and then you never hear from them--that has been my experience. The products only worked for the first couple of weeks and I have been stuck since. Thank you for this site and the information you provide. I also wondered what really happened to Mark Hughes when he died. My supervisors in this organization told me it was a severe asthma attack. Thanks for [posting] the truth. It has helped me make a clear decision to stay away from Herbalife from now on."

"I saw signs posted on telephone poles for www.getwealthy.net (now a dead link) telling how to earn money on your computer. I looked into it and saw what they called a 'marketing opportunity.' It turned out that the marketing plan came with a set of products you had to work with a 'Decision Package,' which included a VHS video, audio cassette and small manual. The distributor mentioned Herbalife and gave me a list of sites to visit. Remembering that I have heard bad news about Herbalife before, I searched the web and found your site. All I can say is thanks for keeping me from disaster! Herbalife has figured out a way to seriously get going on the Internet. They have started selling packages where the members each get their own website and URL (a dotcom or dotnet). I was given this website to look at under different URLs such as www.melt-away.net (now a dead link). "

"My husband and I became Herbalife distributors a year ago. All we got from it was $5,000 debt, when the purpose was to supplement our income to help us get of OUT debt--not dig our hole deeper. We attended many meetings in the beginning and everything seemed so perfect--too perfect. It was as if somehow or another these people are brainwashed into believing that Herbalife is the greatest thing to ever hit the Earth. We tried very hard and invested in products and advertising like we were told. We tried to help our 'downline' in building business also. It was hard though when you never know what is really going on. They give you scripts to read, and that is what the whole business is about. When we weren't doing as well as expected we were forgotten about. No one was willing to help and now we will be paying for it for many years to come. In the year we were with Herbalife they constantly changed the royalty system--making it harder and harder to get the money. I think it is awful."

"My experience with this company was short and sweet. After making numerous calls to me because I was so undecided about sending money to these people, but wanting something to change my life so badly--I finally sent them a check to order my distributorship kit. Once the check was received, I never heard from my 'sponsor' again!"

"Thanks for having this Web site. I was researching Herbalife. I tried the products and liked them. After receiving numerous emails with an emphasis upon them being 'Christian,' offering me continuos support and calls from the upline director--I signed up. Then I asked for continued support and some names of local directors for business meetings, but I got the cold shoulder. No more support and no more responses to my emails--before signing up I was getting at least one e-mail a day. I will not order anymore products from this company! Don't learn the hard way folks!"

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