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"Seriously enjoyed the information and the way in which your site is organized so that it facilitates the search for information...also chosen your site as one of the Top 5 sites on the topic of cults."


"Congratulations! Your website, Scientology subsection has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the web by our Researchers."

"You have a cool Web site--probably one of the coolest of the web. I am frankly in awe of it."
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Comments from the Press

"...even for the merely curious there's an abundance of interesting material here, mostly in the form of newspaper and magazine articles, book excerpts and hypertext links to other Web sites, including those of the purported cult groups themselves. Ross covers all the angles, from New Agey outfits like the Church of Immortal Consciousness, to apocalyptic organizations like the suicidal Solar Temple, to the Moonies, to Scottsdale-based The Eternal Flame, to, of course, the Church of Scientology."John Wahlen
Phoenix New Times


"Known as one of the most visible experts on religious cults and 'deprogramming,' Ross has garnered attention across the nation. Now he's on the Information Superhighway--and his home page is a virtual library of religious groups, including the violent and peaceful, strange and secretive, devout and wacky. His Web site includes much about his own activity, but also has an amazing amount of reference material on groups, ranging from the New Age to fundamentalists."Stephen J. Lee
Grand Forks Herald


Comments from Professionals

"Great job! Your site provides a vital service. Thank you"Jordan Riak

Executive Director
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE)


"There are many valuable sources of information about specific cults and other controversial groups on the web, and many molehills (and some moles) out there. But Rick Ross, the respected deprogrammer and cult counselor, has gone them one better. With a massive array of carefully documented information about dozens of destructive cults, extreme religious sects, mass therapies, paramilitary cells and other troubling groups, Ross has built the Mt. Everest of mind control internet resources. In no time, it seems, '' has become the #1 online resource on this vast subject that is urgently in need of nationwide -- and worldwide -- attention."Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman
co-authors of "SNAPPING: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change"


"Just accessed your VERY impressive website... and thank you very much for listing our book.kind regards"

Rick and Helen Larsen
co-authors of "Cult Encounter--An International Story of Exit Counseling"


"Thank you for this web site. A Chinese version of my liberal arts physics textbook is being published in China. Some Chinese physics educators and my publisher asked me to write an article on pseudo science and critical thinking. Thus, I went on a search for information about the Falun Gong cult, in order to include that topic within my article. After considerable searching, I came across your site where I found just the information I needed. Keep up the good work! We need information about the worldwide pseudo science and cult phenomenon. I have book marked your site for future visits."Art Hobson

Emeritus Professor of Physics
Author of Physics: Concepts and Connections (Prentice Hall, 2nd edition 1999)


Comments from Visitors

"As a former member of the TM and Hare Krishna movements, I just wanted to say thank you to Rick Ross for his information. This website helped me navigate some emotions during a trying time."

"I appreciate what your site has revealed to me. Intimidation, manipulation, isolation, and control are all red flags to me. If it wasnt for your website I would still be there getting my feelings hurt."

"I really just wanted to share with you about how you have saved me from a bunch of brainwashing slave labor by your web site."

"I wanted to thank you, so much, for your dedication to this issue. Your writings were key to my understanding what had happened to me, helped me tremendously to bridge the gap back to my family after so much damage I had caused, as well as giving me the strength to endure the abuse I received during my exit from the Cult."

"I just wanted to say a huge THANK-YOU for presenting information on the internet about the Sterling Institute. I was approached Sunday by a friend to attend an open house last night. The women at the meeting were very kind and did not pressure me into anything. I returned home and promptly googled Justin Sterling and began reading the testimonies of former members. This is most definitely a cult and I, for one, am not the slightest bit interested in paying $$$ to be brainwashed, indoctrinated and humiliated. I believe the cult preys on unhappy, vulnerable individuals who are lonely. To believe that all men are jerks and all women bitches is insane! For women to take 100% responsibility for a relationship and be subservient to their spouse/boyfriend is laughable, at best. Again, thank-you for exposing this Justin character for the man he is...a dangerous egomaniac."

"I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses from my birth in 1950 until 1978. I love your website and wanted to say thank you. Now I know the best resource to send people with questions to. You are very thorough, even providing references, very important!"

"I saw you last night on Nancy Grace as you were speaking on the FLDS. I was so glad to see you because I have been on your web site and it helped me very much as I left a church that was very authoritarian. The information on your web site helped me so very much. We came out of a Calvary Chapel and now we are thinking like normal people again. Thank you for helping us to be free. Please continue your wonderful work and please keeping helping people who come out of Calvary Chapels. There are many good things there and many wonderful people. They are just deluded It has been a heart break for us but there is hope and you have been very helpful. Thank you!"

"I feel certain you saved me from a harmful group through your DVD...Watching the DVD 'Cults: An Educational Volume' had a huge impact on me...I would like to thank you for your work and it is wonderful to see someone with integrity who is passionate about what they do."

"I just wanted to thank-you. What I read was extremely informative and helpful. I'm not going to get into it but me and my family were apart of a cult for most of my life (I'm 27 now) and are now out and feeling better than we ever could imagine. It's unfortunate that there are groups out there posing as helpful, religious and spiritual when it is all a lie, as soon as you start to ask questions. Need I say more? I thank-you again for writing the truth."

"I was a member of CUT for several years. Thanks in part to info on your website, I left the cult. God bless you for the work that you do."

"I found your web site a few days ago, and have learned a lot through reading information...My own experience [was] as a "disciple" of Sri Chinmoy [and] I did the right thing by getting out...Thank you for all that you do to combat misinformation and deception! I am very glad your organization exists."

"I am overwhelmed by that amount of high quality material posted on your are doing a tremendous public work. Your website should be required for touring by all frosh who leave home for the first time to attend university."

"I am so grateful that people like you exist who would take the time to put together such an awesome, high quality, information packed Web site with great detailed and useful information."

"I was born into the Geftakys Assembly. My family and I got out of that environment when I was [a teenager], in 2002, and alot of it had to do with the information on your website, I know that was 4 years ago, but I never thanked you for getting the truth of the matter out there. I don't know what my family would be like if we hadn't gotten out of there. It's amazing how good it feels to be yourself, a normal college kid. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you've helped my family for the better, and that I'm grateful."

"Your web site is more than wondrous. It is a truly God-sent gift against this plague of bottom-feeding cult creatures that, in spite of the horrors of Jonestown, Waco, et al, continue to run amok. Your Web site is such a wonderful antidote and huge resource!"

"I have never found such a comprehensive site involving cults. I've told several people about it. I'm sure you've taken quite a bit of abuse from some who are involved in certain cults, and I hope nothing will keep you from staying the course with very good information. My number one worry is, Scientology. Hubbard was a nut, and Tom Cruise is fast on his way to becoming an even bigger nut. I have a manic depressive sister, who takes medication. The best thing to ever happen to her. And to hear about this kook saying there isn't any such thing as chemical imbalance, depression, and the like, just makes my blood boil."

"We would never have understood what was happening if it had not been for your research and the readily available information on the website."

"This site saved my life...thank you! And it has been the weirdest experience of my life."

"The articles really helped me understand what I went through so many years ago as a participant of Lifespring. The work you do to alert the public of the danger in joining these organizations is so important. I'm going to make sure to dissuade anyone I know from getting sucked in."

