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A "flame" is a hot or angry email. And over the years my work has often attracted flames from angry individuals, especially those attached or devoted to the various groups and organizations mentioned at this website. The "Hall of Flames" was established to offer special recognition to these passionate people and the frequently heated if not eloquent critiques they have sent to my mailbox.

Visitor Comments About the Hall of Flames

"I've just skimmed your website and found it full of useful information about cults. Your flames section is typical of the amazingly evil, hypocritical stuff some 'religious' people produce in the name of Jesus. I am a Christian and troubled by the cult-like behavior of so many churches and movements. I'm sure you've developed a pretty thick hide, but hopefully you can still be encouraged by someone who thinks you're doing a good job."

"Your work is essential in this day and age, but it also must be lonely. I have studied many cults and even though I am pastoring a Charismatic church, I am the first to admit there are unbiblical teachings and extra-biblical excesses in the Charismatic movement. May God bless you in your lonely task. The invective you have to face can only show that you must be on the right path. It is only darkness that makes people lash out at truth. If Jesus and Paul had to face the same, why shouldn't you? Be strong and stand for truth."

"I've perused your site off and on for several months and just read material posted in the 'Hall of Flames' section for the first time. I believe that you are doing a great service and hope that you continue your work. To all those who feel so threatened by what you are doing--I submit the following: If what you are involved with and so deeply believe in is so credible, it seems that Rick Ross and his web site would be the least of your worries. Surely your organization, beliefs, traditions, creeds, dogma and actions, if they are what you say they are, will stand up to any scrutiny--won't they?"

"Your web site is a blessing to me personally. I was delivered from the Worldwide Church of God (Armstrongism) some years ago now. [Work] like yours may rile some people up--I know it would have me at the height of my psychological involvement in the WCG. However, that anger can often be the impetus to change, even if it takes time. I honestly believe that an angry response by a cult member has much to do with the fact that though their mind is held captive, their heart still knows something isn't right and there isn't joy. The anger reveals the frustration that you have struck a nerve with the truth of the matter. Otherwise, these cult-captive individuals would just slough it off. People who are sincerely grounded in their convictions from the heart don't have to respond with anger when challenged. Jesus and Paul hit false teachers very hard. God bless you [and] from one whose been through the hell of a spiritual concentration camp, I commend you."

"I just took my first look at your 'Hall of Flames' and my mouth literally dropped! The comments made me realize how many people are involved in 'cults' and have absolutely no idea. Their fear and emptiness is reflected in the anger they vent towards you. As I write this message, there are hundreds of people slipping further and further away from reality. The truth is very hard to hear and defensiveness seems to be an unstoppable reaction. Continue your great work, but never at the expense of your safety. Be careful and cautious--some of those comments were nothing less than threats! Thanks for making a difference."

"I just want to thank you for your courageous website. I read through the 'Hall of Flames' postings and felt sick to the core. So much murderous hatred out there. Thank you for having the courage to hold up a mirror to these dangerous people--no wonder they don't like what they see."

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Past "Number One Flame" Award Winners

"It is people like you that make me f---ing sick. You think you are so f---ing great, but you are not, you are a f---ing f--got n--ger lover and you deserve to burn in the darkest corner of hell. I f---ing hate you. You do not know anything; you are a f---ing a--hole, with a f---ing d--k stuck up his a--."

"Rick Ross, go shove your black di-do back up your fa--ot
a-s, and then suck on it pea-brain. Or better yet, go see your black fa--ot Neo Nazi bu-t buddy Gay Edgar Hoover and eat some maggots out of his a--hole."

"You to me are considered to be a rancid, putrid, selfish, uncaring, ba--ardizing, wife-beating co--sucker. Wipe your a-s you stanky f--k. Do I need to pull out my switch b--ch?""

"Rick Ross is a piece of subhuman excrement and will be hosed into the sewers where he belongs when the time comes. I live in Phoenix pal; I've met you. Who am I? Ask the ADL stooge--the time is near."

"You should be shot and pissed on, that would be to good for you."


"You are a cult leader. The only difference between you and other cult leaders is you are a lying cult leader. You put the fault on everybody else. Rick Ross does no wrong. It's all about what they said, he said, they did, etc. You and Hitler are brothers. He lied and 50 million people died. You lied [about Larry Yarber]." -- Carol Lee

"You have practically a problem with all those gurus, so there is no need to be specific.You have no clue of healthy human feelings and healthy human thoughts, that is the point. So go back to your grave and your American bulls..t, sending out military and destroy cultures. You are the Romans of this era, Your country is to blame for a great deal of the world problems. So do not think you have won the Cold War. There is no winner in the war, only a loser, mankind. By the way f..k you, f..k up and die.Rick Ross you are a fucking bastard. Show that you are nothing but a liar. You are Nothing, only the dust of the earth.Rick Ross, Go home, gringos go home."

"You are BY FAR THE MOST hate mongering and ignorant person I have ever seen in my entire life! You are nothing more then a bottom feeding scum No, wait! The secretions of said bottom feeding scum Who makes his livings by bashing any religious organization he can get away with bashing And your website is nothing more then a cesspool of hate! Ever heard of karma Rick? What goes around comes around to bite you in the ass and twice as hard to! So, have fun wasting your life and rotting away sitting in front of your little computer and trolling the Internet trying to figure out whose lives you can ruin next! You must be a very unhappy person because your website clearly shows that!"

"You should be shot and pissed on, that would be to good for you."

"Ross you are a f-----g ass---- that needs to burn in hell because all you do is persecute every damn religion for self glorification and to hide a dark past. You lack credentials. How the f--- can you on your high and mighty ass go around persecuting people for their religion in the name of the "greater good." These religions you call destructive cults only destroy your soul and boost your cursed ego. F--- that site of yours that corrupts peoples minds and prevents religious freedom in the U.S.A."

"You are a small-minded, obstinate and dogmatic anti-minority cult yourself... I am a proud Raelian for 16 years...I know how twisted your website is about Raelians, if it is the same for other groups then your site is a sick and terrible disservice to humanity. If you are true to your calling, you should have a page on yourself describing your disoriented and jaundiced cultish attitude towards religious minorities. Nevertheless thank you for what you do. We love our enemies because what you do makes us stronger and makes our understanding deeper. Your site is a convenient reference remind us why we want to be Raelian and why this planet needs many more religious minorities."

"Look you piece of horse s--t. from Hell. You are Satan for undermining what has happened to innocent children. And as far as the 'doctors' you recommend, since you believe in them, I suggest you go get a lobotomy from one of your friends. Maybe you will finally seek God."

"It's because of n--ger loving Zionist hippies like you that America is on the decline! You will see my white brothers and I will make this world a safer place for white children and our people...So until then enjoy your corrupt ways, because they shall surely end!"

"Have you ever gone to school to be a cult expert? Do you have credentials as a cult expert? What do you have to back this up? Look at yourself before you go around judging other people. You might find that you are as fake as these so-called cults you are always going on and on about. You must be a small man to slander people's religions and beliefs to make your self feel big and important. Or do you just get a kick out of it. Your Web site stinks. I can smell it just by logging on, or maybe that is your stinky ass because you are too busy using your Web site to slander people's beliefs to wipe."

"I have watched your site for a year and saw your pro-Wiccan interview. You are a hate mongering little weasel. Remember the name on this email. It will be a thorn in your side for years to come. I swear it. You are unprofessional and obviously a Christian hating person of Jewish background. I will pray for your soul."

"What an ass. Your site is lacking in so many prominent cult names and you have other groups on here that are fairly constructive. I guess you are making money, but your group is anti-Christian and almost a defamation cult itself that will find itself in hell soon. Hell. Do you get that? If this site had Jewish instead of Christian groups it would be banned for obvious reasons. May you enjoy the company of Satan in eternal damnation. Yeeeeeeehhaaaaaa."

"You small minded twit. What possible business is it of yours to get involved with [John] Hagee? I know Satan has his little helpers, but get a life man. Get a job and stop attacking the good people. You're an ass. God throws a protective arm around those that are doing the right thing so this attack is real just an exercise in futility."

"What a sad, frightened little man you are!"

"Just read your post about The Sterling Institute of Relationship. What is written is pure bulls--t. Justin Sterling, through his work, contributes greatly to the well-being of men and women. You, in contrast, are a horses ass and fool."

"You are a gay f--king bastard who is going to be killed. I hope you suffer and burn in hell."

"Good luck on a war that you will not win. Look in the bible and look at the pioneers, they were polygamists. We still exist and your hatred will do nothing but eat you up. While you hate, steal, lie and cheat we continue to grow and increase. There will always be a few d--cks. There will always be the selfish and hateful. The s--t you put out is manure in our gardens. Warren Jeffs will not lose. There are ten thousand people that love him. We will continue to grow and flourish in spite of you. You can not eliminate polygamy. This is impossible. Polygamy is history. Good luck on erasing history. If it were me I would do something worthwhile, besides fighting a losing battle."

"What is it that you speculate on? You know absolutely nothing about Warren Jeffs. Stop your bull and harassment of people for their religion. We have been here for a century and people come people go. When you and all the squabbles are gone we will continue to build and build and build and build. Why you mock and scorn and point your finger at how stupid we are, we have expanded. You are fulfilling prophecy. Keep it coming. It was written that every time anyone comes against us, we will get bigger. Please be our guest and put another lie on the fire. It is manure for our garden."

"F--k you, you f--king bastard. What are all these f--king lies about our Sai Baba? Sai is Bhagwan, like Jesus. You wouldn't speak ill of Jesus, then why of Sai Baba? Sai is just like Jesus, our Lord. So shut the f--k up!!!"

"You are a faithful servant of the devil. Because if you were a servant of the true holy God you would understand that all Benny Hinn does is according to the Word of GOD."

"What a loser. Seems to me that these people hate commitment. All of you should not read but study your bibles. The Potter's House Christian Fellowship lives according to the written Word of God. These people live according to their word. Your a rebel and demonically inspired liar. Your life is cursed because you hate the standards and foundation of Jesus Christ."

"Listen doggy, I'm sure that your mother f--ked with a crazy dog. Sai Baba is a holy man. Everyone that knows him, respects him, except the American dog heads. You hear me! I have read the Yankee news articles, which are full of s--t. The days of American dog heads are numbered. Didn't you also s--k the Pope's d--k ? I'm sure you did."

"I attended Aish Ha Torah events and am friends with a lot of Aish Ha Torah rabbis and never would I have associated the organization with 'cult' like behavior...I am going to start my own cult list, and put you at the top... moron. Get anti-Semitic fool."

"What in the hell kind of a site is this? You people are so full of s--t and you are gonna end up in hell you sick sons of bitches. I trust God and believe in him completely. You do realize that the devil's time is short don't you? You fool! What a dumb ass! I am gonna laugh at your sorry ass from above."

"You are a joke with your G-d d--ned s--t. It is evident that you have a lot of money to waste."

"Don't be in hell when you realize its real."

"The blood of Jesus Christ be against you Rick Ross and Peter Belaustegui for touching God's annointed. All the souls are affected at your false toungue. You will be responsible for putting down annointed men of God and causing souls to go to hell. You stinking descendents of the bastard Canaanite races just can't understand what Our White God Yahweh has done for His Caucasian Israel people and that he has eternal damnation in store for all of you antichrist Jews. Live the good life while you can Ross-stein...Hell is just a step away!"

"You sir are a first class scum bag. You have no truth in you because you are descended from those who are the original liars. You throw names around just to make good people look as bad as your kind really are!"

"F--k you, you stupid dumb b--tard stop talking about our lord like that you have no right. Keep your comments to yourself white trash. Go suck on your own c--k. All Sai Baba does is to help the people, rich or poor, believers and nonbelievers."

"You are a ugly piece of s--t! Burn in hell you d--k sucking, goat f--king s--t head."

"I think you people need to get f--ked and get a life. Everything you say is talk from your a-s and full of s--t."

"You are the biggest scumbag I have ever met. Please do us a favor and just hold your breath for about 20 minutes. The world would be a better place."

"Get a Life."

"I want you to tell me what it is going to be like in hell, because that is where you and all your buddies are going. The bible says you shall know the tree by its fruit and your tree is a hell tree."

"You wouldn't know the first thing about Eldership and Orthodoxy if it were to slap you on the face. How dare you spread lies, distortions and gossip about the Holy Elder Ephraim! You are being used by Satan and I assure you, that you will be punished."