"Major kudos for providing a large amount of material about a large number of dangerous groups in a format that is user friendly."

"I am a student that chose to study cults and recovery from cults as part of my semester. I searched for the site of the Cult Awareness Network and clicked on the 'New CAN.' They should be called the 'Pro Cult Awareness Site!' In their 'about us' section it says one of their members is a Scientolgist. Later through Google I found your site, which told me all about them. To think that people in real need call the New CAN is beyond sad. I just cannot believe it, but am grateful to confirm through your information how the Scientolgists obtained CAN and used an old name."

"Thank you for the great service you do by warning people of the dangers of Landmark and by giving them the information that Landmark doesn't want them to read."

"Thanks for all that you do. Your work has been a tremendous benefit to untold numbers of people."

"Keep up the good work exposing the aspects of these various groups that they would rather not have us know. It really is sad to see that many of the groups you describe here really may have sprung from good and harmless intentions. There really is no limit to the perversity of ego and greed to manipulate the minds of people who are in need and cannot or will not think for themselves."

"Thanks for the website. It is a valuable portal for information on a variety of questionable organizations, including Landmark Education. I wish your website was up and running years ago before I wasted both my time and money. It kind of sickens me that I financially sponsored such an organization."

"I was blown away by the depth and quality of the resources you provide...and am writing just to complement the excellent service you provide the public and professionals. I wish more sites had materials on the same level instead of the superficiality one so often sees."

"I've just skimmed your website and found it full of useful information about cults. Your flames section is typical of the amazingly evil, hypocritical stuff some 'religious' people produce in the name of Jesus. I am a Christian and troubled by the cult-like behavior of so many churches and movements. I'm sure you've developed a pretty thick hide, but hopefully you can still be encouraged by someone who thinks you're doing a good job."

"Your website is the best and most informative about cults on the Internet. I especially love the section on Mind Control and am trying to convince people that an organization doesn't just have to prey on wealthy people, take their money or force them into sex acts to be a cult. Any sort of mind control may define an organization, be it religious, political or commercial, as a cult."

"Just want to say that you have an awesome site and I take my hat off to you for doing such a good job exposing companies like Trek and the scumbag leaders that prey on innocent people and mislead them."

"I just wanted to say a hearty thank you for your unbiased presentation of information regarding Wicca. I am not myself Wiccan, but many of my friends and my sweetie are. It is disheartening to see so much bad information out there. Wiccans are among the nicest, most compassionate and strongest people I know. I am happy to see that your site, which has impressed me thoroughly, does not make false claims about their faith. Thank you for being honest and unbiased."

"I for one appreciate the fact that someone has the courage to step up to the plate and speak the truth about abusive religious groups. I suffered under some terrible religious leaders like Derek Prince, Bob Weiner and associated with Rice Brooks and Greg Ball of Champions for Christ. I know how devastating that these so-called religious people can be. People who are abused by these groups may lose their family, friends, money and eventually their life. I was lucky enough to be able to recover, but some of my friends were not. I give kudos to Rick Ross. "

"Congratulations on a well formed site. I encountered it while researching Brother Stair tonight. Sadly, someone close to me suffered from Brother Stair's influence indirectly, but in no less hurtful a manner. The FAQ alone makes the site worth visiting."

"Your site has helped me in my research a great deal. It's informative, professional and enlightening. Thank you so much! I have the utmost respect for you."

"I can't express enough my sincere appreciation for what you do. I felt that you were the first person who fully understood my experiences. Cults in their basic formation are all the same. It's almost scary. I think that when I first met the cult that affected my family, I was really impressed by how friendly they were. But I couldn't help wondering if they would remain friendly, if I didn't become part of their group. Fortunately, I never became deeply involved. There were too many things that didn't make sense. The church and my family criticized my questioning and accused me of being 'too educated.' I was active with the group for a few months, because everyone in my family joined and then subsequently pressured me. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones that didn't establish strong ties. I am lucky because I had strong relationships with my friends outside the church and that protected me."

"Thank you for the information on this web site. Very informative."

"I find your website to be very informative and consider it a valuable research tool."

"Cool site. I stop in periodically and just thought I'd tell you it's a great resource for writers."

"A+ is the grade that I give you and your site! Thank God for you and your work. There are so many religious and professional scams out there with the intention to take control of the weak and vulnerable. I contacted by Bayside Alliance (front name for Trek Alliance). The representative told me that they were interested in my Human Relations background for training and recruiting. They had an ad in the paper entitled 'Corporate Athlete claiming positions in PR/HR/MGMT/MKT.' What a scam! I almost wasted my time and energy."

"Just thought I'd write to say thanks for your great website. It's a standard place for me when I'm looking for information and I'm glad you keep it going!"

"You probably hear this all the time, but I wanted to tell you that your site is absolutely amazing. I did want to tell you that I amazed at the amount of information you managed to compile on Waco."

"I stumbled into your website just three days after paying $40 for the Global Online System aka 'sell Herbalife.' After a very scripted conversation asking for $399 more, I decided to do some research first. Well, you can bet they won't get one more penny of my money. Thank you for this website. I have bookmarked it. I only wish your site would come up as a side bar on all search engines. Your 'Hall of Flames' makes me nervous, just reading the comments. Be safe."

"I was actually searching for a park called the "Holy Boulders" and stumbled onto your site. Dude. Man. Fhew. As a person who knows he should read more about religion, I'd like to thank you for your fuel. I laughed, I cried, I cross referenced. I think I'm a little smarter from having read your stuff."

"I have to say how impressed I am. Your site is extremely useful, informative and surprisingly unbiased. I am a practicing Celtic, Wiccan and Druid. I have never found a site which offered so much information without twisting or tending towards a bias. You have done an excellent job and should be congratulated."

"I just want to sincerely thank you for this website. In the last 3 days it kept me from starting business ventures with both Herbalife and Trek alliance. I hope you realize the amounts of money and personal anguish you save so many people. I know you did me."

"I've visited your site many, many times and love it. It's incredibly informative."

"Your work is essential in this day and age, but it also must be lonely. I have studied many cults and even though I am pastoring a Charismatic church, I am the first to admit there are unbiblical teachings and extra-biblical excesses in the Charismatic movement. May God bless you in your lonely task. The invective you have to face can only show that you must be on the right path. It is only darkness that makes people lash out at truth. If Jesus and Paul had to face the same, why shouldn't you? Be strong and stand for truth."

"Your website is the best! I have referred many people to it People say the information you provide has helped them to recognize groups they may have been involved in or thinking about."

"Thank you for providing your site. You are truly a blessing in this world!"

"I value and appreciate the information you provide. I respect your honest, forthright approach to an oftentimes emotionally complicated subject. I am personally affected by cultists. My daughter is a member of a group, which is mentioned at your website."

"I have just spent several hours reading articles on your Moon page. I just wanted to tell you how incredibly good I thought it was and to congratulate you for your in depth work there! I know that this is a tremendous task. I will recommend your site to friends! I don't think too many people realize that Rev. Moon hasn't gone away and that he has an agenda!"

"Many thanks for all the information about the International Church of Christ. I'm a researcher and am investigating this 'church.' I hope that the leaders are honest and answer my questions. Great job with this site."