"Rick get a fu--ing life and stop sticking your nose in other people's lives. Why the obsession with polygamists? Maybe your just fu--ing jealous and you can't get laid. Live and let live. I don't see anything about fudge packers in your articles. A-- fu--ers, now that's something really twisted."

"You guys are freaks. You are a wacko."

"Too bad you have your head up your a--. I guess little pu--y whipped children who have no connection to the real world always think what they have to say is important. Well you moron you are nothing more then a person with no standing as a human. F---k you."

"You can tell by his photo what a pr--k Rick Ross is. If you are a group, you are a cult in his book. If you are in Krishna, Scientology, the Branch Davidians, Roman Catholic, Boy Scouts, the government, the FAA, or the CIA, you are a cult. In the eyes of this a----le, the only people not in a cult are the ones that masturbate his colossal ego. Rick Ross saves the world. What a jerk.The great thing about the USA is that we have room for a----les like this. In Iraq, he would be tortured for saying that the Baath party is a cult, no doubt. Read this site, laugh and then file it under 'comedy' or 'losers' when you are done."

"Based on my personal experience, you must be either delusional or evil."

"Definition of a fake is someone who cuts down others. Someone who attacks God's Christians and thinks he is doing a good thing for the world. You are helping people fall away from God so you are helping the devil and you will be held accountable for all the souls you effect. I am making a list of sites that are on the devil's side and yours is one of them. There is a parting of the way, the goats and the sheep and you are a goat."

"Sick Web site."

"Suck my d---k."

"Yours is a garbage web site."

"F--k you and Morris Dees."

"You have got to be a f---ing idiot! Your mother and father must have been on crack when you were conceived."

"You are a moron for having Geronda Ephraim listed. It shows you must have something mentally wrong in that vast wasteland you call a brain. Don't you have something else to do, or does your fat a-s sit behind a computer with so much free time? Your pathetic, meaningless time you call a life must be spent mastur---ing and posting meaningless articles. Get a real job you failure of a man and stop your nonsense. You make me sick.Try pleasing your wife then maybe she will stop screwing your neighbor while you are busy filling the Internet with the garbage you call your opinion. Go home and be a father, so maybe your kids might grow up and have a chance not to turn out to be as big as a loser as their father."

"Rick you are a tosser. No soul, no clue, no idea. You are empty and you know it."

"F--k you and all your 'anti-racism' bull--it. White people were slaves once. The difference is you don't hear us b--ching about it. Whites are made to feel as though we are the underdog, when we are actually superior to everyone else. This is our country. I for one am not making the Mexicans, Blacks and Chinese stay here. They can leave. And if they choose to stay, shut up."

"You must not have common sense. You need counseling you dumb idiot. Are you a dunce with an extreme low I f---king Q?"

"I think you're an a-s. I noticed that the only people who write to you about Trek Alliance, are people that suck, just like you!"

"God rules not Satan you stupid idiot. When the final day comes it will be good that will overcome evil, not the other way around a--hole."

"Stop bagging Opus Dei you nut."

"Rick Ross you are big wussy and a ranker."

"Piss on you, Rick, I hope you get raped by one of your pet nogs and left out as carrion for the Mexican vultures."

"Loser! Loser!"

"Ricky boy, all this Hall of Flame email is actually making you go down into the pits of hell! Nobody likes the s--t you say about their religion and if I were you I would be careful. Your picture doesn't help you much either. For your sake I wouldn't have it there. If they find you, they might even kill you. I guess you are part of a cult! Our symbol is the crucifix. You have the star, which symbolizes Satan. So stop making a fool out of yourself. You're obviously a Satan worshipper. I go to one of Father Ephraim's monasteries. I'm going to have to make a fool out of you. Don't forget there are more Christians than Jews on this earth."

"Don't you dare call Geronta Ephraim a cult leader. If you do not understand our religion read the New Testament. The true messiah came, but Jews like you denied him. Father Ephraim is the cup of the Holy Spirit! May God's holy angels and Mary, Mother of God protect him from a Satan worshipper like you. Just as the Catholics have the Pope, we have our Geronta. By the way, I'm not brainwashed either. I could say the same thing about you and your Satanic Hebrew cult, which will be the end of all of us until Jesus comes back to save us from your tyranny! The New Testament says that the whole world is going to suffer because of the Jews. I believe it! I dare you to call me an 'anti-Semite.' I'll just call you the 'anti-Christ.' Do me a favor and go get an exorcism!"

"Hey you sorry f--k. You and your followers want to start a race war, that's fine. You're not ready for a race war. If you are ready to die, then go ahead and start it up."

"Do you check out the truth about the 'facts' you publish? I guess you are not. You only republish things you read or hear or guess. There are enough lies in the world! Stop your garbage-collection."

"And now you are a 'cult' expert? All, presumably as a reaction for your completely failed youth. Thank you for the great comedy and entertainment. I will e-mail it to the other guys. We can all have a good laugh.You have a website? Suggestion: try the Betty Ford clinic. Apparently, they are very good with extreme cases of drug fueled delusions of grandeur like yours. Don't bother to respond. You are now on my spam list and will be purged unread."

"You don't realize how extremely hypocritical you are. You criticize 'Followers of Christ' and mock peoples beliefs. In some ways you remind me of Hitler. It's a shame, but God loves you and cares for you Rick. I pray that some day he will save you from your wickedness. God bless you."

"Dear Ricky Ross, your so-called 'World Wide Web page' is nothing more than a joke! Each and every every time that I need a good laugh, I access your so-called 'World Wide Web site.' You need not respond to my e-mail message. If I see that you have sent me a return e-mail message, I will delete it without reading it. Just because someone sends me e-mail messages, doesn't mean that I have to read them! You need to get a life, because you sure don't have one!"

"I am telling you to stop bothering people. Don't bother others with your beliefs. Have some manners! God will then be very happy." --comments from a visitor in Russia

"We are members of the [Geftakys] Assembly. Everything you say on your website is false and from the devil. The assembly is where we grew up. You should refrain from mocking and lying about us. It's funny how many other religions that are wrong can be accepted, but the true religion is always mocked and called a cult. Don't worry Rick, Satan does not have a full grasp on you yet. There is still hope!! Praise the Lord! We will pray for you."

This recipient later wrote -- "I could care less about being put in your stupid 'Hall of Flames.' It should be a reminder to you that if you keep calling us a 'cult,' that's where you will go--to the hall of flames in HELL."