"Thank you for your information about the 'Twelve Tribes.' I've had several random encounters with them over the years in the parking lots at Grateful Dead and Phish shows. I've heard people say, 'Whatever you do don't get on their bus.' And at every encounter I have felt a creepy vibe. Once a member literally followed my boyfriend and I for blocks trying to talk with us. I stumbled upon your site and found it so very helpful. Finally some information about these people."

"I was once told your website was a 'cult group,' but because I was warned to stay away I took a good look instead. As free individuals it's our right to become aware and help others to beware. I learned the very hard way about cults. Once I put my brain on a shelf and let others do my thinking for me. By the way, when you actually get your mind back, you pretty much know who to stay away from and Rick your not one of them."

"How bittersweet it was to read the many testimonials of people forever changed by the controlling, legalistic practices of this organization. I was raised in the UPC and left about nine years ago. I have an older brother who still attends and my mother has since given up on the UPC and found an even more legalistic church to join. If only people would seek out truth for themselves. I still struggle to this day with keeping the right perspective of God. When you are taught fear, poverty and control for twenty five years, it can't be replaced with all the right stuff overnight. I do appreciate your website and all you are doing for awareness on these fronts. Keep up the good work."

"I've always been fascinated with these types of organizations and how they function. I remember seeing a 20/20 report on CBJ years ago and feeling so angry and disgusted, that these types of people are out there doing their best to destroy critical thinking and the lives of those they get involved, while collecting money for themselves. And was pleased that I could catch up with CBJ due to the information you have available on your website. It was also comforting to know that an individual like yourself is actively battling these insidious organizations. Although, myself and my family have never been directly affected by a cult, I have an extreme distaste for them and am glad to see people like you are keeping us informed."

"I'm studying for a degree in religion in England and am currently looking at cults, especially ISKCON. No doubt this website will be of great use."

"Thank you so much for your information and helpful archive. I was able to get the article about coping with cult members and religion addicts. My former parish priest is a good friend and he is helping me cope with my mother's excessive religious fanaticism. I am glad also that there are many terrific moderate Catholics who have served as wonderfully positive role models for showing me how the faith can be lived simply and how the faith can brighten my life and not cause the fear that my mother caused me during my childhood."

"Thanks again for your efforts. What a rewarding thing it must be for you to be able to help people who are leaving high demand groups. It must be extremely challenging as well."

"I think that it's a great mark to your credit that the Church of Scientology has all sorts of nastiness about you on the web! I found your website after thinking that something seemed strange about what is listed as the 'new Cult Awareness Network.' It was their disclaimer stating that the site was 'not associated with Rick Ross' that lead me to search for you."

"I've checked out your excellent website. I'd like to thank you for the hard work you're doing. It's very needed."

"I decided to check the web to see if there were any Contrary viewpoints about Suma Ching Hai. It wasn't until I visited your web site that I learned some of the more secular aspects of her work. While I can see she needs funds to help her organization, I'm not sure I agree with that merchandising is part of spiritual development. Maybe that's because I'm not enlightened. Thank you very much for offering a point of view that is sorely needed on the Web today. I think it is so easy to be misguided and unless one makes a conscious effort to seek all points of view, it is easy to go down a path blindfolded."

"Just wanted to tell you that since my friend got into a large group awareness training (LGAT) I have since forwarded your site and quotes from the various resources on your site to literally everyone I know who has email. I've urged them to do likewise. ours may be one of the most important sites of the 21st century. Thanks for saving me from wasting nearly a thousand dollars, my time and potentially losing much worse. Keep up the good work."

"Fantastic site. I have read it for hours, believe it or not! Keep up the great work."

"I admire your courage and life's work. Hang in there. Most people might not know it, but even more people need your help.Your Web site is a major contribution and making a difference in saving people's lives. My hat is off to you."

"You hear stories all the time about the effects on families when someone is caught up in a 'cult like group,' which has led to alienation, broken relationships, etc. Thank you for your information about the 'Word of Faith' movement. I have passed your information on to help two families who are feeling the damage of their practices. Thank you for what you are doing."

"You are truly a shining light in a world filled with insidious human evil. It is a reassuring feeling when one finds someone else who wishes to give sight back to the blind."

"Your site and it's many links have been a valuable source of information. As a recent California resident, I have found myself in endless conversations with devotees of everything from The Forum, channeling, black magic, all manner of LGATs, Satanic Ritual Abuse, alien abduction, and pretty much everything else that could come tumbling out of the 'X Files.' The information on has confirmed many of my suspicions."

"Thank you so much for providing such an informative site. My mom has been involved with unusual group seminars. I have questioned their practices all along. Your information has allowed me to understand more what is happening at these seminars."

"I recently visited your web site to help me understand better a client I am working with. Thank You!! Your web site was informative, very helpful, and I shared it with my client, who was very impressed as well."

"I believe you have done so much to help so many people. I have sent people to your Web site and it has helped so many. I have also used your Web site and studies to help my own family. You are doing a great work."

"I really enjoy reading the information you have gathered. I think that you have created a really important information medium. I am particularly interested in Scientology and am doing some research into that 'religion.'"

"Thank you for being there. Your site saved me from joining Herbalife. I was almost ready to join. God, what a mistake that would have been. You are doing a great job, and your site is wonderful."

"Thank you for taking the time to put together an interesting web site. My heart grieves for those who have been abused by churches that take scripture out of context in order to control, beat down and demoralize! I have seen interpretations of scripture with a twist. And rarely do such church leaders submit themselves for correction after being caught in lies. Instead there is always the escape clause 'touch not mine anointed.' A scripture in Proverbs says to run away from evil. This means if you are in a church that preaches one thing, but does the opposite, beat a path to the door. My husband and I recently left the Calvary Chapel. Many of the men at this fellowship think I am too 'strong willed.' I will never be a follower of any person here on earth. I am also full of faults, but each fault makes me unique within that fabric of who I am in Christ. No matter what anyone tries to say for Christ, we must know for ourselves what The Word says. I am a Berean by nature, which means I study the Word and take it as the authority. This has been my salvation through the worst storms in my life. God really does love us with all of our imperfections and He longingly desires to bring healing."

"I have dropped into your most excellent and unique site several times over the past couple of years. I feel like finally taking the opportunity to thank you for it. This is very important work you are doing! I am convinced that for every positive note such as this that you receive there must be many more people who have truly benefited from your efforts. I hope that you will continue this good work."

"Thank you much for your Web site that exposes cults. I am currently being heavily recruited by the Los Angeles Church Of Christ. My neighbor is a member of that group. Your site has so many articles on them I'll never read them all. The information is accurate. My curiosity about them has been satisfied. I am cutting my connection today by canceling any further 'Bible Studies.'"

"I just wanted to say that I think your Web site is fantastic. It's well thought out and it has a lot of information."

"My husband and I visited Waco in the latter part of 2000 and have been intrigued ever since. I have just finished reading parts of your Web site concerning the Waco tragedy and I felt compelled to let you know that I feel you have done an excellent, informative and unbiased job. Many thanks for the informative Web site."

"I admire the work you've done with your Web site, which appears to be one of the most comprehensive sites I've seen. I also think it's needed and that more should be done to promote it; I'm certainly planning to mention the site to some of my friends."

"I expect you get plenty of encouraging email, but I thought I'd just offer my gratitude for the work you do on your website. It's a worthwhile cause and people really do need to learn about the dangers of putting any trust in groups like Scientology. It's good to have all of the information handy in one place. The Flames section of your website is good too. Nice to see that the cultists of the world are still using the 'constitution' as an excuse for human rights abuses. Some things never change. I'm just glad we don't adhere to anything like that in England. Perhaps that's why the Scientologists don't have as much luck over here."

"I've been lucky (and smart) enough to not have had any meaningful contacts with cult type groups in my life (except for the occasional campus recruitment type effort and a 'Moonie' or two at the airport), but nonetheless wanted to compliment you on your site and life's work. I first came across your site when I was doing research for an article on a fellow running for office under the Natural Law Party banner this party is backed by the TM movement. The Scientologists are who really intrigue me. They're quite scary, but look who I'm telling that to. Rick, keep up the good works, and best of luck to you in the future."

"I'd like to say that I really like your website a lot. It's one of the best resources regarding cults on the Internet. I'm very interested in the Scientology problem (no wonder since I live in Germany)."

"You're a hero of mine. The work you've done and continue to do is invaluable and I wish you happiness and luck in your future."

"Thank you very much for making your research available on the web. A friend has been pressuring me to attend a Landmark Forum, but I had a lot of skepticism following the introductory seminar. Your website helped me learn a lot more about this organization and helped me make an informed decision (to NOT attend). I'm sure you are harassed by many of the organizations addressed on your website, so I have to applaud your courage in making this information public. Your website is a good example of the BEST that is possible on the Internet: freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry. Please continue your excellent work."

"As a former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses I would like to thank you for the information you have made available on your website. I was a baptized member and the process of leaving the religion through voluntary 'disfellowshipping' was a painful and difficult time for me. Unfortunately, most material about the religion tends to be extreme and unhelpful. I was glad to see your well researched, balanced and informative links. I hope that solid information like this will be helpful to others."

"My husband and I were looking for a warm, intelligent, enthusiastic church. We thought we'd found it. Instead, we got burned, and we've been bouncing from church to church for the past seven years trying to recover from it. That, to me, is the worst part of cults. They make you distrust everyone and take so long to recover from. I want to warn people (specifically Christians) that it can look like a church and sound like a church, but underneath, it might be a cult."

"I was thoroughly impressed with your web site, coming from India I have seen my share of scamsters using religion for their own ends."

"I think your doing a great service informing the public about cults and 'mind controlling' groups that claim to be religions. I was not aware there were thousands of 'cult' like groups in the United States. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for your web site! Reading through all the wonderful information on all the various groups has really helped me to understand some of the difficulties I went through."

"I think your website is one of the best I've seen on the subject of cults or new religious movements."

"I want to applaud you for what you are doing. It makes me feel like all is not lost. It is good to know that there are still people out there fighting for what is right. Thanks again."

"Thank you for your web site! Reading through all the wonderful information on all the various groups has really helped me to understand some of the difficulties I went through."

"I learned a lot from your website last night, and I have added it to my favorites list. Keep up the great work!"

"I'm from England and I've just got your site from a mate--cool. Anyway, keep the good work up."

"It seems like you put a lot of work and research down. It's very good and I find your reports interesting. It's good that people like you exist!"

"Hi, just wanted to drop you a line of thanks for your website--I have learned a lot."

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the great information. I am an ex-Jehovah Witness, and it is because of sites such as yours that I got out. I read some of your 'Hall of Flames,' it's very interesting how they've all condemned you. Well once again thanks for all the information, I'm sure others have offered, but if you ever want to speak to a new ex Witness write me. I was one for 16 years."

"I would just like to take the time to thank you for creating this site! I am a high school student and a major part of our grade is a research paper this quarter--I chose to do mine on brainwashing. I live in a small town, so our libraries had relatively little information, but at your site I found quality and abundant information."

"Thanks for the terrific site--best site on the web for info about cults! I have had a long standing interest in cults for years, I happened upon your site and needless to say your now in my favorites list! Thanks for all the information!"

"I have enjoyed reading about various groups on your site. I think you are providing a terrific public service."

"Thank you for your time, effort and world class compassion to DARE to develop and maintain such a web site. I'm sure you are helpful to many people, good luck in your future endeavors."

"After reading some of your site, I am deeply grateful for your dedication exposing these harmful cults. The bravery, courage and tenacity you have shown is commendable, to say the least. My sincere best wishes to you and your endeavors to continue fighting cult thought reform and mind control issues that prey on innocent victims. The quest for the Courts and the general public to be educated about these abuses needed someone like you that has the guts to endure the injustices done to you in the past. My hat goes off to you and your work! Someone needed to uncover the ugly world of cults today and you are doing a fine job. Sincere gratitude to you."

"Hello, I would like to commend you on your dedication to the complex and alarming issue of mind control. As a college student who has chosen the subject of "cults" as a topic for papers and essays, I have found your web site extremely helpful. I've always been intrigued about unsafe groups with ulterior motives and it's refreshing to find a person who devotes such time to the matter. I admire your web site and your efforts to make a difference in the lives of many!"

"Thank you for your website--it's great, just great! I [was] looking for some information about ISKCON/Krishna. After searching for three hours, I finally found your site--it was worth the effort. What you do is great and I think it's necessary. I hope [your information] will be read by as many people as possible."

"I was a Scientologist for nine years. I was a boy when I joined, and a young man when I left. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who managed to unshackle himself from the choke hold of their ideology. Young men and women, who are fascinated by cosmological things, innocent, gullible--are veritable 'sitting ducks' for this alleged religion. The toughest thing for a person in Scientology to overcome, is that if not Scientology--then what? [But] just about anything is better. There are many aspects of Scientology [such as] their so-called 'technology,' which cement a person into it [through what is called] 'anchor points'(a Scientology term). The fallacious background of Mr. Hubbard can [also] be easily proved. Keep up the good work."

"I truly enjoy your web site. Man, I thought it was a rarity to be involved in a 'bible based' cult (as I was), but apparently not! My wife and I spent 12 years there being controlled, manipulated, shamed, intimidated and the discarded--once I figured out what was happening. Your web site has really been the best site I have come across devoted to freeing people from cults. Thank you for your great resource."

"Thank you for the information you have on the Forum, EST and Landmark Education. It is very educational."

"I sent you an email previously saying that you have good information on your web site. I wanted to reiterate that, and furthermore say that your site is so well put together that I have found it entertaining in its own right--your 'Hall of Flames' is a trip. I neglected to say earlier that a donation was forthcoming."

"Your site is a very brave and generous thing to have produced for people. I heard about it from another poster after making a couple of rather innocent remarks on the bulletin board. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for doing a great job on exposing Landmark Forum for what it is. I became aware of it recently via several people of work who have attended its programs. Many thanks to you for your hard work and excellent web page!"

"Thank you so much for having this site online for the public. I know it has saved me from the hands of Equinox. I will pass the word on to hopefully save others from a possible horrible experience."

"Thanks for this website, it is a real treasure trove of helpful information."