"Rick Ross you must be a f---king Jew. You should get your story straight. Why don't you go and visit Father Ephraim yourself? Or are you just afraid you are going to realize that this website is a complete falsehood? You f---ing Jew, Kike mother f--ker."

"What kind of a jerk are you? And how do you figure that your opinion on anything that is religious by nature is worthwhile? You self-made experts make me want to puke. If you feel a need to attack someone for their beliefs, attack me and hold on for the ride bubba."

"You are an enemy of God. However, He still loves you. Please repent and serve him."

"I know you take pleasure in the criticisms that you receive. I know that you enjoy reading these terrible things about yourself, the sad thing is that they are all true. I truly feel sorry for you. Take comfort in my pity. I know that many people out there pity you, so you should be a quite comfortable man. I think that you need to just mind your own business and stop meddling so much in other people's lives."

"I will pray for you to remove this one-sided garbage about the Legionaries of Christ."

"Go f--k yourself!"

"Go f--k yourself Rick Ross, you two cell brained f--got! Lyndon LaRouche has more sense, more intelligence that's true, in his little pinkie finger than you do with both of your brain cells working--if they do J--KA-S!"

"Your so-called 'world wide web page/site' is a laugh to say the very least! And just because you say something, doesn't mean that I have to agree with it."

"Since when did logic trump theology, or visa-versa? Maybe you don't believe reasonable people can simultaneously hold to a personal faith and also have good command of reason. That would readily explain why your website home page displays a quote from well-known atheist, Carl Sagan and why your Web site disclaimers are replete with weasel-wording such as 'Rick Ross does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed.' It's like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. I have no more time for your weasel-ness."

"I really don't give a hoot who you share my negative e-mail messages with, including your so-called 'flames' section of your so-called web page/site. You need to get a life, because you sure don't have one. You need not respond to this e-mail message of mine. Not only will I not read any return e-mail message(s) that you may send me, but I will also delete them. If I want to delete any incoming e-mail messages without reading them, that's certainly my prerogative!"

"You are an idiot."

"Do you have nothing better to do than attack things? How about a site so we can attack you? You are a horrible man. I will post how horrible you are. Actually, what about a site saying what a dimwit you are. Get a life and get off the net. We don't need wankers like you trying to infect and cause worry and panic in people [e.g. about NWTW]. Are you lonely? Please get a life."

"Just a matter of time before all the FBI a-s kissing you've done to try and legitimize your business backfires. We don't need professional 'deprogrammers,' and whatever your little 'deprogrammer' mind's imagination percieves. Let me give you a little tip, we have enough nuts in the magical, mystical field of pre-frontal lobotomies as it is. Sorry to be so harsh, but with all your pro-government stances and closing your eyes to the truth, you will never see the tyrannical actions of our government. I hope you're on the right side about the FBI's terrorism law. Their coming to get us!"

"Hey Ricky! kidnapped anyone lately? I've decided that I too am an expert. My focus is on idiots with a bloated sense of self worth. Know anyone like that?"

"You see yourself as a self-appointed messiah to the poor people who are in your eyes doomed to fall victim to these cults. You pass judgment on people and offer them nothing in return. Is your goal honorable? Does a disclaimer absolve you from complicity in disrupting or outright interfering with religious freedom? In the same way Hitler saw fit to condemn thousands of Jews, you are on the same path. Take heed Rick, you might be surprised who you are really working for. I think someone should start a 'Rick Ross is a really twisted person website.' We will have testimonials from several people you dumped on in some way and do what we can to discredit you. Of course I will not bother to check my sources, what does that matter. We will check out how you are affiliated with the JDL and whatever else we can accomplish through half-truths and assumptions. You pass yourself of as a professional. Why not try getting a real job? Tell the truth why are you posting this? Are you afraid to let people know the real Rick?"

"Judgment will fall greatly on you the day you stand before my almighty savior, the Great I Am. You are a bad shepherd leading the flock away and the bible says: 'Woe unto the shepards that lead my flock astray.' You are not messing with just man, but with Almighty God. God is God and He is very powerful. It's very obvious how the devil has twisted your narrow mind. And Rick you only make Satan happier day by day. Don't forget who you'll be standing before on Judgment Day."

"So you're supposed to be an expert. You who has stupid comments and your 'facts' [about the 'Potter's House'], which are inaccurate. Jesus can save you. Why don't you repent and get over your pride. If you sincerely give your heart to Jesus, He will open your eyes and guide your path and not the devil, who you've been listening to. REPENT!"

"The only sad part is that only four [BATF] pigs went to that big sty in the sky on the day this Satanic government murdered men, women and babies [at Waco]. That you support these pigs is a disgrace to humanity. Your job is to twist people's words. You Z.O.G. [Zionist Occupational Government] scum are truly sub-human and like any other cancer must be lanced for the good of the whole body less it die." What a pleasure it has been to read that many others are onto you scum bag. Oh for the day when Zionist pigs like you are no more to be found in this universe. David [Koresh] will tear you to pieces."-- from X98, at KoreshX98 (a Yahoo discussion group)

"Your criminal history of persecuting religious minorities is a nationally known scandal. You have abused and exploited many people emotionally and psychologically for your own financial gain and likely psychopathic pleasure. You are the antithesis of the principles in the Bill of Rights. Of all the destructive organizations in America, the "Cult Awareness Network" was one criminal organization, and it is a blessing it was stopped before it ruined more lives. The tragedy there was that your own felony convictions resulted in a sentence so short. You should have stayed on assisted living at public expense for another decade or two--with belt and shoelaces in the warden's office."

"You are by far the sickest pig involved in this murder. When David [Koresh] returns you will be among the first to know the pain of God's judgment against the hated Jews who are of the Synagogue of Satan, i.e. the cover up church in Waco. See you in the judgment creep!"

"You know it seems like the end of the world must be very near. I think you are definitely one of the ANTI-CHRIST's that they talk about in the Bible! You need serious help! You are so LAME! I will definitely be praying for you."

"I'll pray for you and those who want to destroy this great work that the UPCI is performing. The walls of hell will not prevail on the Church of God, you will be defeated by the hand of the Lord."

"My friend and I were recently on your Web site that pretty much gives every religion a bad reputation. What upset us the most is what was on there about the Mormon and Wiccan/Pagan religions. Are you a f---ing atheist or something? You trash almost every damn religion. Stupid a-s--you should be the one to f---king get burned a--hole!"