"Because of your web site my girlfriend is probably going to get her life back together. She was a devotee of Landmark Education and this morning she said she feels normal again, after having read your material"

"I just wanted to say keep up the Good Work. I am really impressed with your Web site [section about] Equinox. I have been particularly impressed with the fall out relating to Equinox International. I feel as if my 'soul' was robbed too. I became a Director with the firm several years ago--eventually my sales force did over $100,000 per month in product sales. Despite this I lost over $75,000 as a result of the lies and deceptions of this company. I could tell so many stories of people going broke and the reality of the cult like brainwashing of Bill Gouldd. The company steals your dreams, money and sometimes your relationships with loved ones."

"Thank you for your informative website, especially your information regarding Amway. My husband and I are distributors, but we are getting out, in part because of the information we got from your site. Thanks again for such a wonderful site!"

"Thanks for including the excellent, comprehensive information about the Ezzo's and Growing Families International, 'Babywise,' etc., on your website. I am a lactation consultant in private practice and I see the results of involvement with these groups. It certainly appears that it is similar to involvement in a cult [sic]--and just as difficult to 'get over.'" --Carol Brussel, IBCLC

"Thank you for maintaining such a truthful website. The information is right on concerning one of the most deceptive, abusive companies ever--Equinox International."

"I'm writing to congratulate you on having the most interesting and informative site I've ever seen. I've spent several hours reading it and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your website has gone a long way towards helping me to understand the experiences I've had, and also the influences some of these groups have had on my family and friends. I salute you for your courage in standing up to such powerful and well-financed organizations as Scientology and even Amway. Keep up the good work! Entries in the 'Hall of Flames' section prove to me that your work is valuable and effective--these people fear and hate you."

"This is to compliment you on the excellence of your site and its thought provoking contents. Thank you very much, and I will recommend your site to others."

"I just wanted to thank you for setting up such a wonderful and informative web site. It's about time people started challenging these religious cults and exposing all of the different sides of them. I think you have done the Internet community a good service."

"I commend your courage in building this website. You have taken on some pretty heavy hitters, like the Scientologists."

"I found your material on Equinox quite interesting. When I was a college senior in May 1995, I responded to a newspaper classified ad in the Arizona Republic looking for people interested in sports marketing. I flew out to Phoenix, stayed with some friends and went to the interview to find out it was nothing more than a pyramid scam. When I started asking a lot of questions along those lines, culminating with 'this looks like nothing more than a pyramid scheme-- is it?' At that point several of the 'representatives' became more than a little uneasy. Having already wasted two hours of my time in Phoenix, I announced to our 'representative' that I would hear no more about this 'scam' and left. Just thought you might want to hear one more person's experience with Equinox. I now have a legitimate job in the sports industry--a field I have always wanted to work in. You are doing a great job with your website and helping to make the public aware of groups like this."

"Compliments on your great website and the service you provide. It's hard to believe that such a good source of information is absolutely free to anyone. At the risk of sounding pompous, I would say that your website adds to all that is good in the world. Yours may be a Sisyphus task, the irrational has a strong grip on man's psyche, but yours is an essential task."--Australia

"Thanks, thanks for a wonderful site. You really fulfill what the Internet should be about--an open dialogue of information."

"Wow--just a quick note to tell you I thought your site was fantastic. Lots of good information".

"I think you are providing a great service to the public. Your Web site is a rare example of the Internet doing some good for a change".

"I just wanted to let you know that your web site and especially the information at 'Cult Apologists'? is wonderful and I am so pleased to see it".

"You have a terrific website and I'm telling my friends about it."

"Wow--what a resource--very nicely done!"

"I found your website extremely insightful in my research of the International Churches of Christ. I just want you to know that your select information has proved very valuable to me."

"Great Web site. As a member of a family that has been hurt by cults on several occasions, I am damn glad someone is trying to put information on the WWW about these organizations. Keep up the good work! Don't let them intimidate you."

"Your website is out of this world. Up to date. Great info about and links to Heaven's Gate. Thanks. I visit it a lot."

"Rick, this is an excellent site. Thank you for the great information on such a variety of groups."

"Thank you Mr. Ross, your information prevented me from making a very bad mistake. You should continue to follow up on Justin Sterling's institute, it is a very deceitful organization."

"Your posts regarding the Sterling Institute have been very enlightening. I recently attended a "team meeting" with a friend who did the weekend about a year ago. While at the meeting I was pressured to answer about whether I wanted to do the weekend or not, and was forced to go on the very limited amount of information which I did have. After finding your information I am very glad that I did say that I was not interested in attending."

"Thank you so much for reaching me. I know how busy you are. I reviewed the Web Site as you suggested, gained insight. May God Bless you for your kindness, and all that you do for people faced with such a crisis!"

"Dear Sir, I was involved in a widely accepted religious movement, not considered a cult by anyone. The church, the Bible, and my husband controlled me. Then I got a divorce, and was in a relationship for 5 years that left me broken hearted. Everything I ever heard from anyone's mouth regarding decisions I should make were preceded with, "The word of the Lord to you is" and I did it. Now my life is a shambles, and I am unable to function in the secular world. I am surprised how much stuff in your articles describe my experience. Thank you for putting it on the web. It helps me understand why I foolishly did whatever I was told."

"Your web site is super. Thanks for all you hard work in putting your site together."

"Your site is so interesting and illuminating, I can hardly wait to read it all!"

"Thank you for your web page. It is obvious that much time has been put into it, and it has been a valuable resource for me, as I study comparative religions, isms, cults, and the occult."

"I have read all your info on the potter's house, etc., and I agree with everything. When I was younger I was a member and have had some very bad experiences with this group. Keep up the good work on exposing this group for what they are."

"Just wanted to say a word of Thanks for the mountain of information we were lucky to find on your, most interesting, web site. Keep up the good work. Did we say, "good work"? Ooops. We meant, great work!"

"I was delighted to find your very informational web site. This is good work."

"The world needs more people like you. I was ignorant in my dealings with this individual and "his Group", now I feel much better, with your help."

"I was so glad to see that you have listed Maranatha Ministries under your other groups. Back in the mid to late '80s I was a member of their organization while attending a University. Fortunately I was only around for a couple of years before coming to my senses and leaving the group. They are a cult and they do practice "mind control" tactics although they will be the first to deny it."

"I was a member of a Victory Chapel located in Massachusetts. I saw your Web site and I loved it. I experienced a lot of the pain that a lot of ex-cult members feel. I pray to God that people will continue to be helped by your efforts. I have myself returned to the church of my youth and I am very happy. Paul Campo, the pastor of that Cape Cod [Victory] "church" is one of the most arrogant men alive today. I am amazed at how people just blindly follow him. Thanks and keep up the good work."

"I want to thank you for your wonderful Web site, filled with information and so well presented. It shows much time and effort dedicated to helping inform the public."

"Some of my friends might have saved themselves a bundle of money, several nights sleep, and a wicked brow-beating by a bunch of professionals if they had had a chance to check out your site beforehand. I appreciate your hard work in this field and your efforts to get the word out".

"Thank you so much for the web site! After viewing it a close friend of mine has decided to break her ties with the Sterling Family of Women. I have been very concerned for her and discouraging her participation in this group for almost a year. It took hearing it from you, as well as me to bring her around. Thanks again."

"My little sister recently attended a Landmark Education Forum. I was able to find [information] on your website that helped lead my family, including my younger sister, away from this group. Your resource was a 'real' miracle. Thank you."