"It is with concern and frustration that I review your website. If you were HALF the professional that your bio suggests, you would certainly be brave enough to allow open dialogue and shared views on your website!? Your one-sided, un-Godly approach to journalistic review is pathetic and extremely Cult-ish! Did you have such a terrible childhood or are your children so out-of-control that you need a family ministry to sacrifice? Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, and their Growing Families International Ministry, have blessed thousands upon thousands of families around the world!"

"What the heck do you think you are doing letting people write nasty things about JPUSA. Those people need a reality check. I have never heard such idiotic things in my whole life. I have lived at JPUSA my entire life and I know what goes on. Those people who do not live here are stupid selfish people who need serious help if they think and say things like that. JPUSA has its problems, but nothing as serious as what they said. Those things that those people said are NOT TRUE! You had better get your information straightened out. The ones who got 'kicked out' did that to themselves. We are here to serve GOD not them. They were not serving God. They just wanted to serve themselves."

"Rick Ross you think you are really smart don't you, but you ain't got a clue!"

"I thought I saw your name before. Your the man that helped warm the public up for the FBI Waco bonfire. Well, I see you are looking to help cook some more people. I can't believe they allow someone like you to even have a website. You need to take a look at a real old, but still important document--it's called the United States Constitution. You might learn something you seem to have never learned in school."

"You Satanist! You son of the Devil. You better repent! Stop criticizing God's servant Benny Hinn! If you don't want to stop it and repent you are welcoming the fire of God upon your life (Genesis 12:3)! Jesus Christ can set you free from being the servant of Satan. Satan was defeated by Jesus Christ 2,000 ago and you can refuse to serve him! Just call the name of Jesus!"

"You need to repent Rick, how long has it been? How long have you been a mouthpiece and servant of Satan. You sir are a second rate investigator and a devil! I challenge you to provide more evidence, yet all you can do is lie. Your article is old and the testimonies are just as old! Yet you claim to have hundreds of complaints [sic] about YWAM! Will you show me more of your alleged complaints! I doubt you will, since you are a liar and a coward! [After receiving notification of induction into the Hall of Flames] What is the Hall of Flames? I answer to Jesus. Last time I checked he controlled the flames." "Get a life you heathen! Pray that God will have mercy on your soul!"

"You are a winner of the Wacko site of the Week award. Please visit Richard's Wacko site of the Week to copy your award button and get directions for placing it on your page. Again, congratulations on your achievement".

"Seems that you use the same tactics that you accuse cults of using to obtain $$$$$$$$$. What Karma you must have. What I see in your case is a way for someone to make money, and at the same time, force-feed people a lie from the pit of Hell. Your acting in the works of Satan, and *you* will have to answer to that in the judgement".

"Scumbag (we mean that in a nice way)".

"Confucius says--it is always with the best intentions that the worst is done. This probably sums up your articles".

"About your page regarding Jehovah's Witnesses, you really need to get a life."

"F--k you! F--k you! Thanks".

"Your treatment of Sri Chinmoy is shallow, uninformed, and biased. I'm sure your career as an expert witness will decline into oblivion".

"Try Love. Nobody is really listening to you. Your anger and fault finding come through too strong".

"I believe your attitude stinks. People get themselves in trouble. I wonder what your gain is in this effort of yours. You are certainly not welcome in my life. I prefer to listen to success stories not failures".

"Do I need someone wiping my b--t or my nose for me. No! I don't think you do either. However you do run around with a diaper bag and spouting off".

"You need more help than any of the others. Stop being a leach. Get a life".

"You're a sick puppy preying on others".

"Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna".

"The most notorious [deprogrammer] is a feculent little specimen named Rick Ross, who is a tiny little bundle of hate and ambition leavened with sexual deviancy. Ross was the 'Cult Expert' who was retained by the ATF and FBI as a consultant on the Waco siege. He did everything in his power to poison the mind of the public against the Branch Davidians. I have interviewed Ross and can certify from personal first-hand experience that he is utterly hateful and without principle, and can discern the stigmata of 'cultism' in anybody he doesn't happen to like. He also has a criminal record listing jewel theft, extortion, and fraud among his accomplishments. He is typical of the wretched scum…'deprogrammers'."William Grigg, Editor--John Birch Society Magazine

"Learn your Bible. Then we can talk. By the way yip yap I do not follow Kip Mckean--I follow Jesus. How stupid, Jesus is to whom I confessed Lordship no man. I do humble myself to those who are leaders in the Kingdom, but it is not blind. Think what you like, you who wear Sheep's clothing, but your father is apparent. I dare to follow Christ you have your Father. Read the Book of John. See how Jesus talks to the almighty Jews".

"With all the great people and groups you've listed, perhaps we can turn this sick, corrupt system around after all. You've given me great hope. I pray that the day will come when the Jews of Israel will wake up and discover that they are being used as cannon fodder for Rothschild and other elitist interest. Peace"!

"Why don't you mind your own business. You are constantly accusing others of belonging to cults. If they do, it seems to me it is their business and you should mind your own life and leave others alone. If my memory serves me correctly, you were one of the instigators in the Waco massacre. Now you are attacking Kabbalah--what's next Rick, the Pledge of Allegiance"?

"But who are you, one which lives and walks contrary to the Word. A REPROBATE. May God have mercy on those who listen to YOUR teachings. I have admonished you to refrain. You rest in the hands of the Almighty".

"Mr. Ross you have now had your dirt exposed by the Cult Awareness Network and I believe you are the dangerous one putting out half-truths and outright lies. As a graduate of the Sterling Men's Weekend my life is considered a cult, while I am very pleased to be a member".

"Your categorization of Phil Aguilar was so slanderous and damaging that I have turned it over to our attorneys. I am the right hand/arm [of Phil Aguilar]--the famous Lois T.. I wrote a book [and] I can now add you. Wish I knew of you before--I would have dedicated a whole chapter to you. You sicken me. Don't bother to email me back unless it's to tell me you are deleting off your site anything concerning Phil Aguilar. Why don't you get a life. Who the h--l cares what Phil went to prison for--22 years ago. All you guys are the same. You probably sit home and play with yourselves while you talk and write about others." Note: Lois T. later left "Set Free" and renounced her one-time leader Phil Aguilar.

"You like your 'isms' don't you? Just removes all integrity, maybe you should come up with something original huh"? --Love, Your friend God

"ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government = Zog). From Greenspan to Ginsberg, Breyers to Rueben, every agency of American government is saturated with ZOG. This Nation needs truth, not the half-baked forms of patronization demonstrated by the articles you provide the Internet".

"Why haven't you bothered to spread the word about the Talmudic teachings? Why don't you alert 'Christian America' about this information? Are you scared or are you a Rabboni"?

"You are no doubt a worshiper of ee-ay-sooce' Chris-tos'. It is written the blind will lead the blind into the pit, watch your step. It is about to take you to a place you don't want to go. At the end of the soon coming Kingdom age you will understand this message. May the Creator of all things show you MERCY and open your eyes. May you come to know the TRUE Messiah before your messiah shows up. Rev. 12: 9 is TRUE this whole world is deceived! Deceived into GODWORSHIPING"--Obadyah Hawkins, [House of Yahweh]

"I am praying for your destruction for your role at Waco. May God damn you".

"I noticed you failed to mention any Jewish hate groups like the ADL (subversive spy agency for Israel), B'nai B'rith (Masonic conspirators for the WJC), Jewish-Hollywood/TV brain launders, JDL Zionist terror and bombing group, Mossad assassins, ACLU (Jewish dominated, pro-RED, allegedly Jewish run), Jew International Banksters like Rothschilds, Warburgs, Soros, etc., and the many other arms of the Kosher octopus. Speaking of 'Kosher', what about the illegal Kosher-tax scam and "separation of church and state"? From the looks of your 'hate' list, you are obviously anti-White. I guess most of you Talmudist/Zionist Khazars are, but after you bleed us dry, where will you find another host body? You better think about that one. And, oh yes, the Protocols are Jewish and anyone watching the antics of the Kosher cabal is fully aware of it. If Jews don't want to be blamed for the writings of the "Wise Men (asses!) of Zion, they had better change their mode of really is that obvious, Ross"!

"We who choose to follow the dictates of our heart, and the word of God... are labeled a cult!"

"You should be ashamed... listing The United Pentecostal Church as a cult"!

"Why don't you mention your criminal record and your less than sterling psychological profile in your biography"?

"You insane b--tard"!

"Quit trying to make money off the fear you generate. You guys will do anything for a buck. Yes I do judge you with knowing much about you. Save yourself Ricky. And for heaven sakes quit trying to make money out fear".

"I find it almost disgusting that you put so much time in to something other than your personal life. Why are you so intent on trying to destroy Amway? Your little Web page can do nothing to a corporation as large as Amway! Why bother"?

"Ross, I don't adhere to your delusional view of history. Your racist-bigotry and hatred is religiously ingrained, probably since infancy and therefore renders you incapable of logical thought and reason".

"You better watch what you are getting into. Be careful. you have your foot in God's business. I feel your site could lead people away from God and if it does--you my friend will have to answer to HIM"

"I'm sorry Rick, but you sound like one of those cults yourself".

"The Lord will deal with what you have written regarding Brownsville".

"There are many 'experts' in the world who benefit no one, and are actually detrimental to the kingdom of God. Have you been to the revival at Brownsville"?

"You need to take a good look at yourself and your actions. You are a con man supreme; it has nothing to do with the gospel. How can you fault a person or a group for simply requiring obedience to the Holy Scriptures? This is what you and others seem to be doing to the UPCI".

"I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and your life. After reading some of your articles dealing with the Pensacola Brownsville Revival, I didn't agree with your stand on the issues. In other words, it seems that you are against the revival".

"Like all rabbis you are jealous of anyone getting familiar with your creator. The Jew seems to want to RULE the spiritual realm of this world without him. I have never seen such anger and pettiness about God. I have found God. I am no longer seeking. I can tell you from knowing God, that YOUR only answer [is to] stop trying to get others away from LOVE and truth [and] work out your own truth."

"Hey Rick, why don't you pull your head out of your a-s. I've been looking into you and your little 'cult' over there at You know what Rick? We're on to you. Our 'cult' is going to deprogram YOU and your lame watchdog a-s. You think you and your law degree [Rick Ross has no "law degree"] and your lame self-patronizing bio will protect you, but they won't. GO TO H--L RICK ROSS!!!! If you have a problem with this why don't you email me and do something about it. Or you could just f--k off and get a life."

"You are definitely one that persecutes the people of God! I hope it will not be too late for you."

"It's fascinating that anyone with 1/2 a brain of intelligence can't see through this maze of pure bullshit. It just proves we are becoming a nation of crybabies and whiners who do not wish to ever accept responsibility for their lives. It is also fascinating all of this info is negative. That cannot be a coincidence. This is just more proof that the Internet is just a place for social malcontents to hide out from those they accuse. I see zero credibility in this claptrap. Get a life!!"

"Rick Ross you are a liar from the pits of HELL! What kind of atheist, Satan worshiper, corrupt person are you? These people have no desire to go to HELL with you. You only prey on the weak. You are a parasite sir -- people like you are what give the United States a bad name. REPENT FOOLISH MAN REPENT."

"Are you a Clinton-type Socialist or just a Commie slime? Hey, I just saw some more of your site, you're a FRAUD--good day to ya."

"D--n Dude, I don't know how you even sleep at night as f---ing paranoid as you are. D--n, I have a big problem with the church today, but you seem to have a real big problem with just about every f---ing thing. God Bless and Lighten up."

"I never cease to be amazed at the parade of self-proclaimed crusaders against perceived evil. They create evil by their own expectations. There are many that have axes to grind with REAL spiritual teachers like Yogi Bhajan, and are always full of hatred and misinformation. When the dust settles, at the end of the day, Yogi Bhajan will be known as the catalyst for the global 'Khalsa Raj' and rule over of 'The Pure' of all spiritual paths in the Aquarian Age. History will confirm it! There is no other Sikh leader of [his] caliber and Universal Consciousness at present, nor has there been for some time. I challenge anyone to find a more profound living master on this planet today! His slanderers will dig their own graves in their own special hells. I recommend that you look at the big picture before it is too late. Get a life!"
--Guru Das Singh Khalsa

"I feel sorry for people like you Rick Ross. The bible is full of stories about people who have doubted a move of God. They have also all ended up in the same place (I don't think I need to explain that one!) I would be very careful of your judgement about revivals--not just the Brownsville Revival. The bible speaks of blaspheming the Holy Ghost and the fact that it is an unpardonable sin. I would make sure you don't cross that line."