"Once again, I have given people a copy of the material that you have posted on your website on this group. I cannot thank you enough for making this information available and attainable. When people see the other side of this group and are able to get beyond the "mystery" of the [Sterling] weekend, they are shocked. Thank you for this very valuable public service."

"Your web site has allowed me to heal some very old wounds. God Bless You"

"Thank you for your web site. It was one of two major things that opened my eyes and cleared my confusion about a leader I was involved with. This man, with a few major differerences, taught me almost verbatim much of what [Vernon] Howell [aka David Koresh] taught. I almost choked when I found your Branch Davidian pages. After the initial shock of seeing the things I was taught and went through repeated on these pages, I feel liberated. I am now trying to become educated in cults and mind control to understand how this happened to me and how I can guard myself from every letting it happen again. Thanks again for your web site."

"Your site on cults is one of the best I've ever seen." --A visitor from Italy

"There is a Victory Chapel on Guam and the same thing is happening here. My sister left the church finally realizing that it was mind control, and brain washing. I would like to say thank you for being out there to let people know what is really going on."

"My research has brought me to many quality web pages for information. Yours is by far the very BEST. I could easily spend a month educating myself with the vast information you have here. I have also seen you on television."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website on the Sterling Institute. It may very well have saved my marriage. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for this site because at one time I thought that I was the crazy one and now I know that I am not alone. I lost my marriage because of my decision not to follow [Christian Fellowship Churches]. The people in the church believe--I am now a 'non-believer'. I am glad that I finally made the decision to leave, but I truly loved my husband. I hope that you can help others like my former husband".

"Thank you very much for replying [to] me and helping me out. I am very thankful you found the time to help me! It is nice to know that people still care about students studies. Once again thank you."

"I just want to say 'Thank-you' for posting crucial information regarding the Sterling Institute of Relationship. I have been approached by an acquaintance to attend the Women's Weekend. Having 'trust' in this person I signed up and deposited the mandatory $100. But, my gut kept poking at me to know more than offered about the event. It just didn't feel right that it was all so secret. The more I read the more nervous I became about attending this event. Again, my gut says this definitely isn't for me. I will be notifying the appropriate person on my decision not to attend the weekend as planned. Thanks again for posting information that I could find. You've probably saved me from a potentially terrifying experience. Guess I've failed the Sterling 'trust' test, but I'm certainly glad I can choose to fail it now vs. in the midst of their so called program."

"My wife and I have been attending the Christian Fellowship. I read through many of the articles on Potter's House and Wayman Mitchell--it was as though I was reading transcripts of conversations I've had about the church or reading a play about things we've seen. From the very beginning there were flags shooting up warning me, but I waited to give the church a chance to prove itself. But, after attending the July 1998 conference in Prescott--my suspicions only became stronger. Now after reading the stories of others who unfortunately stayed in way too long--my feelings and suspicions have been confirmed.Most of the people in our congregation are completely indoctrinated. They all express that same belief that any church besides a Potter's House is full of backsliders and lukewarm Christians. I believe it is a great service that you are providing exposing organizations such as Wayman Mitchell and his Potter's House".

"I think that your site is a credit to the Internet society. To be more specific, the content is not only extensive and detailed, but also compelling. There are far too many sites out there that attempt to inform about a subject, but offer nothing more than a sophomoric and opinionated rant regarding the issue. Yours is quite the contrary. Thank you"

"I am grateful that I stumbled across your web site. I was beginning to feel that I was alone in my opinion of the 'big revival' in Pensacola. Keep doing what you're doing, I'm sure there are many more people like myself out there. I encourage you that you are doing the right thing."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your articles. Amazing mind opener."

"I would like to thank you for including Calvary Chapel within your Web site. Your doing so has become a major milestone in my recovery from our 12-year involvement with that organization--half of those as leaders. I have been unable to describe our experience with anyone, because Calvary has such a good surface reputation that I figured I would just be labeled as someone with a personal axe to grind.Our former Calvary pastor has blacklisted us with other churches and spread malicious lies about us among the congregation, which I have felt powerless to counter. For four years I have virtually hidden myself in my house or escaped by doing the shopping out of town--alienated, distrustful, and full of the fear of running into the pastor and members of the church. Now, through your Web site I have the beginning of an explanation for others--who in our small town, ask me why we left.Our Calvary Chapel scored 90% on your ['Warning Signs']'Unsafe Group/Leader' checklist and 90% on your 'People Involved with an Unsafe Group/Leader' checklist.This month I have gotten the courage to seek professional counseling.Thanks again. Don't let anyone ever talk you into taking Calvary Chapel off of your Web site".

"Mr. Ross, I think you are doing a courageous service to everyone who these kinds of organizations view as more sheep for the flock and I emphasize 'everyone'. Don't let anyone silence you with threats or lawsuits. I'm sure as Hell not letting them add me to their docile herd!"

"Excellent site. I am sure I will be back often. The articles on 'Brownsville' were especially helpful".

"I just read some of your pages concerning Scientology. Excellent job. I feel good that there are level-headed people like you around who can expose these cultists for what they are."

"I just wanted to thank you for making all of this information [about Sterling Institute of Relationship] available. I was directed to your Web site and I am so very grateful I was. My boyfriend read your information as well and has decided it is not for him. My boyfriend said because of the information he found on the web. I can not begin to thank you enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

"Your web site was introduced to me by a former member [of Sterling Institute of Relationship], with critical timing! Just one day before returning to a 'open house'. I knew I wanted to go, but did not have the words to express my reasons for going. The postings helped me to become incredibly articulate and prepared. Thank you for your informative web site I can't begin to tell you how much the content has helped me put things into perspective".

"I enjoy your articles very much and think that you do a public service".

"I suppose you get thanks all the time for your efforts in investigating those groups that would hurt or attempt to destroy the family, but from my heart to yours--thank you for your speedy reply and incredible resource of information. You may have saved my daughters life--both physical and spiritual!After reading your information I contacted my daughter and in fact forwarded your web site to her. Her eyes were immediately opened to what the [International] Church of Christ was trying to do and in her hurt and confusion she cried out to the Lord for help. It was a great time of healing when we were all together. I am confident that she will be all right--she is much more enlightened because of the material you have on the web. She read quite lot of it prior to us [talking]--even highlighted passages that were in your material.Again, my sincere, humble thanks"!

"I want to say thanks for providing the information about the different groups on your web site. A friend of mine discussed one of these groups with me [and I recognized this] as a possible recruitment technique. By reading the articles on your pages I have gained valuable information about the group he is involved in and now know what it is about. This has helped prevent me from possible [problems] with a philosophy that could have been potentially harmful to both me and my family".

"I have just recently discovered your web-site. Many, many thanks for the information you provide. I have a personal interest in this because of a friend who has become hopelessly involved with Sri Chinmoy. She appears to have lost all touch with reality. Your Web site has offered me some hard facts, which I can send my friend in the doubtful hope that I might be able to help her see the light. Thanks again, and keep up the good work".

"I visited your page tonight and was really impressed with the wealth of information there. You are bookmarked and I will be visiting often. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your page".

"Thanks for putting up the info on Kundalini Yoga. Things didn't sound right to me. I got a negative feeling and went with it [and your site] confirmed things. Thanks again for making the information available".