"You are a nut like the Scientologists. I guess no one has the right to access congress people except those whom you decide. [You are] just like a fascist--so typical. Grow up Rick get over your 'Messiah Complex'. Get into politics you would make a good liberal. They love to decide what is good for everyone--even if though they don't live it themselves e.g. CLINTON. Well Comrade Rick good thing the Forefathers knew there would be people like you."

"Why must you bother with such drivel? You have missed the boat and yours is sunk."

"F--k you."

"Indeed Mr. Ross your work is prophetic--as the Bible reads, 'Has God not made foolish the wisdom of man' I read various articles of your personal crusade pertaining to 'cults.' Frankly, I liken your validity in expressing meaningful comments regarding Christianity to bowl of lime Jello--at first glance it looks interesting, but alas in reality it proves to be a jiggling mass of nothing. Anyway that's the opinion of this 'expert witness.' Ever heard the phrase 'every knee shall bow'?"

"You're pretty pitiful. I don't pray to God (or to the devil,) but if I did, I'd pray for you. I laughed at most of the remarks made in your homepages. I once attended the Christian Fellowship Churches (Potter's House, The Door, and Victory Chapel) -- the remarks made by some of your ex-members are funnier than hell. I guess the bible is true once again, when it talks about people having "itching ears" [and] would rather believe a lie than the truth. I can't believe you would make an entire page (and other sites) to go to unless you were severely brainwashed. Maybe we can start a web page and raise money to get you deprogrammed. You are hurt and have mental health problems. You've got nothing more to do with your time, and you have to prove something, because you have no d--k, and your b--ls are shrinking. Plain and simple, you're just another a-s, trying to be something you aren't. Hey, try to start a homepage that actually does some good-- you're starting to sound like a parrot."
[More: after receiving his award this "Hall of Flames" inductee said:] "Get used to the flames b--tf--k."

"Yogi Bhajan is not a cult leader unless you consider Sikh Dharma a cult. Rick Ross is an agent of the Christian conservatives--they target Sikhism for conversion. That is why they make attempts to target strong Sikh leadership by spreading lies and half-lies. I think Ross is impotent and ignorant. I don't lose any sleep over it. Guru has kept us under his protection up to now and I am sure he will continue to do so."

"Since when did logic trump theology, or visa-versa? Maybe you don't believe reasonable people can simultaneously hold to a personal faith and also have good command of reason. That would readily explain why your website home page displays a quote from well-known atheist, Carl Sagan and why your Web site disclaimers are replete with weasel-wording such as 'Rick Ross does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed.' It's like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. I have no more time for your weasel-ness."

"Just a matter of time before all the FBI a-s kissing you've done to try and legitimize your business backfires. We don't need professional 'deprogrammers,' and whatever your little 'deprogrammer' mind's imagination percieves. Let me give you a little tip, we have enough nuts in the magical, mystical field of pre-frontal lobotomies as it is. Sorry to be so harsh, but with all your pro-government stances and closing your eyes to the truth, you will never see the tyrannical actions of our government. I hope you're on the right side about the FBI's terrorism law. Their coming to get us!"

"You are the ultimate fascist! Are you the reincarnation of Hitler? You would probably eliminate everyone that is not like you want them to be--wouldn't you? You are such an ego maniac I pity you. Hell is not hot enough for you! Heaven is beyond question for you--you are a Judas, but even Judas had forgiveness. You--I wonder? And I am being loving toward you because that was the commandment of Jesus."

"Your site proves Werner Erhard's point about being 'Interpretation Machines'. You people undoubtedly think your assessments and interpretations are in fact the truth--how sad. While the Forum was going on you were listening to the very thing the Forum is designed to make you aware of: the constant, meaningless babble that you call your opinions."

"Oh, give us all a break would you Rick. Look up the definitions of 'authentic' or 'integrity' in the dictionary."

"All right you sorry b--tard--who the f--k do you consider yourself to be anyway--yeah you mother f--ker."

"Your site is the view of your a-s !!!!!!!!"

"It has come to my attention: that many people in this world are mentally taken advantage of by sick f--ks like you who attempt to damage and remove all that is considered to be pure -- cleansing them of their thoughts. You are a real head game -- you d--k-held-in-hand, sick minded f--k and you ain't got no God d--n clue."

"You are full of s--t! I cant believe you waste your time in such a way. You must really be a hateful person to denigrate other people like that. Why don't you try something more positive than spending your money and time this way? I don't believe a thing you say. You may be exercising your right to free speech, but damaging other people isn't going to get you any good karma -- what goes around comes around."

"Having been a member myself [of Jehovah's Witnesses] and dissociated, but still in love with Jehovah God, the God of the heavens -- I find your site repulsive and absolutely inaccurate. You certainly have allowed Satan to totally twist you motives and thinking. You know Satan exists and no amount of web sites is going to stop the progression of worship to God. No matter what you do Jehovah always wins! Satan has a short period of time and you have been an instrument for him, but it wont work."

"Your web site is full of attacks upon the Christian community and after reading your credentials, I can see why -- your blood flows with Jewish lineage. You personally must feel threatened by anyone who even whispers something about your Jewish religion. What is it that you fear, that it won't stand up to examination? How sad it is that you Jews always think and shout that everything that doesn't align itself with YOUR religion is dangerous and a threat. You, sir, are the dangerous one, you use fear on your people instead of truth. One particular instance, your view that Jewish Voice Broadcast, Jews for Jesus etc. are dangerous [sic]. I really think that Christians are the ones who should fear YOU. After all, it was YOUR cult that crucified Christ, not the other way around. It proves to me that you do not have the truth because you must use feat tactics to try to keep your Jewish youth from studying anything, but your Talmud. This is THE brainwashing you should be concerned about."

"You sicken me. You irritate me and I am the f---ing king of the toughest f--ks around. You are a piece of dog s--t and before you corrode and shrivel into a bleaching white a-s turd and dry in the sun, you'd best be backing off b--ch--cause you've got me p--sed off at you."

"There is no such race called the Jews. Most subscribers to Talmudic Judaism are in fact Khazarian Jews from the ancient warrior nation of the Khazaria [The Khazar conversion actually accounts for about 4,000 people of Turkish origin in the region of the Crimea entering into the practice of Judaism during the 8th Century. But this small ethnic group disappeared after the Tartar invasion of 1237 and was an anomaly within Judaism]. In fact the Jews are anti Christian and the Bible clearly teaches that the Jews are enemies of the Creator and hate and despise HIS teachings. No matter what you say you can't hide from the ugly reality that many Jews are and have in history, caused and continue to cause -- appalling human suffering as they strive to be the dominate human race chosen of God to run the world with all others subservient to them. This general philosophy is indisputable -- so don't bother trying. I could care less about Jew or Gentile -- for both will be consumed in their own respective human fantasies."

"You can judge, mock and mouth off all you want. Now you can run your mouth and some people may want to believe you and others might. You will answer to God. Whether or not you believe you better be warned. It's better to be safe and believe -- [because if] you are wrong you will burn forever and ever and that means infinity. Isaiah 54:15 'Behold, they (that means people like yourself) shall surely gather together, but not in me:(that means not in GOD) whosoever shall gather together against thee (that means GOD's people) shall fall for thy sake (that means people like Benny Hinn and others like myself).' Isaiah 54:17 'No weapon that is formed ('formed' means by mouth, by evil intentions or any other way) against thee (that means Benny Hinn or anyone else that is a Christian who really servers GOD) shall not prosper; and every tongue (mouth) that shall rise against thee (that means Benny Hinn or anyone else that is a Christian that really serves GOD) in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants (that means Benny Hinn or anyone else that is a Christian that really servers GOD) of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.'"

"I want you to know that you disgust me. You are what is wrong with this world."

"F--k You!!!"

"You are indeed a stupid man. I suggest that you stop accusing sincere people like Chinmoy of false spirituality -- otherwise I will have to report your WWW s--t to my priority!!!"

"Dude, get a life." -- Himalayan Institute

"Rick, by the way, can you pass the crack pipe my way? I need a hit too. How does the 'Dick Act' of 1903, relate to the Constitution of 1789? Did you ever study the Constitution and the Founding Fathers writings, or are you just an uneducated Commie? Need I remind you that a treaty with the U.N. or any foreign power may not violate the Constitution? Well, you and your Dick Act can take the back seat in my bus, I've got the guns."

"You are clearly a disgusting anti-Semite. The Kaballah Center is doing more good, spreading more light, than most churches and even Jewish organizations! Shame on you. Who is funding you -- some jealous right wing CULT?"

"Rick you think you are funny. You for sure think you're the super stud of judging others by repeating false bulls--t. I pity you Rick. You are not only very wimpy, unattractive, I've seen you on those big interviews you brag about, but you are getting well known to be a stupid man. Your site is all about Rick Ross, nothing more. Everything you write about Set Free has been proven false. Either way Rick -- God's got your number. All I have to say is I felt so much better before when I thought you were a lame Christian. God forbid you really have Jewish roots. God is so upset with you Rick Ross. Put that in your 'Hall of Flames' and think you're one tough mother. We'll see who survives Rick. No Christian group does more for Jewish people, the nation of Israel, then this group of dangerous cult like bikers. I wish you were a God damn white bigoted Christian -- you sound like one. But, Jewish -- Shame on you, you're killing your own. Why didn't your mom and dad die in the Holocaust. If Hitler was alive I'd tell him where you live in a hot second." --Lois T.
Note: Lois T. later left "Set Free" and renounced her one-time leader Phil Aguilar.

"I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that you are walking on dangerous ground. The Bible teaches, 'touch not God's anointed.' Whether you're opinion is right or wrong, is irrelevant. The fact remains that IF the Brownsville Revival is of God, then you are walking on dangerous ground by even having this Web site. May God be merciful on your soul."


"Rick Ross is a sad case of another self elected expert, attempting to whip up agreement to appear as the 'truth' and then get it passed by the consensus. All I can say is that his personality must be so weak if he need's to write such bigoted crap to attract attention. Sad b--tard. Another ignoramus, ignorant of his own ignorance and gossiping bulls--t that undermines the integrity of society as a whole."


"You are a sick individual to attack a man of God such as Benny Hinn"

"Your web site smacks of the kind of propaganda which Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini used so effectively in recent times. I have not the time nor the interest to dissect segment by segment the 'results' of your 'research,' but every page reeks of a certain unscientific bias and fear mongering in, which a devout potential fanatic or paranoid personality (is there a difference?) would and likely does reveal. That notwithstanding, the tone throughout is offensive, prejudice and provocative and the content line-for-line is at best slapdash. I have been studying trends in alternate lifestyles since 1969 and have spoken directly and without bias to a number of the people and organizations, which you trash on your site. The more you trash them the more attractive each and every one of these alternatives becomes--and not only for the young. For example, Deepak Chopra is a household name -- Rick Ross is not. An old rule-of-thumb asserts whatever the accusation -- it defines the accuser more than the accused. In other words, the style and content of your site [i.e. largely previously published mainstream press reports] amply demonstrates that it is the work of cultists who are competing against other cultists. Deny it if you will, but in your heart you know that more than anything you would like to annihilate all the groups you have cited -- that is, your competitors. Trashing and fear mongering are your weapons. Nothing new here."

"People like you don't care about anybody else -- just your little lone self. WHY DO YOU THINK WE DIDN'T LET HITLER WIN THE WAR -- in your case he should have. Some day I hope to bring all killers like you to trial -- now or in the afterlife."

"Get a life."

"You are a damn jacka-s. I never in my life have ever read such bulls--t. You can go strait to hell."

"You are obviously nothing more than a self absorbed fraud and in fact if I saw you on the street I just might backhand you like the little b--ch that you are. You will get old and sick and eventually die to prove that Master Teacher is a cult leader. I am freed BY your gutless opinion dummy. What happened you get molested by an uncle when you were six or something? You are an idiot. Stop making s--t up and get real or get lost! Listen a--hole, God gives me my authority and I just might have to kick your punk a-s. Go f--k yourself -- your usefulness has been fulfilled. I love you. -- Morgan

"Let me tell you what you are -- a loser and liar. You are trying to make money talking about other people and it's not your business."

"Have you ever attended a crusade of Benny Hinn's or any other man of God's? If you have, you would be ashamed of yourself and immediately destroy this website. However, I know you satan. I know the deception you so cleverly weave around men. Rick Ross, I can only pray for you as I am sure so many other faithful Christians are -- who mistakenly open your website."


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