"Thank you for your page regarding Victory Outreach and the fact that there is life after ministry there. I was a staff minister with Peter Belaustegui---you have his testimony/story posted on your web site. He is a dear man of God. It is important that his story be told. My time with VO and Pastor Peter was very valuable. He is unique, and we didn't have a lot of the problems in our local church due to the fact that he fought it all the time. May the Lord continue to strengthen you".

"Thank you for your Web site and information about Justin Sterling and the Sterling Institute of Relationship. I am scheduled to attend 'The Weekend' this coming weekend, but, thanks to your information, I am going to see what I can do about getting my money refunded. It will be interesting to see the response I get when I try to 'break this contract' and 'demonstrate how I act in relationships' in this way! I have attended 'The Forum' and other such seminars, and I was assured that 'this was different'. I appreciate the information you have posted because it helped me see that it is no different, and is NOT what I want or need right now. Thanks again for your information. It not only saved me money, but perhaps my sanity and integrity"!

"I would like to thank you for your Web site. There must have been an angel watching over me, or I might have been sucked into the International Church of Christ. Your information was very helpful".

"I must commend you on your fine work, Rick. Your site is just what I have been looking for. Keep up the good work."

"I would like to thank-you for your information on Sterling. It has saved me from continuing on with a potentially destructive relationship. I have been seeing a guy who belongs to this club. When he first told me about it I was a bit skeptical--since he couldn't tell me what went on in the meetings. Although he tells me it's not a cult, I know he is brainwashed. When we first starting going out he was a perfect gentleman, nice, caring, & considerate. He comes from a good family, good friends, and good job. I would have never thought he could hit me, but he did once and that was enough. He would change his behavior from cold to warm. Boy, am I ever glad to have seen your Web site on Sterling. I can now understand and see why he behaves the way he does."

"I picked up a flyer advertising yoga, Tai Chi and meditation in a new center close to my house called the Dahn Center. I did a search then came across your Web site. I am so glad I spent a little time to check out the Dahn Center on the Web and really find out about it. I will pass on the info and your Web site address to my friends. Hopefully no one will get 'conned' by these guys."

"I ask why I found this in the nick of time. Thank you for putting out this information. It was almost too late for me."

"I would like to personally thank you for making my life a bit easier. I am a broadcast journalism major and your list of extremist groups has proven to be an invaluable part of my research. Thanks...please keep up the good work. It is a useful tool for anyone."

"I recently left the Sri Chinmoy cult after [several] years. I can attest to the fact that anyone can be swept up by and taken over by a force like the one Chinmoy and his disciples wield. I think back upon the changes I made in my life for the sake of the 'path' that were not only hurtful to me, but to others, especially those closest to me. It is very difficult to feel the pain and anger welled up inside after so many years of pressing and denying it all. I would do almost anything to be able to stop men like Chinmoy (although a few are women) from taking over people's lives. It only looks like an easy way out. Thank you very much for having this web site"!

"I found your site to be very helpful, especially the [section about] 'Jehovah's Witnesses'!"

"I came across by accident. But since I know numerous people involved with the Landmark/Forum group, I spent some time browsing. It's a great collection of information and articles. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for the useful, informative, website."

"Great website and excellent reading material. Keep up the good work"!

"Thanks to the resources of, I was able to make an informed decision and avoid Landmark! Kudos to you for providing the research material and thus helping me avoid a potentially frustrating 'pressure sale' session or even worse."

"Thank you for a great Web site. It is helping me deal with cults and religious fanatics. My college has many groups brainwashing students up here. I have lost friends of 20 years. I wish the school could do something--it is such a mess."

"The information on your website has been an invaluable tool for me in [my] ongoing healing struggle. My heartfelt thanks to you. Keep up the good work!"

"I just want you to know that I am very impressed with your Web page and appreciate the work and expertise you have in this field. Thanks for making this information accessible!"

"Thank you. I found [] when I was searching for things about Equinox. They are here with their scheme, but after reading [your site] I do not want anything to do with them. I have a friend who took me there and I told her that this was not a good idea. I am so glad that I researched it. My friend read all this too and then called Equinox to give her answers. Of course they said, 'are you going to believe someone's opinion on the Internet'? Well I do and so does my friend. Thank you so much. You saved us $5,000.00 dollars and now I am trying to stop these people before they rip other people off. I called the state attorneys office."

"I just wanted to express my thankfulness that your site exists. My friend did the Sterling Men's weekend a couple of months ago. He got me to come to an Open House, and it seemed potentially useful; I said that, if it weren't for the money, I'd say 'Fuck it!' and do it. The next day, of course, he said he would help me 'get around' the money issue, and he told me how important it was that I do the weekend. After getting home that night, I searched the web for more information and found your website. Suffice to say that the numerous accounts, testimonials and background information was a complete eye-opener. I've told a lot of our mutual friends what I've learned, and invited them to visit your site. They have all responded positively to your site and the information and outlook it provides."

"I am a serious writer and the subject of cults has fascinated me for quite some time. However, I couldn't find much info at my local library. Your site has been and continues to be (it will probably take me years to wade through this wonderful bounty of information) a major source of inspiration and information. Thank you."

"Rick I am proud to keep you on my favorite site list! Our church pastors use you for good counsel and I believe you are appreciated."

"I was 'kicked out' of a [Landmark] Forum session by the leader. He told me he would not allow me back in because I failed to return after a meal break and my reason for not doing so was because I was not seeing any validity in the program. He told me that he was my coach and I had to do what he said, I had no integrity and was being shitty with him, etc. You can guess the rest! I regret that I did not have the foresight to research on the Internet prior to this weekend. Instead, I buckled under the coercion of a friend. I plan to write and see if they have the 'integrity' to refund the money that I paid for nothing, but a weekend of misery. Thanks for being there, the Forum was nothing more than a very bad experience."

"This is a great resource, thanks."

"Hello, I live in Israel and I am a teenager. Some time ago a good friend of mine started to go to this place called 'Kabbalah Centre'. I didn't mind of course and even went with him once or twice. Somehow though I found your website [and it responded to] all of the fears I had. I understand now what this place all about. I made my friend promise me he won't go there again. I just want to say thank you. I don't want to think what could have happened if I stayed there."

"I just found your site and it's great. I'm still reading it but wanted to comment that it is very well laid out technically as well as informative."

"Thank you for all your information and the time you spent. You do a great service to parents. Thanks again."

"Thanks for the website. I have to say, of all the information that I've been looking up in the past few weeks--yours has the best information."

"Your site is awesome!"

"Your website is very informative and well organized. If I may say, you do noble work."

"I got online tonight looking for a reality check--thanks to your site I got one. ...I just wanted to let you know that your site made a difference to at least one person, it saved me a lot of money, and it really woke me up. ...Thank you for putting this information out there in such an easily accessible format and all in one place."

"I would like to express my personal appreciation and gratitude for your efforts in compiling and presenting the 'Waco' site. This is probably the most factual and objective site or collection of information regarding the Branch Davidians that I have seen. As a retired ATF supervisory agent who was present in Waco prior to, during and subsequent to the Branch Davidian standoff, I feel that I am well acquainted with those events. Unfortunately criminal trials and civil litigation have limited the responses to the conspiracy theorists by many of those law enforcement officials who full well knew how dangerous a threat that David Koresh posed to the public. I feel that your site has to a large degree rectified this situation. Thank you again for your efforts."

"I am writing to let you know that in the last year that I have been searching, this is probably the most unbiased website (with regards to the Wiccan faith) that I have been able to find. The site is informative and enlightening--to say the least."

"The service you provide in the name of information is important, appreciated and refreshing to hear."

"I am another ex-UPC church member who thanks you for this site. I got into it at 19 and was involved for about 10 years--then I 'backslid'. 'The truth will set you free.'"

"Keep up the good work. Your site is very well researched and though you have your perspective, I think you are fair".

"You do a wonderful service. Thank you."

"I'm sitting in Stockholm, Sweden, reading your very good site. Wonderful! Two family members have started attending neat little classes at Landmark. You're heard and read. Keep up your good work!"

"I just wanted to thank you for your articles on Equinox. I found two ads in the local paper--neither identified the companies. I called these phone numbers and after leaving messages on both got two calls Backs. The first told me the company name was 'Infinite Effects' and the second said 'Infinite Designs'. I set up an interview appointment and tried researching the companies on the net and my local phone directory--nothing. Still I kept my appointment and when I arrived (with a bunch of other potential recruits) I learned the company name was actually Equinox. After a brief interview they asked me to come back tomorrow with a list of questions to ask them. When I went home I got online to research the company by its real name and found your website and articles. I don't consider myself a naive person--I worked 20 years at one of the nations largest health insurance companies and the last 6 were as a Claims Manager. They almost had me, but thanks to you--they didn't get me. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Your web pages were a real eye opener for me. To think I almost got suckered into [Equinox]. They wanted me to be a trainee/director. With 2 kids in college, I would have been wiped out. They certainly know how to pressure people. Without even looking at my resume they were ready to hire me. Lots of red flags were raised. When I checked out Equinox on the Internet I ran the other way. Even after I called to let them know my concerns about what I read, they still were trying to convince me to join. THANK GOD for your info."

"Just a quick note to say, great Web Site and a terrific service to many."

"I think you have a very informative and needed site. Kudos for you in confronting these cowards, spineless losers--who prey on the young and innocent! I am hoping the story of Catherine Cheng will have a happy ending."

"Nice web site--very informative articles regarding the so called 'cults'. Hopefully this will spur public awareness of the dangers these groups represent and also help them identify them."

"Good work you're doing man! Love the inclusion of the United Kingdom [Great Britain] stuff--people over here just don't realize how dangerous these organizations can be."

"I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of information you have amassed on your web site. It is undoubtedly the best non-specific cult site I have found. What's more, it's well laid out and nice to look at! You're doing a great service for ex-members, families and professionals. Keep up the good work."

"I am extremely impressed with both your work and your web site. I am very curious about religions and even more so about cults that seem to attract so many. Your site provided lots of otherwise hard to find information regarding many groups of which I am previously unacquainted with. Keep up the good work."

"Your web site is a gold mine of helpful information. Thank you."

"Your site is great and I hope that free minds flourish around the world through such information. Such information is something that everyone concerned should know about so they are at least more knowledgeable regarding their options."

"I recently found your page and am very impressed with the wealth of links--especially those related to the Church of Scientology. I have been harassed by these people. I [took a] basic communication course around 1980 and did not know it [was related to Scientology] at the time. It was billed as a course on relationships. I was a very critical student and...for this I was branded a 'suppressive person' or 'SP.' I believe this organization makes more trouble than even people such as yourself imagine."

"I find your 'groups' section extremely interesting. I'm a Sikh and feel we are always mistaken for these 3HO people who are not at all related to us. Thanks for that great research. The site is 3HO as well."

"Thank you so much for the guts to put this site up! It is all true! Been there done that and almost lost it all, but on the right track now!"

"I'm finding some terrific reads on your site, particularly those that are related to 'A. Justin Sterling'. What a scam!"


"You have a great web page and I think you're providing a great service."

"A friend of mine at work brought a flyer in for me [about]...meditation, etc. I thought the name sounded familiar and decided to look on the Web. After reading your page, I realized this was the same place I visited in Mesa, Arizona (the Tao Institute). My friend and I went there to check it out, and I got an unusual feeling about the place from the start. The woman [there] seemed too 'happy.' She had nothing but wonderful words about the 'master' and this place. But the more I probed her as to why she liked it so much, the more she diverted away from the subject, as if she did not know. I love Qi Gong, Breathing exercises, and ALL the classes I have taken and I can tell you why. I can tell you the positive and negative sides to doing them. It makes me leery when someone cannot tell me the same. So, thanks for the info! I hope other people can get benefit out of it as well."

"I am so glad God has given us people with courage to show us the Truth. I bet your web site's name could be 'The Truth is out there.' I had been looking for critical (and impartial) information regarding Billy Meier and his UFO claims. Please don't stop publishing stuff--we really need sites like yours. May God bless you and all your friends. Keep going!"

"Thank you for your tireless efforts and important web site. I will refer to your web site and point it out--especially to young people in our area. It is difficult to convey the dangers posed by such groups, which is often wrapped in what may appear as legitimate philosophy."

"Your place is one of the best resources about dangerous cults I know--I suggest it to everyone I know and on Web forums. Did you ever check OCRT's site? For some time it seemed very interesting, but when I saw their point of view about Scientology, I began to wonder. How can they be so sweet about those terrorists? Either Time Magazine was wrong (no way!), or these guys are afraid to be 'politically incorrect' (yes way!). Can it be something like the '[new] CAN,' a tentacle of the 'pseudo church' of $cienogreed?"

"I am a student in High School and I am just writing to say that I found your web site very useful for a research paper--thanks again!"

"I have looked through your site and I think it is a wonderful information source. I am, what some would call a 'free believer'--I don't choose to follow any people who use mind control. I commend you for your work and hope for your continued success with helping people who have been brainwashed."

"Thank you for your megasite! This has been a tremendous help to my high school psychology students researching cults. Thanks for putting together a comprehensive information source."

"I just wanted to write and thank you for such a comprehensive web site on information regarding cults. I am a graduate student in Clinical Psychology and for a Group Therapy class we are doing projects, and my group is reporting on cults. We have looked all over for articles and research, and I am so happy I came across your web site! Thanks again so much!"

"You are the best, keep up the good work. Your work is saving lives. The word is getting out that Jehovah's Witnesses are serial killers of children."

"I was a Scientologist for nine years. I was a boy when I joined, and a young man when I left. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who managed to unshackle himself from the choke hold of their ideology. Young men and women, who are fascinated by cosmological things, innocent, gullible--are veritable 'sitting ducks' for this alleged religion. The toughest thing for a person in Scientology to overcome, is that if not Scientology--then what? [But] just about anything is better. There are many aspects of Scientology [such as] their so-called 'technology,' which cement a person into it [through what is called] 'anchor points'(a Scientology term). The fallacious background of Mr. Hubbard can [also] be easily proved. Keep up the good work."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great website. As a former member of King's Chapel in Norwich , CT, I am grateful for people who are willing to help put the word out about cults and abusive churches. As we seek to rebuild our broken lives, access to information and support is key and your website provides both, thank you."